All Wizkid Endorsement Deals In 2023

Wizkid endorsement deal with UBA
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Last updated on February 24th, 2023 at 06:39 pm

What are the biggest Wizkid endorsement deals ever? 


If you have ever asked this question on Google then I have the answer to Wizkid endorsement deals here for you. 


As a matter of fact, I will dive into all Wizkid endorsement deals making sure that no stone is left unturned because you deserve it. 


So if you truly want to find out how many brand recommendations Wizkid has made over the years then you will love this post. 


Just before you and I get into all the details now is the best time to ask you to follow the Shoutmeceleb Entertainment Twitter handle here. 


Okay with that out of the way, come let’s dive right into the juice of the details, shall we? 


Here is a complete list of Wizkid endorsement deals. 


  • Wizkid endorsement deal with Pepsi 


  • Starboy endorsement deal with MTN


  • Wizkid endorsement deal with GLO 


  • Big Wiz endorsement deal with Guinness 


  • Wizkid endorsement deal with Nike 


  • Wizzy endorsement deal with Dolce and Gabbana


  • Wizkid Ciroc endorsement deal


  • Wizkid  endorsement deal with UBA 


  • Starboy endorsement deal with Tecno 


  • Big Wiz endorsement deal with Puma


If you are a Wizkid or Davido fan, chances are you have sometimes argued who has more brand approvals, right? 

Well before the ban of Twitter in Nigeria, there is no day that goes by when you don’t hear such an argument. 


Fans go on and on about who has more endorsement and who doesn’t. 


This was why I created an article that detailed all Davido endorsement deals


I felt it was biased only having that of Davido which is why today, I also brought you that of Wizkid. 


So quickly let’s touch on the above bullet points so your question can be answered. 


Wizkid Endorsement Deal With Pepsi 2012 (Worth $350,000)


One of the biggest names in the world of beverages is Pepsi. 


You can’t name the top 50 beverage drinks in the world and not have Pepsi on there. 


It’s almost impossible if you ask me because these guys have been around for more than 50 years. 

Wizkid endorsement deals

According to Wikipedia Pepsi is a carbonated soft drink and it was first introduced into the market in 1893. 


It was rebranded to just Pepsi in the 20th century, so as you can see these guys have been around for quite some time, right? 


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So, how much is Wizkid Pepsi endorsement deal? Wizkid endorsement deal with Pepsi cost the sum of $350,000. 


When I converted this figure to the Nigeria Naira, I discovered it was the exact sum of N136,500,000 at the current rate of dollar which is N390 to a dollar equivalent. 


In 2012, Pepsi and Wizkid initially entered a 1-year deal. Paul Okoye of management consultancy company Upfront & Personal negotiated another 5 years deal. 


Paul took to his social media profile to drop the good news which had fans reacting in a positive way.


By the end of the 5 years period, Wizkid made the sum of $1.7 million on just this endorsement deal alone. 


Starboy Endorsement Deal With MTN 2013 (Worth $115,000)


Wizkid endorsement deal with MTN in 2013 didn’t come as a surprise because he has been one of the most popular musicians in Nigeria as of then. 


I mean MTN is a telecommunication company that operates in Nigeria with its headquarters in South Africa. 


You and I both know that Nigeria is one of the most populous countries in the world. 

What better way to reach more audiences than use one of the biggest stars in the continent, huh?


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The need to create more brand awareness in the country led to the Wizkid MTN endorsement deal in 2013.


So how much is Wizkid MTN endorsement worth? Well, according to Pulse NG MTN offered Wizkid a 1-year deal worth $115,000.


When I converted this figure to Naira with the current rate of the dollar I discovered that this one deal cost the sum of N45,000,000. 


The deal with MTN was renewed for another 2 years which ran till 2015 before Ayo Balogun finally ditching MTN for GLO. 


Wizkid made THE total sum of $345,000 for the 3-year contract he signed with MTN. 


Wizkid Endorsement Deal With GLO 2015 (Worth $328,000)


GLO is a telecommunication company like MTN founded in 2003 by Mike Adenuga one of the richest men in Africa today. 


By the end of 2015 which saw the end of Wizkid endorsement with MTN, GLO decided to make Wizzy a mouth-watering offer. 

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The offer paid more than what his previous employers paid and this was how Starboy switched loyalty to GLO. 

Big Wiz endorsement deal with Guinness

but how much is Wizkid GLO endorsement worth? Wizkid GLO endorsement deal is worth the sum of $328,000.


When I converted this figure to Naira, I got N128,000,000 which is quite a lot of money compared to what MTN previously paid him. 


As a matter of fact, this was almost the total sum of money earned by Wizkid when he penned a deal with MTN. 


GLO has been very generous to artists in Nigeria with lots of deals and including names like Simisola, the Psquare duo, etc. 


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