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The guy at the back on Tuxedoes well, that is me and the guy at the front is my Kid brother


If you are here, chances are I caught your attention and you needed to know if we are the real deal. Well, thankfully you are here so what you need to know;
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I was born and raised in the Rural area of Warri South West. At age 6 I went to live with my mom’s sister who took absolute care of me with love. Sadly my mom no longer walks the surface of this Earth but her sister has been enormous with her love.
My mom died from an ailment that would not have been very life threatening if she lived in the city. I say this because in rural areas where health care facilities are rare leads to an increase in death rate. She died in 2001 but she left me in the hands of her sister and honestly I turned out great.
Let me tell you something funny, I so hated school, damn I felt like hell when I have to wake up every morning to go to school. Up to date I still wish I didn’t go to school. Don’t get me wrong Education is everything. But for someone like, there are a lot of ways to get Educated and the internet made it a whole lot simpler.

How I Dreamt Of Being A Soccer Star From Childhood

My dream as a boy was to become a soccer star like Cristiano Ronaldo but that dream didn’t get me anywhere. I quickly learned that in this part of the world one has to financially buoyant. and come from a very influential background to be able to have a breakthrough.
I gave up that career in my mid-20s when I saw that all it brought me was hunger after training. Damn! how I would have loved to play the game. But am glad because in end it is a story to tell.


I really love to Dance. I was once part of a breakdance group that split when I was 18 years of age but we never really hit the competitive stage.
Song Writing came naturally for me. I could compose anything but was really cool at Blues. Maybe because it helps calm my nerves whenever am worried.
Reading for me is something special because my quest for more knowledge has caused me to read almost everything I see. Don’t laugh but it is the truth. I think that about sums up my Hobbies.

My Charming Personality

My charming personality would be that I laugh more than I get angry. I remember when my childhood friend would say close your damn teeth because this is no place for a Close-up advert.
I also know how to listen when people talk because wisdom comes from listening. Hope I got you to come back to this site. Be safe always.