All Wizkid Endorsement Deals In 2022

Wizkid endorsement deal with UBA
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Last updated on December 11th, 2022 at 06:11 pm

Big Wiz Endorsement Deal With Guinness 2013 


Guinness is one of the biggest alcoholic drinks in the world today. 


It’s is made in over 50 countries and available in over 140 countries across the globe. 

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I mean that’s got to be some insane stats right there, but it is accurate because these are stats pulled from platforms like Wikipedia. 


During the Guinness World of More concert held at the Eko Hotel and Suites, Guinness deemed it necessary to seek Wizzy’s endorsement. 


Wizkid Guinness’s endorsement deal did happen, but some key details were left out. 


So how much is the Wizkid Guinness deal worth? Well, the specifics of the contract terms were not made available to the public. 


However, it was rumored that such an endorsement would not go for anything less than N30,000,000. 


Do well to know that this figure is just an estimate because the actual amount was never revealed to date. 


With that said, let’s look at other deals that the singer has landed in his illustrious career. 


Wizkid Endorsement Deal With Nike 2018


In 1964 Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman founded Nike, which has become one of the world’s biggest sportswear companies in history. 


Nike is known for enlisting the service of significant superstars in sports and entertainment for the promotion of its services. 


So when the news of the Wizkid Nike endorsement deal broke, many fans took to social media to celebrate the victory. 

all Wizkid endorsement deals

Heck, some even threw shades at Davido for only being able to land local deals. 


This deal was made possible after the NFA and Nike reached a 5 years Jersey contract. 


If you want more information about that deal, you can read this article which shed more light on the topic. 


So how much is Wizkid’s Nike deal worth? Wizkid deal with Nike is rumored to cost $20,000.


Nike also extended the deal for another 1 year which means Wizkid made the sum of $40,000 from this one endorsement. You can read my article on Wizkid cars to see how he spent some of the money he made from endorsements.


Wizzy Endorsement Deal With Dolce & Gabbana 2018 (Worth $10,000)


I can go on and on about Wizkid international endorsement deals and there still would be much to cover. 


One brand recommendation by Ayo Balogun that shook the Nigeria Internet space was when he landed a deal with Dolce and Gabbana


Wizkid’s endorsement deal with Dolce and Gabbana trended for days in Google Trend Nigeria. 


It was such a big buzz because Naomi Campbell is the woman to walk down the walkway with him.


This one deal also gave Wizkid fan base the opportunity to take cheap shots at Davido. 


Although, this is not a surprise because there have always been that rivalry between the two. 


I did a couple of articles here Shout Me Celeb about this and you can read it assuming you have the time to spare


So how much is Wizkid Dolce and Gabbana deal worth? Starboy Dolce and Gabbana deal is said to be worth the sum of $10,000.


When I converted this figure from dollar to Naira, I got the sum of N3.9 million at N390 per dollar. 


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