Burna Boy Ft Jorja Smith Be Honest Lyrics(Mp3 + Video)

Jorja Smith Ft Burnaboy Be Honest Lyrics

Burna boy Ft Jorja Smith be honest mp3 literally got me nodding so click on the post and download Jorja Smith be honest mp3 and watch the video too.

Burna Boy Ft Jorja Smith Be Honest Lyrics

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Scroll down to watch the video of Burna Boy be honest ft Jorja Smith.

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Having said this, let’s get into why you visited this post which is Sorja be honest lyrics.

So, by the time this post ends here is the 3 to 4 things you will be able to do.

  • You will be able to get Jorja ft Burna boy download into your iPhone
  • I have also added Jorja be honest ft Burna Boy lyrics here
  • You will also be able to play Burna Boy Feat Jorja Smith be honest mp3 before downloading it to your phone
  • Finally I provided a very good video here for you to watch


Who Produce & Wrote Sorja Smith ft Burna Boy be honest lyrics

Sorja ft Burna Boy be honest lyrics was produce by Cadenza and Izybeats.

The lyrics of be honest by Jorja ft Burnaboy was composed by Nigerian African giant. and Jorja Smith who is on fire at the moment.

English musician Jorja have also featured the likes of Drake and Kendric Lamar in previous songs.

Here is the complete details of be honest song by Jorja Smith ft Burnaboy.

Jorja Smith be honest lyrics ft Burna Boy was released August 16th 2019.

Song Title: Be Honest

Artist(s): Sorja Smith and Burna Boy

Album: Single

Producer: Cadenza and Izybeats

Release Date: August 16th 2019

Nationality: Nigeria and Britain

If there is anyone that’s been everywhere this year that will be Burna Boy.

I mean from singles like Burna Boy anybody and his song about Naija billionaire. this guy has been just amazing you would agree yea?

You can’t help but love him for how he does his things, he brings something unique to the table.

While Burna Boy net worth in 2019 is no where near the likes of Davido net worth, you see room for growth.

I mean presently in Nigeria you and I know that Wizkid net worth is the only net worth that challenges Davido yeah?

Jorja Smith Ft Burnaboy Be Honest Lyrics

Okay let’s say Don Jazzy’s net worth comes close too but it’s mostly Wizkid right?


It’s probably all the reason Wizkid and Davido net worth gets compared the most.

But with the fire Burna Boy is on I see him competing with two of the top 50 richest musician in Nigeria.

The Lyrics of Be Honest

The exact place where music starts is with writing the lyrics and if you are like me then you obsessed too.

I mean that’s the foundation of any good music because without the lyrics you probably have anything to sing.

I have listened to the likes of Rude Boy sing and whenever he does he is just unbelievably amazing.

You could say that Mr P and Rudeboy constant comparison in terms of net worth is annoying.

But come to think of it the one thing people or fans love to do is compare two great singers.

By the way if you haven’t listened to Rude Boy reason with me, I suggest you do.

Because the class of genius that went into that song is just exceptional.

Then just after that, do your best to also listen to his latest feature on Sarkodie Lucky.

Don’t get me wrong I think Mr P one more night was good but it didn’t come anywhere near rude boy.

Having said that!

Here is the lyrics of Sorja Smith be honest…

Verse 1- Jorja Smith

I know you want me

Every day, tell me when you’re lonely‚ yeah

You see‚ you think you know me

But you don’t even know nothing about me‚ yeah

You see my thick thighs

Lost when you look into my brown eyes

See, my little waist can make you switch sides

You never know the devil in the disguise

So why don’t you stand up, baby‚ and

Tell me, tell me, tell me do you want me on top?

So let me show you‚ show you, show you, I don’t need to back it up

Don’t wanna hold ya, mold ya, scold ya

Split you in half with my heart

I just wanna love on you, trust in you, honour you

Please do the same on your part

Chorus- Jorja Smith

Be honest (Be honest)

You want this (You want this)

But I can be heartless

Regardless of my conscience

Be honest (Be honest)

You want this (You want this)

But I can be heartless

Regardless of my conscience

Verse 2- Jorja Smith

Take time, you no say I’m wrong whenever I see bad vibes

Before you come my way, make sure you think twice

Look into my eyes but I can never see us

I can point a gun, but you know I could never lie, yeah

Come through

I can show you somethin’ you can run to

When I finish, you’ll be feelin’ brand new

Wanna be somebody you can run through

I’m lookin’ for that, I’m alive

One time, no care, big vibes, slow back

Catch feels, get high

If you make your bed, then you can lie

Just please don’t waste my time

Chorus- Jorja Smith

Be honest (Be honest)

You want this (You want this)

But I can be heartless

Regardless of my conscience

Be honest (Be honest)

You want this (You want this)

But I can be heartless

Regardless of my conscience

Jorja Smith Ft Burna Boy Mp3 Download

Photo Credit: Instagram

Verse 3- Burna Boy

People, they talk, they majesty

Love the way your body twistin’

Mek me lose control in the this ting, oh

And it’s all because I’m thinkin’ of us

Don’t go throw me under di bus

Under a spell, I’m under your love

I don’t know why nobody want me

Listen, my baby could be, do me bad

But your love inside my hoody bag

If I do you back

I better make you know, do me back

Gimme one time, one try

Be mine, this time

Take time, same time

But we never waste time

Girl, I never lie, you already know that I’ll be honest

Chorus- Jorja Smith & Burnaboy 

Be honest (Be honest, ooh yeah)

You want this (You want this)

But I can be heartless

Regardless of my conscience(Ooh yeah)

Be honest {Be honest}

You want this (You want this)

But I can be heartless

Regardless of my conscience

Be honest (Be honest)

You want this (You want this)

But I can be heartless

Regardless of my conscience

Be honest

You want this (You want this)

But I can be heartless

Regardless of my conscience

Download The Mp3 Here Now

This is one of the reason you have come here so I want to give it to you in one razor sharp line.

I decided to embed the mp3 and also provide you a way to download the song through the button.

Now all you have to do is click on the sky blue download button and the song starts downloading automatically.

You can try it below because the button is just below this sentence.

I hope you enjoy Sorja Smith ft Burna audio mp3.

Here is my recommendation use a good earphone to listen to the beats that’s where you do feel it.

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Download “Be Honest” Burna-Boy-Feat-Jorja-Smith.mp3 – Downloaded 265 times –

Video of Burna Ft Jorja Smith

What’s a good song without a video especially in a century that visuals is more important than ever.

I mean visuals is taking over everything advertising down to social media and more.

I could remember when thriller by Michael Jackson became one of the most streamed video of all time.

Though it took several year’s after that for visuals to really become a thing.

However you could say the transition was better anticipated and suited for the Millennials. putting ultimately good things in the world thanks to the internet.

Here is Jorja Smith ft Burna Boy video Mp4.

Play the video now!


Burna Boy African Giant album has been all over the place and this feature with Smith. shows that talent can’t be suppressed.

It took Burna Boy more than 3 albums to finally get recognized, it goes to show consistency.

Over to you guys!

What is the one thing you love about this collaboration?

Leave a comment below because I would love to hear your thoughts.

Also rate this song below on a scale of 1 to 5 because this way we put the top 10 songs together each month.

Thanks for reading and cheers…

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