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Burna Boy Monsters You Made Lyrics

Last updated on August 29th, 2020 at 11:08 am

Burna boy monsters you made lyrics is making it’s round online, now download Burna boy monsters you made mp3 here. 


Oluwa Burnaboy has never disappointed with his album and if you don’t believe then listen to Twice As Tall album. 


Anyways before you and get into the tiny details of Burna boy ft Coldplay monsters you made lyrics, here is what you will get from today’s post. 


  • You will be able to download monsters you made mp3 by Burna Boy 


  • I have embedded Burna Boy monsters you made audio mp3 here so you can stream it 


  • You can also follow monsters you made by Burna boy lyrics here now 


  • You will also be able to watch monsters you made video by Burna boy


  • as a bonus, I have my short review of this song for you so come let’s dive right in


Burna Boy Monsters You Made Mp3 Download 


A lot of people have doubted the prowess of Burnaboy in delivering quality. 


but time and time again he had proven do just that in his songs. 


Click the play button below to watch Burna Boy monsters you made video now!


Guess what! 


His fans love every bit of it and have continued to stand by him whenever he claims African Giant. 


Well, he truly is the giant as we have seen time and time again. 


This is how Burna boy net worth have also increased over the years through his deliveries. 


If you looking for an artist that brings you magic then you really need to listen to Burna boy songs. 

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Now click on the sky blue button below to download monsters you made by Burna Boy mp3. 

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So what’s NEXT? 


I have monsters you made lyrics by Burnaboy next on the line for you. 


Complete Monsters You Made Lyrics Burna Boy


Look I can’t tell you what you don’t already know right? 


If you want to name some of the best musicians in Nigeria currently, he is up there. 


Plus what you can’t take away from him is his powerful delivery of the messages wrapped around his songs. 


Heck when I listen to Odogwu mp3, you could feel every message in that song. 


This is why Burnaboy stands out and why he is currently one of richest musicians in Nigeria right now


Did you hit that play button? If yes then here is Burnaboy monsters you made lyrics. 


[Intro: Spoken Words]


If the government refused to develop the region

And continue, the marginalization and injustice

The youth, that’s what coming after us

And it will be more brutal, than what we have done


[Chorus: Chris Martin]


Calling me a monster, calling us fake

No way, no way, no way

Calling me a monster, just ‘cause we say

Burna Boy Monsters You Made Lyrics

[Verse 1: Burna Boy]


We’re from the block where it rains

Where we create barricades

Keep opposition away

That’s why we are strapped with the K’s

Don’t get kidnapped from your place

‘Cause it could happen today

Not knowing how to behave

That is a sign that you may

Just lose your life what a waste

Your body found in a lake

You fucked around and the fisherman found you drowning for days

You know we come from a place

Where people smile but it’s fake

How could they smile? If you look around they are surrounded by pain

I’ve seen the sky turn to grey

It took the light from the day

It’s like the heads of the state

Ain’t comprehending the hate

That the oppressed generate

When they’ve been working like slaves

To get some minimum wage

You turn around and you blame

Them for their anger and rage

Put them in shackles and chains

Because of what they became

We are the monsters you made


[Chorus: Chris Martin]


Calling me a monster, calling us fake

You make the Minotaur the dinosaur wake

Calling me a monster, just ‘cause we say

No way, no way, no way

Calling me a monster, make no mistake

That there’s only so much that you can take

La-di-da, la-da-do, di-da, la-do-day

We are the monsters you made


[Verse 2: Burna Boy]


I bet they thought it was cool

Probably thought we was fools

When we would break all the rules

And skip them classes in school

Because the teacher dem teaching what the white man dem teaching dem European teachings in my African school

So fuck dem classes in school

Fuck mongo park and the fools

That said they found river Niger

They’ve been lying to you

Ain’t no denying the truth

See what im tryin to do

Is draw the line for the mothers crying, we’re dying as youths

Come walk a mile in my shoes

See if you smile at the truth

See if you digest your food

That’s when you might have a clue

Of what the fuck we go through

Your fucking lucky if you

Live through the day, better pray that God always staying with you

Ain’t fucking safe anyday, the reaper’ll be coming for you

We need a change and it ain’t no way ima take an excuse

My niggas finding a way

Or fucking smile in the grave

This is the price that you pay

We are the monsters you made


[Chorus: Chris Martin]


Calling me a monster, calling us fake

You make the Minotaur the dinosaur wake

Calling me a monster, just ‘cause we say

No way, no way, no way

Calling me a monster, make no mistake

That there’s only so much that you can take

La-di-da, la-da-do, di-da, la-do-day

We are the monsters you made


[Outro: Ama Ata Aidoo]


Since we met your people five hundred years ago

Look at us, we have given everything

You are still taking

In exchange for that, we have got nothing


And you know it

But you just think that this is over now?

Over where?

Is it over?


Who Wrote and Produce Burna Boy Monsters You Made Lyrics 


Who wrote monsters you made lyrics? Monsters you made Burna Boy lyrics is written by Damini Ogulu and Chris Martin. 




and Chris Martin of Cold Play brought all his magic in his delivery of his lines. 


Burna boy on his end delivered a master piece one that’s so spectacular that it might pick up a Grammy. 


Having said that who produced monsters you made mp3? Monsters you made Burna boy mp3 was produced by LiriQ. 


I know you probably haven’t listen to some of Burna song like Anybody from his Africa Giant album. 


If there is one word for his songs it will be a master piece just to put it mildly. 


Now here is what I want you do get your headphone and play some of his tracks again. 


I am positive you will get context and a proper understanding of how he strings his lyrics together. 


With that said here is a detail of this track… 


Song Title: Monsters You Made 


Artist: Burna Boy & Code Play 


Producer: LiriQ


Written By: Code Play & Burnaboy 


Released Date: 14th August 2020


Nationality: Nigeria 


Review of The Song 


The first question you should be asking what does Burna Boy monster you made mean? 


The meaning behind Burnaboy monsters you made is simply what Africa goes through from their colonial masters. 


It talks about how Africa has been so brainwashed to think that the White man is superior. 


Oh yeah did I forget? 


He said f**K Mungo Park who history claim discovered Africa. 


I really didn’t quite get that part really, how does someone in a different country discover what is in Africa? 


When Africans bath from that water, drank from it yet its been taught in school that Mungo Park discovered it? 


It just didn’t make any sense at all… 


I will stop there and ask you to listen to this track for yourself. 


Monster you made lyrics by Burnaboy is the bomb… 


The production was sleek, Chris Martins line got me like wow wow wow. 


Truly an exceptional singer and songwriter, overall that’s one of Burna best feature to date. 


I am giving this song a 5 star rating no doubt, it was legit super cool and had all the touch of a Grammy singer. 




If you haven’t listen to this song then please get the whole album and enjoy it. 


I have to tell you I am currently rocking really hard to this track because I love the message. 


Over To You! 


How would you rate Burna Boy monsters you made lyrics mp3? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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