All Wizkid Endorsement Deals In 2023

Wizkid endorsement deal with UBA
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Last updated on September 5th, 2023 at 05:52 pm

Wizkid Endorsement Deal With Ciroc 2018 


Ayo Balogun has some really big brand endorsement deals. 


In 2018, Wizkid and Ciroc agreed on a mouth-watering deal. This one deal saw Wizzy become the biggest face of the Vodka company from Africa. 

Wizkid endorsement deal with UBA

Wizkid took to his Instagram and Twitter profile to break the news to fans who were super excited at the achievement. 


but I couldn’t stop asking why they always have to leave the most important part of the contract out. 


Like some of the deals in this article, Wizkid Ciroc endorsement deal didn’t release any amount of money. 


So if your question is how much is Wizkid Ciroc deal worth? I just answered answer your question above. 


Although I can confidently tell you that this one deal could cost Ciroc the sum of $40,000 and above. 


Wizkid Endorsement Deal With UBA 2019 (Worth $3 Million) 


UBA is a pan-African financial group that was founded in 1943. 


It is currently present in 20 countries around the world and has its Headquarters in Lagos. 


UBA also has offices outside the shores of Nigeria and New York, Paris and London are some of the places it has an office. 

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In 2019, Wizkid advocated for UBA which is one of the richest banks in Africa, right now. 


So how much is Wizkid UBA deal worth? Wizkid UBA endorsement deal is said to be worth the sum of $3 million. When SMCE converted this figure to Naira, we discovered that this one deal made the singer N1,000,000,000 (N1 Billion). 


Heck, I wrote about this in one of our articles here on, so you can read about it as well. 


Starboy Endorsement Deal With Tecno 


One of the biggest mobile brands in Africa today is Tecno, no doubt. 


The cheap flagship the company produces makes its way into the heart of Africans because it is very affordable. 

Starboy endorsement deal with MTN

The price difference between Tecno and other names like Samsung, and HTC is significantly high hence why Tecno beats these names. 


In 2020, the company recorded a revenue of 1 billion US dollars. 


2020 was the first time, the mobile company decided to enlist a celebrity brand ambassador in Nigeria. 


Wizkid was named the brand ambassador of Tecno and the deal was quite lucrative. 


So how much is Wizkid Tecno deal worth? Wizkid Tecno endorsement deal is said to be worth the sum of $150,000. After converting the above figure to Naira I got the sum of N58 million at 390 Naira per dollar. 


Big Wiz Endorsement Deal With Puma 


Puma was founded in 1943 in Germany and it is a German multinational company that produces sportswear as well as shoes. 

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Puma in 2019 announced that it made a revenue of $5.5 billion which is huge for a company this big. 


I mean a company with such revenue could afford to pay 10 of Wizkid the sum of $1 million and it still won’t cause a dent in the company’s pulse considering it is also the 3rd biggest sportswear manufacturer in the world. 


Wizkid endorsement deal with puma certainly came at the right time. 


However, he did not announce the deal due to the October 20 2020 EndSarsProtest which saw the innocent killing of Nigerian citizens. 


By the time the protest subsided, Wizkid took to Instagram to share the achievement with his fans and he got a very positive response from the fan base. 


So how much is Wizkid Puma deal worth? Wizkid Puma endorsement deal is worth the estimated sum of $1 million. This is the equivalent of N390,000,000 when converted from dollar to Naira. 




Wizkid and Davido are the two Nigerian musicians who have continued to make the headline. 


As a result of this, there is always that comparison between this two on who is the most endorsed is in the country. 


This is why I created this article to show you all Wizkid endorsement deals, so I hope you like it? 


It’s over to you! 


Who do you think has more endorsement deals between Wizkid and Davido? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 

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