Davido Family background
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Today you and I will look into Davido family background, their values and what has made them stand out in today’s world, come on let’s dive in. because this is one interesting topic that will cover every aspect of the questions you may have.

Davido Family background
David in London

Davido family is one of the most successful families in Nigeria whether you wish to chalk it to business, politics, or even economics. 


Thinking about this now, I feel like asking my father why he did not come from that family. 


That’s a silly joke though but I am sure if my pop knows how rich the Adeleke’s are then he wouldn’t mind my joke. 


Having said all of that, in today’s blog post which is part of my clustered content. I am looking at dredging the topic Davido family. 


So, sit back, and read through because I need to take you on that explosive journey where you will learn everything about Davido’s Family lineage. 


So what is it you are getting from today’s post? 


  • Today you will know about how many children Davido’s father has


  • I will shed light on each and every of Davido’s father’s children 


Who Are The Adeleke’s in Nigeria 


The dream of a beautiful Lagos city began with one man and that is the grandfather Davido. 


His dream was to build a city that revels in its own beauty bringing together different people from all works of life. 


So what happened to this dream? 


Long story short is that Davido’s grandfather Adebayo Adeleke lived to bring his dream to reality. 


The now today banana highland only began with the dream of one man. 


Today the Adelekes’ are top businessmen in Nigeria and have all ventured into several industrial sectors. 


With Politics leading the way since Adebayo Adeleke, Davido’s grandfather was a chief of the Yoruba land in Ede Osun State. 


So who are the Adelekes’? 


The Adelekes’ are businessmen, investors, politicians, and musicians. 


Adebayo Adeleke gave birth to two sons Remi and Adedeji. 


but for the next section, you and I will be covering Davido’s household alone. 


This is because this message will solely focus on Davido’s immediate ancestry. 


Mr Adedeji Adeleke (Davido Parentage) 


I believe the question running through your mind right now is who are the parents of OBO? 

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Here is your answer:


The mother and father of David are Mr. Adedeji and Mrs. Veronica Adeleke. 


Mr and Mrs Adedeji Adeleke gave birth to 2 children David Adedeji Adeleke and Sharon Adeleke. 


but the real question should be how many children does Davido’s father have? 


Here is your answer; Davido’s father has 4 kids from different women. 


so, What are the names of Davido’s brothers and sisters, or better still who are Davido’s siblings? 


Here are the names of his brother and sisters! 


  • Adewale Adeleke 


  • Shirley Adeleke 


  • Sharon Adeleke 


  • David Adeleke 


Quickly let’s talk about each and every of Davido’s family members, shall we? 


Adewale Adedeji Adeleke 


Is Adewale Adedeji Adeleke Davido’s brother?


Here is your answer! 


Adewale is Davido’s elder brother and the 2nd oldest of all of Mr. Adedeji Adeleke’s children.


What is the name of Davido’s elder brother?


The real name of Davido elder brother is Adewale Adedeji Adeleke. 


So how old is Adewale Adedeji Adeleke? 


Adewale Adeleke was born on the 11th of December 1988 to Mr. Deji and his wife Mrs. Ajunwa Adeleke in Atlanta. 


Wale which is the short form for calling Adewale is the owner and one of the three (3) founders of HKN music. 


HKN is the name of the record label where his younger brother Davido started his musical career. before moving on to form Davido music worldwide. 


Adewale according to legit did his introduction a few years back after taking to the social platform, Instagram to announce his soon-to-come marriage. 


Here is a quick photo of Adewale below!


Wale is one of the board of directors in his father’s company Pacific Holdings which deals with several business sectors of the Nigerian economy. 


Alongside his other brother and sisters who are all equally playing a pivotal role in Pacific Holdings. Adewale has been able to work with his father to increase the worth and value of the company. 


Sharon Adedeji Ademefun


Unlike Adewale who sometimes gets newsworthy headlines, Sharon has been known to stay away from social media. 


In one of her recent Instagram posts, the mother of one asked Davido’s fans to stop messaging her in DM. 


She claims she is not Davido’s music representative and such not happy receiving inbox messages. requesting him to help to contact his brother Davido. 


Sharon is also one of the board of directors in Pacific Holdings but also runs her own business. 


She is married to Mr. Ademefun and has given birth to a bouncing baby in 2019.

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Did you know that Sharon and Davido were born to the same Parent? 


Well, Sharon and Davido are blood brothers and sisters from Mr. Adedeji Adeleke and Veronica Adeleke. 


During an interview with She Leads Africa, Sharon made it known that she does not joke with her money. 


While this is a key factor in business, the founder and CEO of Rona Wigs claim she could do things differently. if she was given a chance to start all over from the beginning. 


Here is a photo of Sharon Adedeji Ademefun! 


Ashley Coco Adaji


Coco Ashley is the 1st child of Mr. Adedeji with Adewale being the second born and Davido the last born. 


Adedeji Adeleke’s family has affected Nigerian society one way or the other. 


The most noticeable of them all is Davido who commands the crowd continuously with his hit songs. 


but let’s talk briefly about Ashley Davido’s eldest sister because he does not come up pretty often. 


So who is Ashley Adeleke? 


Ashley is a mother and wife to Mr. Caleb Adaji, both got married in Dubai sometime in 2016.


She is one of the board of directors in her father’s company Pacific Holdings. 


but she also runs her own small company. 


Here is a photo of Ashley Adeleke! 


David Adeleke Adedeji 


Davido’s biography is one of the interesting topics I have previously written about. 


So why I won’t cover this topic in-depth I would just touch on some key points. 


but you may follow the above link to read more about his bio. 


David’s bio is interesting to read because a boy with a dream became one of Nigeria’s richest music icons


But wait, it’s not just that, he is also one of the most awarded artists in Nigeria, thanks to his hard work.


It’s easier to attribute his success to the wealth of his father. but time and time again the Blow my mind crooner has made it known that he achieved his success through hard work. 


A claim which is not far from the truth considering he continues to make hit songs after hit songs. 


David was born in the year 1992 and he is currently 28 years old now. 


DMW record label is among one of the fastest-rising labels in the country with artists like Mayorkun who sold out at the O2 Arena. 


David is also one of the richest singers to have emerged from the African continent. 


You can say that Davido’s net worth places him miles ahead of some upcoming acts like Zlatan and Naira Marley. 


but before I conclude this post about Davido’s pedigree, let’s take a look at some of his families I didn’t mention. 

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Davido’s Children and Wife To Be 


Davido Kids is one of the reasons the 29 years has become so responsible these past few years. 


I guess it goes without saying that a child can change everything for a man and a woman. 


When my mother and father had me, according to the stories I was told, having me calmed. my father who is a bit of a hot head in his day-to-day living. 


I grew up hearing those stories over and over again. but the one thing that thrilled me most and made me feel special is the part where my mother told me my dad had to fight a man 3 times his size because of me. 


I brought that story up because Davido’s changes and maturity had more to do with him having kids. 


Just recently, OBO girlfriend Chioma gave birth to a baby boy. 


This means David has 3 kids from 3 different women but I am certainly not surprised. 


You and I both know what it feels like to be famous especially when it’s not just locally. 


In a new topic, I will be treating his kids as a topic of their own… 


but for now, let’s get you acquainted with the names of all of his kids. 


Here are their names… 


  • Aurora Imade Adeleke 


  • Hailey Veronica Adeleke 


  • Davido Jr Adeleke 


Each of these kids has mothers who are beautiful and have played a role in their upbringing. 


The name of Davido’s first baby mama and mother to Imade Adeleke is Sophia Momodu. 


Do you want to guess who the second is? 


I bet not! 


The name of his second baby mama and mother to Hailey Veronica is Amanda. 


and Davido’s third baby mama is Chioma Avril Rowland. 


There you have it name of all his 3 baby mamas.


but what more is it that I am leaving out? 


I guess nothing more so let’s wrap everything up on the Davido family, shall we? 




Does Davido have siblings has been one of the popular questions people ask on Google today. 


Thankfully I have dedicated this piece of content to answer some of the questions you might have. 


but before I go let’s do a quick recap of everything you and I have talked about here. 


Quick recap 


  • Davido has brother and sisters 


  • David’s mother is Veronica Adeleke (disease) 


  • The name of his father is Elder Adedeji Adeleke 


  • The children of David are Hailey, Aurora, David Jr


Now that you know every about his family I have a question for you still. 


Who is not on this list of Davido family? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to reply you. 


One more thing! 


Please share this post with your friends on Facebook today… 


Thanks for reading and cheers to you! 


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