Davido Nigerian Musician Biography
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I have broken down Davido biography into smaller topics for you today so, sit back and enjoy everything about Davido’s life history as a billionaire in Naira.

Davido Biography

Writing a detailed post on Davido’s profile is a very daunting task honestly. 


I mean I had to spend about 6 hours doing thorough research so I can serve you the best content out there. 


In my line of work it’s important I keep you consuming more content from my site. 


but what is more important is that you Favour and like it because that’s how I stay in the top 10 results. 


but wait what is all this about? 


Well, I have to break it down so it can sink in properly isn’t it? 


Here we go! 


In today’s blog post I will show you everything you need to know about Mr. Adedeji Adeleke’s son Davido. 


So cheer up because this will be a fun 5 minutes which is the average amount of time you will spend reading this blog post such that you grab everything about Davido’s bio 2023.


Here is what you will be getting today… 


  • In this blog post, I will tell you exactly where Davido is from 
  • I will discuss with you his place of birth


  • David loves his parents a lot so I will tell you who she is and where they are from


  • In this post, you will also find out his age, occupation, and humble beginnings


Who is Davido (Davido Biography) 


Davido is a Nigerian musician, singer, songwriter, producer, philanthropist, businessman, father, and husband. he is a very popular Afrobeat/Afropop singer whose rise to fame began in 2012 when he released his first studio album OBO. 


Adeleke Davido biography won’t be complete without me telling you all about him, right? 


Well, that’s like a summary so let’s get to some fun things from here on out. 


but wait there is even more for you!


Davido Biography and age


Nigerian musician Davido Biography is not a complicated topic. as a matter of fact, I want to uncomplicate it for you by breaking it into… 


  • Who are Davido’s parents 
  • Where was Davido born 
  • What state is Davido from
  • Is Davido a Nigerian
  • How old is Davido 
  • Where did Davido school
  • What is the meaning of DMW 
  • Is Davido the founder of HKN 


Who Are Davido’s Parents 


Davido’s parents are multi-millionaires from the continent of Africa. precisely, the parents of David are Nigerians. 


What tribe is the mother and father of Davido from? 


Davido’s father Mr. Adedeji Adeleke is of Yoruba descent in Osun State who is a multi-million businessman. Davido’s mother, on the other hand, is of Edo descent hailing from the Benin state in Southern Nigeria.


Here is the real name of Davido’s parents! 


  • Mr Adedeji Adeleke 
  • Mrs Veronica Hailey Adedeji 


Mr. and Mrs. Adedeji Adeleke has four grown-up kids. 


Here are their names… 


  • Wale Adedeji Adeleke 
  • Sharon Adedeji Adeleke 
  • David Adedeji Adeleke 
  • Ashley


David’s mother died about 16 years ago while the father is still alive raising his kids as a lone parent. 


If you need more details on how Davido’s mother died then be sure to read this article on the topic


Today those same kids are all part of his company as a board of directors. And are equally running their own respective businesses.


Where Was Davido Born 


The biography of Davido can only be somewhat complete if I tell you where the singer was born and raised. 


In the early 90s, Mr. and Mrs. Adeleke conceive a baby, and once the pregnancy was 9 months, Veronica Imade Adeleke was flown abroad for delivery. 

After a successful delivery in Atlanta Georgia, Davido and his mother were flown back to Nigeria. 


Here are a couple of things like Davido’s height, weight, and his birth sign you probably did not know.


Does the quick question so, therefore, become what is Davido’s real name?


Here we go!


Davido’s real name is David Adeleke Adedeji who was born in Atlanta Georgia to Naija parents. Mr. Adedeji and Mrs. Veronica Imade Adeleke in the year 1992.

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You still have questions like what is Davido’s height so I will answer that below for you.


Real name: David Adedeji Adeleke

Stage name: Davido

Height: 5 ft 6”

Weight: 70kg

Birth Sign: Scorpio


Place of Birth: Atlanta Georgia


Home Town: Osun State

Nationality: Nigerian


Occupation: Musician


So when next you get asked a question such as what is Davido Nationality?


Here is your answer: Davido was born in Atlanta Georgia to a Nigerian mother and father in the early 90s. His parents later moved down to 9ja and a couple of years later the mother died leaving Mr. Adedeji as a widow.


Like every child, Davido experiences growing up from a toddler into an infant, from that into a teen, and finally an adult. 


but I know you are itching to ask me questions such as Is Davido a Nigerian American?


Here is my answer for you: Davido is a Nigeria American born in United States of America precisely Atlanta Georgia. He attended Oakwood University but later dropped out to focus on his career as a musician due to bad grades.


His decision to drop down from school is a blessing in disguise because 10 years after, not only is Davido’s net worth constantly rising but he is also revered in Africa. 


but wait there is more! 


Did you know that after these 10 years OBO is one of the top 50 richest musicians in Nigeria?


If that is still a surprise then perhaps let me make another shocking revelation. 


A couple of months back I wrote an article about the richest musician in the African continent. 


Imagine my surprise when my research listed this guy as one of the top 20 richest musicians in Africa


Follow the above link to view that post, you will find it informational to your benefit. 


You and I just affirm that Davido was born in Georgia but it also raises a question like what is Davido’s tribe and what state is Davido from?


Davido hails from the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria, a tribe that’s one of the 3 major tribes. in the country alongside Igbo and Hausa. Davido is from Osun state because his father is from Osun state. 


and if you have followed history you probably know that a man is the head of the home. as a result, most of a man’s core tribe is attributed to the father’s place of origin. 


Here is a simple answer to the question I asked above…


  • Davido is from Osun State 
  • Davido is a Yoruba man by tribe


How Old is Davido 


David Adedeji Adeleke was born on the 21st of November 1992. Davido’s age currently is 28 two years closer to 3 decades. 


With such a number of years comes his musical experience which has led the writer and singer to make hit songs. 


You just cannot take that away from the Atlanta-born Nigerian right? 


and despite being born into wealth his personal drive to push the limits has really had a positive impact on his life and that of those around him. 


Today the 30 years old David is one of the most celebrated singers in the country. with a huge fan base on all the social networks. 


Davido Adeleke Biography really won’t mean much if you didn’t mention how old he is right? 


Got into the music industry at about 19 years of age and 7 years after you can look back. and say damn it’s been one hell of a good ride. 


Especially with all the fame that’s stacked up in the previous 7. 


The truth is I have no doubt that the future holds more for this guy.


Quickly let’s dive a bit into the schools Davido attended, shall we? 


Where Did Davido School 


Davido singer Biography would make a lot of sense if you and I talk about every angle of his growing up. 


This is why I dim it necessary to talk about his primary, secondary, and tertiary education. 


to be fair, school is overrated but it doesn’t mean I am saying don’t go to school okay? 


In my opinion, do go to school for self-development because contrary to what you have been led to believe. going to school doesn’t guarantee you would become rich like you and I were made to believe as children. 


So what primary and secondary school did Davido attend? 


David Adedeji Adeleke attended a British international school in the city of Lagos. much like every other child that passed through the highs and lows of primary and secondary school. 

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After his external Waec exam, he decided that he wanted to study business administration. 


but here is the shocker! 


Davido did not know that his quest to become an art student in the white man’s land would eventually lead him to a different path that was going to propel him to this much fame


You can say if someone had seen a vision of the future and told him he is going to be a millionaire as a musician. he probably would have said not a chance in hell is that going to happen.

I guess this should tell you and me that sometimes it’s okay to just follow the wind right? 


Yea I guess but I have to point out that it really won’t be like that 100% of the time. 


Quickly let’s look at what University did Davido attend? 


Since you and I are still on the topic of Davido Nigeria musician Biography, let’s see the number of University he attended right? 


Here we go again! 


One of the pecks that come with being the son of a billionaire is that your father is willing to spend on your education. 


This saw David leave Nigeria to experience the Western world of education. 


between 17 and 18, Davido was admitted into Oakwood University where he studied business administration. 


but it didn’t take long for him to realize that he wasn’t built for such a life. 


it was at this point according to Wikipedia that he started developing an interest in music.


In his second year, Davido dropped out of school to make beats. 


According to an interview with 49 Fm in the United States, OBO said it was difficult to go mainstream while I was in the US. which was why I decided to go back home. 


When he got to Nigeria, Davido was admitted to Babcock University to study music. 


There he graduated and first encounter his lover and mother to his son Davido Jr. 


OBO graduated from Babcock University and formed HKN music alongside his cousin B-red. 


but he had to leave HKN music to form his own record label DMW. 


DMW today is an established record label and house to music stars like Mayorkun, Perruzi, Yonda, and others. 


Davido’s Career in The Music Industry 


The Nigerian music industry is one of the reasons he has this much fame, isn’t it? 


This is why I have to also briefly talk about his successful career with 3 studio albums credited to his name. 


No doubt OBO is a blessing to the music industry and Nigeria. 


This is because much like Wizkid, Davido has continued to put the name Nigeria on the map of history. 


So give or take, a couple of 100 years from now, you and I will look back. and remember them for their good works. 


Adedeji Adeleke Davido has so far had a stellar career with 3 studio albums. 


The first single that announced him to Nigeria is Skelewu! 


Obo held a challenge he called the Skelewu challenge online. with a prize of 1 million Naira to whoever wins the challenge.


Skelewu challenge quickly got Nigerians into the creative mindset. but unfortunately, there was only one winner. 


in the end, the winner walked home with a staggering sum of N1 million.


The very first of Davido’s albums came 7 years ago which is the OBO an acronym for Omo Baba Olowo. 


Just in case you are wondering what that means, I will help translate that for you. 


First, you need to know Omo Baba Olowo is a Yoruba word that means the Son of a wealthy father. 


You must be mesmerized right? 


Yea I was the first time I heard but considering how wealthy his father is, you have to come to terms with that.


Here are the tracks from the OBO album! 


  • Bless Me
  • Dami Duro
  • Overseas
  • For You
  • Mary Jane
  • Feel Alrigh
  • Gbon Gbon
  • Sade
  • Dollars In the Bank
  • Enter the Center
  • No Visa
  • Down
  • Ekuro
  • Video
  • New Skul Tinz
  • Back When
  • All of You


The second studio album was titled BADDEST. 


That album also had some great hit songs which got Nigerians really dancing. 


and one such song is Davido Aye Mp3 which I posted a few months back as a throwback. 


Here is a list of tracks from his second studio album. 


  • Owo Ni Koko
  • Chillin
  • Biggest Backside
  • Laleyi
  • Kekwanu 
  • Shayo Galore
  • Secret Agenda
  • Won Le Ba 
  • Wetin You Say
  • All Fingers
  • New York City
  • Dodo 
  • Share My Blessings
  • The Sound
  • Fans Mi
  • Embargo 
  • Package 
  • Galilee 
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Davido’s 3rd studio album a good time was released on 2019 November 22nd. 


The album has 17 tracks with hit songs like Blow my mind on which he featured American artist Chris Brown. 


The pair further did another track titled Lower Body, only this time Chris was the one featuring him this time around. 


Here is a complete list of tracks from his 3rd album…


  • If 


  • Fia


  • Fall 


  • Assurance 


  • Blow my mind 


  • Risky 


  • Check Am 


  • Disturbance 


  • 1 Milli


  • Big picture 


  • D & G


  • Green Light riddim


  • One Thing


  • Animashaun


  • Sweet in the middle


  • Company


  • Get to you


With 3 successful albums, no wonder his wealth has been constantly rising. Heck, some of Davido’s cars he bought were made possible due to the success of his albums.


and today I think it’s impossible to mention top 10 singers in the country. without finding his name on the list. 

Davido Nigerian Musician Biography

David Adeleke Adedeji Biography won’t be complete if I don’t also talk briefly about his relationship and kids. 


Davido Relationships and Kids


If you are a celebrity and you are not disciplined then you are bound to end up like Davido and Wizkid. 




Not like it’s a bad thing ending up as a millionaire right? 


Heck, I can argue so many of you reading this will trade being a millionaire for this right? 


After all the world we live in today only recognizes those that are wealthy. 


Don’t mind me I know I am digressing but not too far from the topic I hope? 


Davido has had 3 kids from 3 different women with the recent child being a boy born by Chioma Avril Rowland. 


The soon to be wife of Davido in 2020…


Also Davido has 2 daughters from Sophia Momodu and American model. 


Here are the names of Davido kids


  • David Adedeji Adeleke Jr 
  • Hailey Veronica Adedeji Adeleke 
  • Imade Adedeji Adeleke 


You can say these 3 kids are the pride of Davido and he do give anything for them. 


Davido has always been a wonderful lover of his family even after achieving great success. and his kids have been a wonderful part of that family.


Why i won’t be digging that deeper you can read all about Davido family here today.


How DMW Record Label Was Formed 


DMW is an acronym for Davido Music Worldwide which is the record label under which. the 28 years old released his new studio album. 


So how was dmw formed? 


Davido music worldwide was formed after the misunderstanding that broke out between B-red and Davido. 


B-red is Davido’s cousin and together they formed HKN music alongside Adewale Davido’s older brother. 


According to the stories, the label was founded upon an agreement. 


This agreement centered upon each act taking turn to release album and singles into the Nigeria music market. 


It was scheduled in such a way that after one of the 3 founders achieve stardom. he will take back seat for the remaining ones to shine their talent too. 


Davido became the first to achieve stardom and according to the agreement. took the backseat for others to do same. 


but there was one slight problem! 


Every track released by others wasn’t bringing them the much-anticipated fame. 


This caused misunderstanding between the founders of HKN music and as such Davido broke out. 


After breaking out, he decided to form another record label and the name he chose was DMW. 


DMW is now one of the biggest record labels in the country having produced artists like Mayorkun. 


All of these sums up Davido life story. 




When I was writing this article on Nigeria singer Davido Biography, I was hoping I would cover every angle. to which you may have a question rising. 


but there is only so much I can do but I sure hope I answered any questions you may have right? 


Let’s take a brief summary of everything we wrote above, shall we? 


  • Davido’s real name is David Adedeji Adeleke 
  • He has 3 kids 
  • So far he has 3 studio album to his name 
  • He is a Nigerian 
  • Davido is from Osun state in the Western part of Nigeria 
  • His current girlfriend is Chioma Avril Rowland 


It’s your turn! 


What is Davido biography 2020 to your own understanding? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will engage with you. 


One more thing, please share this post on Facebook because you will help others learn about one of the greatest musicians in the country. 


Thanks for reading and cheers to you. 





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