All Davido Platinum Records: How OBO Sold Over 1,000,000 Copies Worldwide

All Davido Platinum Records

Davido Platinum records have been the current trend which is why today I am bringing you all his album and songs that’s gone certified platinum.

Davido Platinum Records
Picture displaying Davido Diamond and Platinum records


No doubt David Adedeji Adeleke has had more than a blistering career since his debut in the Nigerian music industry. 


Part of that success is constantly giving his audience and followers something to cheer about constantly. 


Why it may look a daunting task it is a necessary step towards keeping your fans happy and satisfied. 


and in my experience, a happy and satisfied fan is a forever loyal fan. 


I am grateful for living in a time when the genre Afrobeat went international.


this is proof that every artist is working their asses out to put Africa’s name on the world map of music. 


Davido goes platinum with his most recent project thanks to hit songs like blow my mind and Risky. 


Now let’s talk a little about all Davido’s platinum records, shall we? 


What is The Meaning of Davido Going Platinum 


It’s no longer secret that Davido’s platinum records well establish him as one of Africa’s finest. 


I mean doing what he has done since his debut has been nothing but scintillating if you ask me. 


So what does it mean for Davido to go platinum? It means Davido has sold over 1 million copies of his songs worldwide. 


but then how is this even ever possible considering he is an African artist right? 


I believe this is one of the major questions running in your head right about now if you are honest… 


but hey I will tell you how! 


Davido is not only one of the richest musician in Nigeria, he is also one of the richest musicians in Africa


All of these factor into him having the power to pull strings and one of such string is landing a deal with Sony Music. 


In 2016, Davido signed a recording and distribution deal with Sony Music Records. 


A deal that was worth over $500,000 as the time it was signed in 2016.

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Fast forward to 2017 this deal paid off and it’s how Davido first single If got the mainstream. 


Now let’s dive into all Davido certified platinum records step by step. 


Davido Certified Platinum Single If 


No doubt If is one of David’s biggest song after it’s release. 


and you can say the singer is right when he said I make hit songs after hit songs.


This claim was made after the singer lamented on Instagram that no artist in the country supports him. 

All Davido Platinum Records
David Adedeji

He further said via his verified Instagram account that people in the country. hate him because his father is rich. 


and to further make us feel better or worse he said it’s not my fault that my father is rich.

To be quite frank he is right! It is not his fault his dad is a rich African… lolz


Wherever I go I see people blame the government, the rich for their problems. 


Then I tell myself that if only these people could spend all that energy working on their goals. I am positive they won’t be complaining about being broke. 


Did I digress? 


I guess not! 


It was necessary… 


Davido If made it’s way to the world in 2017, and honestly, no one would have thought. it’s going to go platinum within 3 years. 


As a matter of fact, this is one of those dreams you have and you think to yourself. well, I have to abandon this dream because there is no way in hell it’s going to become reality.


but in my experience, these are the thoughts of small-minded people who don’t believe in themselves. 


Anyways, If was produced by Alhaji Tekno a Nigerian musician, singer-songwriter and producer. 


You could say since going international Davido’s net worth has also consistently climbed the roof.


but hey “If” is only one of Davido’s platinum records, now let’s see the others, shall we? 


Lest I forget 


Davido Platinum Records Single Fall


Fall no doubt is one of the songs loved by the people of the US and UK. 


I mean he literally sold out at Brixton O2 prior to receiving the Plaques for going platinum. 


Fall Davido platinum record came about after the song hit more than 1 million streams and Download . on some of the world’s biggest streaming platforms such as Shazam


You and I can say that the deal David entered with Sony Music is paying off already right? 


Yes, no doubt but hey that’s not all! 


Did you know that all Davido Platinum records happened within a space of 4 years? 


Now that’s interesting, right? 


Davido Blow My Mind and Risky Goes Platinum 


One of the turning points in 2019 was when OBO released the track off his album A Good Time


I mean blow my mind featuring Chris Brown was an instant hit breaking Wizkids YouTube record


Wizkid had previously held the record for most views on a 24 hour period (1 million views). before Davido came in and smashed that record by doing 2 million views on a 24-hour benchmark. 


As a matter of fact, David’s first one million views came in the first 11 hours which also makes it. the fastest 1 million views on YouTube Nigeria. 


Blow my mind as when putting together this article has been streamed and downloaded over 1 million times. 


This, therefore, gives it RIAA certified platinum and marks the singer’s 3rd song to achieve the platinum status. 


What about Davido Risky then? 


Well Risky, was released sometimes between September and October last year. 


and within this period the song featuring Jamaican star Popcaan has achieved its platinum status. 


Davido blow my mind have also achieved the Diamond record sale standard. 


and a single, album is said to have gone diamond when it has sold over 10 million units. 

List of Davido Platinum Records

This means Davido blow my mind and If have all sold 10 million units worldwide. 


Finally, let’s look at the last on this list of Davido platinum records. 


A Good Time Platinum Record 


David released his much-anticipated album last year and with the release came a huge success. 


The album alone boost of 2 platinum songs in Risky and blow my mind. 


The likes of Taylor Swift and Beyonce all went Platinum within a week of their album release. 


A foot that took the Nigerian a couple of months to achieve. 


and frankly, this is a huge achievement considering the 28 years old only became. an international artist about a year ago. 


So here is a list of all Davido platinum records… 


List of All Davido Platinum Records


As one of the only few Nigerian’s to have ever hit this status worldwide, I am positive Davido family would be very proud of such achievement. 


Having said that here is the total number of his songs that’s gone Platinum. 


  • If achieved double platinum and a diamond 


  • Fall


  • Blow my mind achieved double platinum and a Diamond 


  • Risky achieved Platinum status 


  • A Good Time (album) achieved Platinum 


So how did Davido sold over 1 million copies and attained the platinum status? 


The answer is simple! 


David did go platinum by signing a record and distribution deal with Sony Music.




It’s no surprise that Davido is killing it constantly with his songs. 


Davido has achieved all that he has achieved because he did put in the work. 


and much like it’s less believed, hard work can topple talent and I have seen this quite a number of times. 


I want to hear from you! 


How would you predict Davido’s career for the next decade? 


Will there be more platinum records? 


Do leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


Thanks for reading and please show me some love by sharing on Facebook. 


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Davido Platinum Records: OBO Goes Platinum With 1,000,000 Record
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Davido Platinum Records: OBO Goes Platinum With 1,000,000 Record
Davido Platinum records have been the current trend which is why today I am bringing you all his album and songs that's gone certified platinum.
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