All Mr P Psquare Awards: A To Z of Peter Okoye Award Archive

All Mr P Headies Award & Nominations

How many awards does Mr P Psquare have? The simplest answer to this question is Mr P has more than 12 awards. 


There is this joy you feel whenever you are awarded something, be it money, cars, houses for the effort you have put into anything. 


An award simply put is a form of recognition and nothing beats that feeling when you are called up to the podium. 


This is why for the best part of this post you and I will delve into Mr P awards to see how many he has and which type of awards he holds. 


but before we begin, here is an outline of all that I will touch on today. 


  • MTV Europe Music Award 


  • MTV Africa Music Awards


  • Headies Award 


  • Nigeria Music Award 


  • Soul Train Music Award


  • Channel O Music Video Award


  • KORA Award 


  • Ghana Music Award 


  • MOBO Award 


  • BET Award 


  • Lil Perry Production 


As we discuss Mr P awards below, I will give you a brief history of these awards. 


This way it doesn’t sound vague and you are well aware of when these awards were first founded. 


P.S: The majority of all Mr P awards came from when he was still part of the duo group Psquare. 


So whenever I refer to the Mr P total awards you should also know that just know that I am talking Mr P PSquare awards. 


All Mr P MTV Europe Music Awards & Nominations 


If you were born as one of the millennials then you probably know when this award was founded. 


So what is MTV EMA? The MTV music award is considered to be a variation of the MTV video music award. 

It is usually organized on a yearly basis with the venue placed in different countries. 


However, most of its ceremony has been held in the United Kingdom but this does not make it the only place where it can be hosted. 


MTV EMA features high-profile artists from different countries to perform on stage. 

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So when was the MTV music award founded? The first edition of the MTV EMA award was held in Brandenburg Gate Berlin Germany. 


It was first held in the year 1994 with the current highest record holder of the award being Justin Bieber. 


The Second highest record holder is Eminem with a total of 16 awards. 


So how many MTV Europe music awards does Mr P have? 


Peter Okoye currently has more than 3 MTV Europe music nomination and have won quite a few of these nominations. 


Here is a list of Mr P MTV Europe music award won, nomination, and the year. 


  • Best African Act 2013 – Nominated


  • Best Group 2015 – Nominated


  • Artist of the Decade- Nominated


All Mr P MTV Africa Music Awards & Nominations


So when was the MTV Africa music award founded? 


The award Wass was first founded in 2008 by MTV Network Africa. Although it has now rebranded to Viacom International Media Africa. 


The aim of the award ceremony was to award artists from Africa base on their performance in a particular calendar year. 

The first edition of the award was hosted in Nigeria on the 22 of November in Abuja. 


The 2009 edition of the award ceremony was held in Nairobi which has its capital as Kenya. 

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After the 2009 edition of the award, the organizers decided to skip 2011, 2012, and 2014 before it returned back in 2015. 


Artists who have won the award include the likes of Psquare. 


Now here are all Mr P MTV Africa music award nominations, year, and the ones which he won. 


I have used bullet points below so that you can easily skim through them and find what you are looking for. 


Now here we go…



  • Best Group 2008 – Won


  • Artist of the Year 2008 – nominated


  • Best RnB 2008 – Nominated


  • 2008 Best Video – nominated


  • 2009 best Group – Won


  • Best Live Performer 2009 – Nominated


  • 2014 Best group – Nominated


  • Artist of the Year 2014 – Nominated


  • Artist of the Year 2014 – nominated



Now that you and I have our hands filled with some of the awards, come let’s look at Mr P headies award, shall we? 


All Mr P Headies Award & Nominations 


When was the Headies award found? If you are that curious then it’s good to have you here. 


The Headies award was first founded in the year 2006 by Ayo Animashaun. 

Mr P awards

The first picture art of the award was done by Jide Adewole. The artwork shows a young boy who has talent unrivaled but lost his confidence due to situations and difficulty in the country. 


The initial award was wrapped (also plated) with 21-carat gold but was later changed. 

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If you are wondering why then welcome to my award because I just didn’t understand why too. 


The preceding plating of the award plaque features resin, copper, steel, and gold which in the head didn’t make any sense. 


When the Headies award was first made, it was called the Hip Hop World Award. 


It was set up by Hip Hop World Magazine to credit artists with exceptional yearly performances. 


The ceremony features mega super artists from Nigeria grazing the stage with their esteemed presence. 


The 2019 edition of the award was hosted by Reminisce. 


Other previous editions have been hosted by household names like Dbanj, Basket Mouth, Bovi, Rita Dominic, Tiwa Savage e.t.c.


Now here are all Mr P Headies award nominations and the ones he won. 


  • Busy Body Song of the year 2006 – Won


  • Artist of the Year – won


  • Best RnB/pop album 2006 – Won


  • Album of the Year 2006 – won


  •  Best Hip Hop Group 2006 – Won


Nigeria Entertainment Award


When was Nigeria Entertainment Award established? The Nigeria Entertainment award was first established in 2006.


It was established in New York City with its first edition held at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at the University of Maryland, College Park on July 28, 2006. 


The award was established for the purpose of recognizing hard-working artists and entertainers in the Nigeria entertainment industry. 


The first edition of the award was hosted by Michael Blackson featuring categories in Nollywood, Fashion, comedy, and more. 

All Mr P MTV Africa Music Awards & Nominations

Its first edition saw the likes of Sammy Okposo, Sauce Kid, Tuface listed among the winners of the big night. 


The second season of the ceremony was held in NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts in New York City in June 2007. 


It was hosted by one of Nigeria’s richest comedians in the person of Julius Agwu. 


According to Wikipedia the second edition of the show feature performance from Bank W, Mike Aremu, and Blake Jesus. 


No doubt Mr P was also one of the artists that took home an award on that night. 


Here is a list of all Mr P Nigeria entertainment award nominations and those he won. 


  • Get Squared Album of the Year – 2006- Won


  • Best Video of the Year 2006(Get Squared) – Won


All Mr P Soul Train Music Award


For some of you that do not know Mr P he is a Nigerian musician and currently one of the richest musicians in Nigeria right now. 


He is currently the founder of P Classic records and also the founder of ZOOM Lifestyle. 


Having said that when was Soul Train Music Award established? The soul train music award was established in 1987. 


The award was created solely for the purpose of honoring the best black musicians in the entertainment industry worldwide. 


The award ceremony usually was held in February or March but the latter edition of the award has been shifted to November. 


Precisely it was shifted to the last week of November which in the USA falls on thanksgiving days. 


Some of the names that have previously hosted this award include R&B dignitaries such as Luther Vandross. 


In 2009 the Soul Train Music Award trophy was redesigned by Tristan Eaton while the previous was deeply rooted in an African cultural mask. 


With that brief history out of the way, here are all Mr P awards from Soul Train Music. 


  • personally Best International Performance – nominated


Mr P Channel O Music Video Award


Personally, I would have been surprised if one of the richest musicians in African has not won this award. 




Just kidding you, you can be a millionaire or a billionaire and still have not won any award. 


If you think I am lying ask some American musicians who haven’t tasted what it feels like to hold an award. 


Okay with that said, when was Channel O Music Video Award established? 


It was first established in the year 2003 under the name Reel Music Video Award. 


However, this later changes to the channel O music video award. 


It’s an award ceremony held by Channel O TV which is a South African media organization. 


So far the award is presented to artists voted by the viewers of the channel. 


and it’s just one of all Mr P awards won in his professional career as an artist. 


Here is a list of Mr P Channel O awards… 


  • Best Duo or Group 2007 – Won


  • Most Gifted Group of the Year 2012 – Won


  • Best Duo or Group 2008 – Won


  • Most Gifted African (West) Video 2013/Video of the Year- Won


KORA Awards


The Kora award has been one hell of an award faced with scandals. 


Kora award was established in 1996 with the very first edition holding in South Africa. 

Mr P awards archive

In latter years the award was held in Ivory Coast, and Burkina Faso respectively. 


The inconsistency of the award has made it look like one hell of a joke award by artists in the African continent. 


However Mr P net worth increased by $500,000 when he and his twin brother won the award back in 2003. 


He also picked the award in 2010 but in the face of uncertainty, the Kora award has become a joke. 


It was initially founded by Ernest Adjovi who is a businessman from Benin. 


With that out of the way, here is all Mr P Kora awards nomination and ones he has won. 


  • Artiste of the Year 2010 – won


  • Most Promising African Group 2003 – nominated


Come quickly let’s look at Mr P Ghana music awards, shall we? 


Mr P Ghana Music Awards


With Mr P album the prodigal album out, who knows, he just might get listed on VGMA for 2021.


You have probably listened to some of Mr P’s songs like Wokie Wokie, right? 


If you haven’t then you are missing some really great songs from one of the most talented singers in Africa. 

all Mr P awards

If you decide to take my word for it then make sure you also check his song Zombie featuring Simi. 


Having said that, the Ghana Music award was first established in 2000.


From 2000 to 20003, the award ceremony was held in the National Theatre Ghana. 


Post-2003 to 2009 the ceremony was held at the Accra International conference center. 


The award was established by Mascot to honor Ghanaian musicians. 


Although like every other award, there is room for other African international categories. 


and this is how Mr P won some of this award… 


Psquare awards archive was filled back in the day and it’s crazy that both decided that splitting is good for business. 


Here are all Mr P Ghana music awards nominations… 


  • 2013 African Artiste of the Year – nominated


  • 2014 African Artiste of the Year – nominated


Mr P MOBO Awards


MOBO simply means music of black origin… 


The MOBO award was first established in 1996 with the sole purpose of honoring black musicians around the world. 

All Mr P Headies Award & Nominations

The award was established by Kanya King with the first winner being Baby D. 


MOBO award has been held twice in Glasgow Scotland before moving to Leeds in the United Kingdom in 2015. 


The award has since gone on a hiatus in 2017. 


But prior to this hiatus, Mr P was nominated in the category below… 


Here are all Mr P MOBO award nominations… 


  • 2006 nominated Best African Act


  • 2008 nominated Best African Act


  • 2010 nominated Best African Act


  • 2012 nominated Best African Act


BET Awards


In The latest edition of the BET award which was held in 2020, Burnaboy took home the award. 


So what is BET award? Well, in a short sentence it’s an American award established in 2001. 


The purpose of this award is to honor blacks in several entertainment industries such as sports, movies, music. 


The award is given annually to the most outstanding people in the above-mentioned category. 


and here is a bullet point showing you all Mr P BET award nominations. 


  • Best International Act 2010 – nominated




Mr P has won several awards in the course of his musical career. 


However, most of the awards listed above were won in the days of Psquare as a group. 


So as of going solo, he is yet to pick up any award. 


but once that’s the case I will be sure to update this post with all the necessary information. 


Now it’s your turn! 


From all the awards won by Mr P above which do you think holds the highest prestige? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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