Please Stop Now (Your Foolishness Will Kill Us All in Nigeria)

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How to prevent the spread of corona virus COVID-19 in Nigeria is still a battle for you and I and today I will touch this in-depth to keep you protected


How to prevent corona virus covid-19 in Nigeria

COVID-19 in Nigeria

This is a piece of Local COVID-19 advice for adults in Nigeria, mind you, the teens can also learn a great deal from this local advice on Corona Virus in Nigeria. 


The world as you and I know it is no longer the same as we are used to! 


and this sparks questions such as what has changed right? 


Well, that answer is simple! 


Corona Virus aka COVID-19 happened… 


So what will you get from today’s post? 


In this post, I will tell you about why I think this COVID-19 advice for adults in Nigeria. might be the key to saving both the young and the old. 


I know you are wondering right about right? 


Don’t be, because you and I can successfully fight against the spread of Corona virus in Nigeria. 


but there is a caveat! 


This is where you ask me what is it? 


I will tell you now! 


In other to successfully fight this virus, you and I owe it to ourselves to be seriously disciplined. 


and you are probably saying right now in your head that, that’s easy for me to say. 


but hey need I remind you that you and I both live on the same planet, so it’s not like I am writing you from Mars or Jupiter. 

I don’t even know if any life form exists on those planets I mentioned above. 


The point is nothing is easy to do be fairly honest. 


As a matter of fact, the average minded individual would. rather give up on a better life before fighting for that chance. 


and guess what the less than 2% that fights are some of the millionaires you know around the world today. 


So will you give up? 


Having said that, here is how local COVID-19 advice for adults in Nigeria would save you… 


  • In an age of technological advancement, news has become easy to consume, in other words, stay connected reading news from trusted news outlets 


  • Information is power, adults in Nigeria should know how to wield such power in times like this to help keep the old and young save 


  • Practice Social Distances 


  • Watch your hands regularly at least every 30 minutes 


  • Try not to touch your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears with your hands 


Well, these are local advice from WHO to be practice around communities and states. 


If you as an adult keep to all of these simple rules, you and I can ensure this virus is contained before it’s widespread. 


Trust you don’t want it to spread like it is doing in the US and Italy. 


Now those country’s are way more technologically advanced than our beloved Nigeria. 


If you and I wake up to this reality then, we can battle and keep our fellow countrymen, women, and children safe. 

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but none of this will be possible if you won’t heed to simple advice from the World Health Organisation. 


They know more than you and I honestly… 


It’s called the world health organization for a reason… 


but here is one of the craziest reason why should listen to this advice from WHO. 

Did you know that WHO has the best doctors and scientists all around the world? 


Now imagine the best doctors in the world with so much available resources are struggling to cob this virus. 


Now ask yourself what will happen to you and me in Nigeria if we allow this virus to spread more than it already has…


I will tell you what will really happen should we see anything like what’s happening in the US. 


  • A lot of people would die, among them could be you, your father, your brother, your sister or mother even I and I believe you don’t want that right? 


  • If you and I continue to be foolish and refusing to adhere to the rules, then there will be widespread of Corona Virus which could almost wipe out half of our population 


  • Health centers will be overwhelmed due to poor infrastructures, and lack of properly equipped hospitals to battle it 


Now that you know what you and I can face, it’s time to tell you how this virus can easily spread. 


Don’t say you already know, because the. only way you truly can learn something new is to act like you don’t already know. 


Sure you may have some information already but. you may not have all of it and medium like this can aid your knowledge. 


but first what is Corona Virus? 


A simple answer would be, it’s a virus that’s. threatening to end all of mankind if the cure is not found quickly. 


but here are a more robust resource where you can broaden your knowledge on this COVID-19


Having said that, let’s transition to some of the known surfaces with which one can easily contact the virus. 


but first here is a very important question I need to answer and it is… 

How long does corona virus (COVID-19) stay on a surface? 


Well, there is no direct answer to this but I will try to answer base on what CDC has made available to the public


CDC stands for US Center for Disease Control and Prevention. 


According to this source, Corona Virus can remain on a surface for up to 3 days. 


Attention: How long it lasts on a surface general depends on the type of surface it is on… 


For example on a copper surface, it lasts an average of 3 hours… 


On steels, it takes 24 hours on such surface, but by this time the potency may have reduced. 


For our commonly used home utensils such as plastics, it stays up to 3 days on such surface. 


Now that you know here are some hot junctions all around us that this virus can be easily transmitted… 


Door Handles: you and I use the door to the house every now and then. 


as such it is one of the hottest points in the home through which. you can easily contact this assuming someone in the house is infected. 


Plastic Cups: infected family members that refuse to practice social distancing get infected. 

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but unknowing to him he shares the family cup which others in the house also use. 


Automatically there is possible room for contracting this COVID-19 in such a case because fluids from his mouth may be on the cup. 


Public Tap Head: This one is especially for you and I living in poor places where there is no water due to absence of light for weeks and sometimes months. 


If you use a public tap then this is a potential hot spot for contracting the virus. because so many people from far and wide are touching that same tap head. 


Fetching Bucket: Popular use to draw water from Spring Well… 


A couple of days back there was no water in my house, so I decided to use the well. 


On getting there, there was a queue so I kept my distance and watch how everyone was staying so close all in the hurry to be the next person. 


Now every single one of us used the same fetching bucket. 


Now if someone that’s infected uses the same fetching bucket, automatically there’s already a transmission. 


So you know what I did? 


I got home, boiled water and dipped my hands inside after which I applied soap to thoroughly wash my hands. 


but not before I cleaned my door handles… 


If you use public Spring Well then you are safer assuming everyone there is infected this way you can remind yourself of washing your hands after using the bucket. 

Although you could avoid using the same bucket all together when you have no option. then remember to wash your hands as soon as you get inside the house. 


I wrote this article on how to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Nigeria because. I can see first hand the damage it could wreak on our nation. 


and you need to aware so that you and I can fight it successfully without losing our lives in the process. 


Having said that, it is important you also know that the amount of coronavirus you are exposed to is what will determine the potency of its havoc on you. 


This means a larger exposure can contribute to a more deathly results. 


In a nutshell, practice social distancing because studies show that a person to person contact increases the spread of Corona Virus in Nigeria. 


Practice these too: Community members can practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces (for example tables, doorknobs, light switches, handles, desks, toilets, faucets, sinks, and electronics. 


There are several corona virus disinfectants for all these and here is a link to find which may be good for you


So far there are 139 corona virus Nigerian cases. 


If you continue allowing advice from health officials fall on deaf ears chances are we might face. what Italy and US is facing and I am telling you OURS will be way worse. 


I know this is where you shout GOD FORBID, but then come back to reality and replay what I said above in your head. 


You will see God is not forbidding anything when you and I won’t listen to preventive measures. 


Finally, the death toll of coronavirus on age difference is important to bring to your notice too. 


This way you know and understand what you and I are dealing with because so far there is over 700,000 cases of Corona Virus worldwide. 


and Statistics from VOX can give you closure on what to expect. 


but so far the death rate has been significantly higher on people that have existing health issues. 


I am not a health expert, as a result, this article is meant to reach you that’s joking about. this virus and still touching everyone and everything in Nigeria. 


Please it’s important you are endangering your family and the country with your careless act. 


Stop it… 


I hope I got to you with this post on how to prevent the spread of corona virus COVID-19 in Nigeria?


and I hope you will do your little part to help in this fight against COVID-19. 


If that’s the case then please take a minute to share this. post so it reaches more people and to keep them informed. 


Ignorance is high in our society and communities and sharing this post can help save a life. 


Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on another post.



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How to Prevent the Spread of Corona Virus COVID-19 in Nigeria
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How to Prevent the Spread of Corona Virus COVID-19 in Nigeria
How to prevent the spread of corona virus COVID-19 in Nigeria is still a battle for you and I and today I will touch this in-depth to keep you protected.
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