Awkwafina Joins Dwayne Johnson For Jumanji 2

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Awkwafina is joining the cast. A sequel of the movie has been announced and The ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ star will join the crew into Jumanji 2.

Awkwafina at the Ocean 8 movie premier

  Source: [Thewrap]
The source that has long been working with the cast confirmed the story. Awkwafina tipped as 2018 breakout star is to join Dwayne Johnson one of Hollywood highest paid actors and Kelvin Hart. in a sequel of the “2017 Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle” movie.
Jumanji is Sony’s ever best grossing movie since the film hit the theater and it is all thanks to Dwayne. Johnson’s character play on screen resonated with fans.

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contract talk has held for the Ocean 8 star. and if all goes well, we do be sure to see the comedian on screen set alongside The Rock A.K.A Dwayne Johnson.

Jumanji Sony’s Ever Grossing Movie with $962 Million

Sony Entertainment revitalizes the 1990s movie in which animals came into the earth from a magical book. The 2017 version yet stars Dwayne, Hart, Jack, Nick, and Gillan.
In this version of the movie, the actors went into Jumanji after each picked their different characters. The avatars each picked had special abilities that could make them save Jumanji.
Long story short, their mission which was to save the jungle worked. At the end of the movie, the of the 5 characters were transported back to earth from wherever the jungle is.
Jumanji a film that was produced on a spending plan of $90 million, later became Sony’s highest gross movie. It raked in $962 million in profits thanks to the crew members that made it a success.
Awkwafina will be in the sequel and script about her role is being kept under wrap. Dwayne and the rest of the cast are all ready to make a return for the sequel.
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