Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz: Battle of History

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Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr

Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz latest fight on Sunday morning at New York Madison Square saw the defeat of Joshua to underdog Ruiz.

Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr

I like to think that Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz fight was packed with some lessons to learn.


One of such lessons will be:


  • Believe in yourself


  • Believe that anything is possible
  • Work hard and smart


Anthony Joshua did little to recover from Ruiz Knockdown. the twice knockdown in the 3rd round made sure JA got more than he bargains for.


When AJ dropped Ruiz down from a left knock, he was like what the fuck just happened?


So, he quickly returned the favor flooring AJ twice in the 3rd round and another twice in the 7th round.


Ruiz Quote:


The way that I look with the extra flab, I want to get in really good shape. and look like a Mexican Anthony.


Follow your dreams, if someone puts you down, don’t listen, just keep working as I did. We just made history!


What’s up guys it’s your Gee Mone Nuel writing from Shoutmeceleb Entertainment. and today I am going to dig into Anthony’s defeat.


By the time this post ends, you will know who


  • Anthony Joshua is


  • His fight with Ruiz


  • How Andy Ruiz made history


Here is a quick question for you!


On a square ground before this defeat who would you pick to win the match between Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz?


Leave a comment below and I will be sure to follow you up.


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Did you know that some days back at the Gym, my very good friend Emmanuel Abraham predicted that Joshua would lose?


I wasn’t there when he made the predictions but very early in the morning. he updated his status with I told you that he was going to lose.


By the way, if you are wondering who Emmanuel is, well, he is a good friend.


He loves workout and it keeps him fit like Anthony Joshua…


Who is Anthony Joshua


Anthony Joshua is a British citizen and world heavyweight boxing champion.


He was born in 1989 October 15th and he will be 30 years of age come October. which is the month of Nigeria independence.


Prior to on Sunday match between Anthony Joshua vs Ruiz, he held 3 of 4 major championship bet.


Here is a break down of the belts he has won and how long he held for…


  • IBF title – 2016 to 2019


  • WBA super title – 2017 to 2019


  • WBO – 2018 to 2019


Lest I forget did I tell you that he is of Nigeria descent too?


I bet I did not!


Well, Joshua’s Mother is a Nigerian and his father is both a Nigerian and an Irish.

Today’s Latest Picks:

In 2012 he won Gold at the Olympics competition. before that was the silver he won in 2011 Olympics.


His real name is Anthony OluwaFemi Olaseni Joshua. today is not about his history but I will indulge you… read about his history here.


Anthony Joshua Vs Andy Ruiz Fight


It’s not strange that champions fail. but when it comes at the hands of underdogs then it becomes worrying.


Let me make a little reference here, you remember Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi right?


Well, these two have been at their prime for more than a decade now. and you know what, they are both still going strong and not looking to stop.


Though it may be a different sports game I wanted to mention that. it’s not about becoming a champion, it’s about remaining a champion.

Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua

Which is what Ronaldo and Messi have demonstrated time and time again.


The Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz fight was shocking because. it all happened suddenly after Jarrel Miller failed to past a drug test.


The shocking replacement came in the person of Andy Ruiz a Mexican.


I bet you and would bet on AJ to win this match right but. here is one of my favorite quotes from the Movie Alice Through the Looking Glass…


The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe that it is possible.


In 2019 the 2 impossible that has happened is when Liverpool beat Barcelona. by 4 goals to nil at Allianz Arena.


Then Andy Ruiz the underdog beating Anthony Joshua to claim 3 major titles.


and these titles put him as the first Mexican American to achieve such feet. It’s just super insane, right?

Anthony Joshua

On the interview after the match, Andy said, nothing is impossible and I just made history.


Believe me, that’s pretty dope if you ask me considering he went into the fight as an underdog.


I had to take my phone go straight to YouTube and I bask in the comment session.


and there was this one guy Po jo, he said Ruiz was fighting like AJ took the last plate in the buffet line.


Which for me is exactly how Ruiz fought on Sunday morning. He gave it his all and even if he had lost, I would still congratulate him.


Thankfully he took those titles home, but if I want to bias it will be that I wanted Anthony to win… Lolz


Shame on me right!


Well, hold your breath but a wish is all it is and I am glad it’s a good fight. It reminds me that to be a champion, you need to be consistent, work smart and hard.


How Many rounds did the fight last?

Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz fight lasted 7 rounds.

This is unbelievable!


The unbelievable thing about the fight was that Anthony Joshua defeat came following 4 knockouts.


It’s just super crazy, I mean 4 knockouts prior to the 7th round is amazing for an underdog.


According to Daily Mail which ranks the odd to be 20-1. The portly Ruiz overcame odds of 20 – 1 to smash undefeated AJ to become the first Mexican Heavy Weight Champion.


Wouldn’t you just fathom how history is made yea?


Post Match Interview


I mean I really think AJ is a wonderful guy, I was expecting to see that anger of losing on his face. but my God!


The way he handled the interview, I went bananas like mennn this guy you are good.


He said Ruiz put up a good fight in there and on some occasion, I lost my base. but overall it was a good fight.


I don’t know about you but a champion congratulating another champion just after a fight. is way cool that I could have expected.


Anthony Joshua words:

He is a champion for now and congrats to the first Mexican Heavy Weight Champion.


Saying such defeat is a minor setback shows his confidence in himself.


Ruiz better be ready for a rematch and just maybe Po Jo might have to take his words back.


Anthony Joshua defeat to Andy Ruiz Jr is quite saddening. but want you didn’t know is that a rematch clause was signed by Joshua.


Ruiz also agreed to the rematch clause which is set to come up November. to which Jr has said he is not losing that match because he wants to make a name for himself.


I wanted to prove my doubters wrong, and I did, I was looking at the comments.


This is not going to be the only victory because I have a legacy to keep he said.


Ruiz started boxing when he was just 6 years old. and he revealed how he considered giving up because of his body size according to BBC.




Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz fight gave me the chills if not the world even. but here is a quick take home


  • Don’t listen when someone talks you down


  • Keep working on that goal


  • Come back stronger and if you get put down again, keep working


  • Focus, hard work, smart work, consistency will bring you success.


Over to you guys!


What do you think happened in the fight between AJ vs Andy Ruiz Jr?


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I love you and thanks for reading!


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