Burna Boy net worth and biography
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Today I will reveal the secret of the growth of Burna boy net worth in 2022 because he is now ranked among the top 100 richest Nigeria musicians.


What’s up guys it’s your gee Mone Nuel Co-founder of Shoutmeceleb Entertainment


So what will you be enjoying in my today’s post about Burna Boy net worth 2022


Well, today like always I will tear the topic of Burna boy biography, his family, his latest relationship. and ultimately Burna boy networth. 


but if you want to save yourself this lengthy read, I would suggest you check out Davido vs Wizkid vs Burna Boy vs Olamide net worth here.


I have to warn you, this post will take about 15 minutes of your time if you are a fast reader. 

Forbes Burnaboy net worth now

Another thing is I have decided to subhead it in a way that you can scan through. it is without many hassles, this way you do be sure to skim and brush through several subheadings. 


So what else are you waiting for, come on hop in and let’s go for a ride now shall we? 


You know that in other to talk about Burna boy’s current net worth, I will have to touch on his biography too. 


So for this session, I will be touching on some key points you may have missed about him. Most especially because you also need to be reminded that every great man started somewhere. 


Key Points for Burna boy net worth 2022:

  • Real Name: Damini Ogulu
  • Stage Name: Burna Boy
  • Date Of Birth: July 2nd, 1991
  • Nationality: Nigerian from Port Harcourt
  • Marital Status: Dating
  • Source of Income: Music, Business
  • Net Worth: $3.5 Million


Burna Net Worth 2020 and Biography 


One of the things I love to do more often is writing about celebrity net worth because I like it. how you start from just that little kid and gradually develop yourself to become rich & famous


Not just that, I am particularly interested in how these celebs carve out a path for themselves and just ride with it. 

Burnaboy net worth 2022 Forbes

It is simply just amazing because when you think of it, the work, time and productive character put in are next to none. 


Did you know that these celebs develop several productive habits leading to their success?


and do you also know that it takes about 21 days of consistent practice to fully soak in a new habit?


To back up that claim you can learn more about how long it takes to develop a more productive habit. that supports your growth and joy here


Often at times, I get requests from you guys asking me to write about the Net worth of Burna boy.


 I decided to take it a step further by combining Burna boy biography and net worth in one place. 


So I will answer some questions you may have in some of the subheadings and paragraphs below. 


The first question is…


Where is Burna Boy From in Nigeria 


Burna boy is from the Niger Delta of Nigeria, hailing from a state called Port Harcourt. 


Port Harcourt is one of the richest oil cities in Nigeria known for its majority in the production of oil in the country. 


The state is also famous for its expensive life and nightlife that is unrivaled by any in the country. 


If you wish to know more about Port Harcourt I suggest you read this post by Britannica?


Another large oil-producing state in the South-South is Delta. a state is known to have produced big comedians like I Go Dye and musicians like Oritse Femi. 


How Old is Burna Boy Now


Burnaboy is 28 years old now. He was born on the 2nd of July 1991 in the city of Port Harcourt.


So when next you get asked, just tell them Burna boy’s age is 31. it’s that short and without further explanations. 


You can say that for 31 years old he has done a bit good for himself after his song Ye became. one of the best songs of 2018 thanks to Kanye West who had a hand in that happening.


The one thing I have particularly liked about Burna boy songs is that he gets better with every new song, he drops. 

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I was privileged to listen to one of his latest songs Anybody which dropped in June 2019. The song was a fusion of Fela Afrobeat and a little bit of dancehall. 


You should listen to it in your spare time because it’s literally an amazing song. No wonder he is earned and cemented his place among the elites in the Naija music industry. 


Who is Burna Boy Then? 


Burnaboy is a Nigerian musician, singer, and songwriter of the genre Afro-fusion. 


He is from Port Harcourt a state which is known for its oil production in vast quantities in the country. 


So what is Burna boy’s real name? 


The real name of Burna is Damini Ogulu and he was born to a Nigerian father and mother. 


Early Beginning and Career 


Starting a music career in Nigeria is now easier than ever compared to times when. we had the likes of Raskimono, Majek Fashek, and some other icons like Daddy Showkey. 




I am smiling because I grew up in a time when I saw some very notable names in the Nigeria music. industry struggle with achieving fame and more. 


You can say those days are long gone as it is now more of an era with the millennia killing it. 


Do you know that burna started his music career at a really tender age? 


Am talking as little as 10 years old he already had a passion for music and seeing the fact. that his grandfather Idonije was once a manager of Fela Anikulakpo Kuti, it all makes sense. 


Growing up, he went to Montessori International school to finish his primary education.


A year after concluding his primary education, Burna boy parents admitted him into Corona Agbara in Lagos state

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He spent six years there too in other to conclude his secondary education. 


Journey To The Land of His Colonial Masters 


Like most Nigerians that have dreamt of living behind their motherland, Damini quickly saw himself. in the land of his colonial masters shortly after concluding his secondary education. 


You can say Nigeria and London are two different worlds. most especially because of the beauty and advancement it has seen in its over 100 years of existence. 


London is a country in Europe and forms the great Britain you know of today consisting. of countries like Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. 


Want to know more about her origin, then follow this post to read more about the history of Great Britain


Burna Ogulu spent 2 years in a UK University before he was arrested. 


But wait there is more! 


He was arrested for being part of a gang that stabbed a young boy to death.


 Although he was later released which saw him drop out of school just two years after admission. 


The challenges of life and being unable to further his education made Burna boy leave the shores of the UK back to her motherland at the age of 19. 


I will have to continue that brief story because it transitions into his early musical career. 


Burna boy Family 


If you are born in Nigeria, chances are you grow up becoming very attached to your mother. 


This is often because a Nigerian man has to leave the house early in the morning every day. in search of daily bread for his son and wife. 


Take for example 


Growing up as a kid I practically didn’t have the slightest idea of who my father was. 


Because he was a captain of a tug boat, you know a tog boat right? 


… I guess you do


Many months would pass and he isn’t back home, trust women, she would leave bedtime stories. and tell me stories about being a seaman. 


Her stories were enchanting because about 15 minutes later, I already find myself sleeping. 


Some nights I would battle with sleep whenever I listen to her stories about my dad. but it usually doesn’t take long before sleep becomes the victor. 

Her storytelling was that good, I wonder why I didn’t carry such beauty and enchantment habit of telling a story in a way it enchants people. 


Lolz… but she was really good. 


Burna boy family consists of himself, mother Bose Ogulu, dad Samuel Ogulu and Burna boy sister Nissi Ogulu. 


His sister happens to also be a musician too. As much as this seems like a family of musician his father Samuel has been silent on media. 


But the mother well, she has her way of giving speeches that send chills down people’s spines. 


One such moment came during her speech at the just-concluded award held at Microsoft in California. 


Burna boy BET award for best international Act was received by the mother. 


Her mighty words were:


Thank you BET and thank you, Africa, which is the constituency for which we have been recognized in the first place. 


If Burna Boy was here, I believe his words would be, remember that you were Africans before you became anything else. 


and shockingly, the standing ovation she received was just out of this world. It didn’t take long for tweets to start flying around.


I provided you a link to one of my posts there, you should read about the award night there. 


Okay, let’s talk about his dazzling musical career now right? 


How do you like the journey so far? 


Leave a comment below and don’t forget to share this post on Facebook and Twitter once you are done reading. 


Burna Boy Musical Career 


You and I will agree that we can’t just talk about Burna boy’s net worth in Dollars or Naira. without talking about his musical career. 


The music is one of the reasons you would want to talk about the net worth of Burna Boy right? 




After Mr Samuel’s Boy landed in Nigeria, he had to work with a very old music label LeriQ. 


You can say loving music at a tender age and growing up in the South of London did a number on him. 


While in London Burna boy was a huge fan of DMX and some other American stars. 


The challenges he had adapting to the Nigeria type of song is challenging. much like that of Tiwa Savage. 


After a couple of years working at LeriQ and familiarizing himself with the Nigerian type of songs…


While listening to the likes of Fela Kuti, King Sunny Ade, and Bob Marley, he formed his own unique style of song. 


Honestly creating your own style and making it echo in time is a brilliant act by Burna. 


most especially because in other to set yourself apart. from the world, you need to bring something different to the table. 


This was exactly how Burna established his footing in the Nigerian music industry. 


Burna Boy really loved Fela Afro Beat and Reggae and these two combination gave birth to his Afro-fusion today. 


Image Credit: Zimbio

Which is now a genre embraced by over 3.3 million of the singer’s fans on social media like Instagram.


Rise to Fame and Burna Boy Debut Studio L.I.F.E


The singer’s rise to stardom came after the release of his single “Like To Party”. The song was released in 2012 off his debut studio album LIFE. 


Guess what? 


The song was widely accepted by Nigerians all over the country. Though the song hit it was YE that cemented his place as one of the big artists in the country. 


Some of his fans have compared him to the likes of Wizkid and Davido who are currently the richest musician in Nigeria


Burna Boy L.I.F.E album was released on the 12th of August 2013 which followed his second mixtape Burn identity. 


On the first day of release, the album had sold over 40,000 copies worldwide. which at the time was huge for an upcoming artist. 


The album was released by Aristocrat Records and produced by LeriQ. 


Uba Pacific was the first to have predicted the success of the album. and as such bought marketing distribution rights for a fee of N10 million. 


You know the popular saying that if you want to quickly get known in the industry, feature big names. 


Well, Damini Ogulu didn’t waste any time in making sure that happens, in his LIFE album he. used that rule of thumb to his advantage featuring a guest appearance from the likes of Timaya, 2Face, Wizkid, M.I, and Reminisce. 


These were all big names at the time especially with Wizkid just climaxing his peak. After his debut studio album Story. 


Singles from the album include – 


  • Like to party 


  • Yawa dey 


  • Tonight 


  • Always love you 


  • Run my race 


Life Album Awards 


In 2013 after the release of the album it ranked 10th on Nigerian Entertainment Today as the best album of the year.


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Having drawn inspiration from the likes of Fela, King Sunny Ade, and Bob Marley in the production of LIFE. music critics applauded the album for its versatile production. 


You and both know that music critics can be something of a sour taste but Burna Boy was way lucky. 


In 2014, Nigeria Entertainment Award, LIFE album was nominated for the category of best album of the year. 


and later that same year, it debuted on the Billboard Reggae album chart at No 7.


Burna boy split from Aristocrat Records and Spaceship Album 


I have seen several Nigerian musicians break out from the record label that made them. 


First was Wizkid, who broke out from EME records to form Starboy records. 


Then we had Davido break out from HKN to form DMW who now even has a game called 30BG Money Run. 


Then Tiwa Savage, Kizz Daniels, Olamide, and more. Tiwa Savage, I would say really didn’t break out but signed for Universal Music Group. 


Burna also adds to that list of musicians that broke out to form their beginning record label. 


My guess is each one of these guys probably figured out that standing as your record label has more benefits.


Because you don’t have to start splitting your cash into a particular percentage right? 


Burna split from Aristocrat in 2014 and formed his own record label Spaceship Entertainment in 2015.


Under Spaceship Entertainment he released his 2nd studio album titled Spaceship on the 25th of November 2015.


Burna Boy Spaceship album is his second studio album and marked his first under his record label. 


In 2016 Damini Ogulu released a 7-track Ep redemption debuting on Noisy according to Wikipedia. with a lead single titled “Pree Me”. 


Burna Boy 3rd studio album Outside


After his feature on Fall Out 7th studio album which was nominated for the Grammy, Ogulus son. decided to do a 3rd studio album. 


An album which he titled outside and featured English artists like Lily Allen. 


While Wikipedia said Album was a mixtape according to how Burna described it, it was worthy of note. that album is more of a Dance hall, Reggae, Afrobeat, and Road Rap. 


I probably haven’t seen an album produced by that many producers before. but it’s probably because I may be young in this matter, after all, I ain’t exactly a music professional despite I love writing about them. 

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Burna Boy and Stefflon Don Relationship (2019 Break Up?)

His 3rd studio album was released on the 26th of January 2018 featuring English singers J Hus, Lily Allen, and Mabel. 


The album was supported by 6 singles Rock your body, Street of Africa, Koni Baje, Sekkle Down, Heaven’s Gate, and Ye. 


to back my claim when I said I have never seen an album with that many persons involved in its production. 


Here is a list of all the people involved in the production of Burna’s 3rd album… 


  • LeriQ


  • Baba Stilz


  • Jae 5


  • Juls


  • Chopstix


  • Steek Banglez


  • Fred Gibson


  • Phantom


  • FTSE


In October of the same year he sold out at the London O2 Brixton academy and Spotify announced him as the new Afro hub takeover artist. 


Certainly, 2018 was one of the most favorable years for Burna as he bagged the Nigeria Entertainment award for best album of the year. 


Also on Billboard, the album debuted at number 3 on the reggae album charts. 


This happened in February and by October 2018 he had landed YouTube rising star for 3 months.


Burna also took home 4 awards at the sound City MVO awards. After which his mother Bose gave a scintillating speech asking fans to expect more craziness from him.


Burna Boy Personal Life 


Damini Ogulu is currently in love with Steffelon Don. The two had met at show Ghana after Steffelon’s performance


She missed her flight and decided to party, there she met Burnaboy who was performing the same night. 

Burna Boy and Stefflon Don Relationship

Image Source: Pulse Ng


You can say they emit some chemistry before we know it both are dating. 


In an interview, Nigeria Entertainment Today revealed that Steffelon Don was super excited. that his new boyfriend would get married to her after he publicly called her his wife. 


What Does this mean for you? 


Don further went on to say that:


I believe Burna Boy when he called me his wife and I really can’t wait to be his forever


Burna had previously said that you want a beautiful queen and kind-hearted person like Steffelon for a wife but now she is taken because she is mine now.


Burna Boy Coachella Valley Music and arts saga 


Amidst one of the most talked-about sagas especially on social media, last year was the craziness. on Twitter of which Ogulu Damini asked the organizers of Coachella to fix his name written like a peanut


Prior to this event, Coachella invited Mr Eazi and Burna Boy to perform in Coachella 2019


Some of the performers included names like Beyonce, Childish Gambino, Kanye West, and other notable American musicians. 


The rules of Coachella remain the name of the Headliners, especially the stars of the show, their names are written in bold letters.


This helps facilitate the sales of the ticket which in turn raises money dividends for the organizers of the show. 


If you ask me, it was strictly business and in business, there are certain rules that are put in place. in other to achieve a certain goal or objective. 


For the remaining part of this post, I will dive deep into Burna boy net worth Forbes and reveal his secret. 


What is Burna Boy Net Worth 


Burna Boy’s net worth is the total of his properties, cars, houses, and investments minus what he owes.


What does this mean? 


In other to better explain what is the net worth of Burna Boy to you. I would have to use the example below to do my illustration… 




You have $5,000,000 as your worth before totaling your net worth to determine how much you are worth. 


What you owe is $500,000 this is an assumption okay, so, just flow with it. 


After all, it’s an example… 


So how do we calculate your net worth? 


In other to accurately get what you are worth, I will have to subtract the amount you owe. from your $5,000,000 which is what you are worth before now. 




net worth= $5,000,000


Amount owe= $500,000


Total net worth= net worth – Amount owed


$5,000,000 – 500,000= $4,500,000


Your 2019 to total net worth= $4.5 million 


Note: A person’s net worth can change. what this means is that it can increase or decrease because it’s not constant. 


How Much Is Burna Boy Net Worth in Dollars and Naira? 


Burna boy’s net worth according to Capitalxtra is $$3.5 Million and this figure in Naira when converted is N1.260 Billion… 


Here is the breakdown of Burnaboy net worth in Naira and dollars. 


  • N1.260 Billion


  • $$3.5 Million


Now that you know how much Burna boy is worth. let’s see how much he is worth against other celebrity in Nigeria. 

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Olamide and Burna Boy Net Worth Who is the Richest


In one of my previous posts here on Shoutmeceleb Entertainment(SMCE) I wrote about. the richest artists in Nigeria. 


Fortunately for Burna Boy, he did make the list and so did Olamide. 


Check out the list of some of the top 10 Nigeria’s richest artists here, am sure you will like it. 


So, on this note Let me drop their individual net worth for you below. 


  • Olamide’s net worth is $8.8 million


  • Burna Boy Worth is $3.5 Million


Eventually, Olamide comes up as the winner here. 


Burna boy and Patoranking net worth Who is the richest


In a comparison of some of the big names in Nigerian music in terms of worth, I think. it’s better to take Burna Boy and his net worth and compare it to Patoranking than it is to compare to Don Jazzy’s net worth or Wizkid’s net worth


This is because last I checked even Tiwa Savage’s net worth ranks higher on the SMCE 50-man list. 


So here is Patoranking and Burna worth 


  • Patoranking’s worth is $1 Million


  • You already know that of Burna Boy by now… 


Burna Boy and Rude Boy Net Worth Who is The Richest

While it is okay to compare his current net worth with Nigeria’s biggest stars. Given his recent achievements, Rudeboy is the richest between him and Damini Ogulu.
King Rudy has a net worth of $15 million while Burnaboy has a meager $3.5 million.
  • Rudeboy has 15 million US dollars
  • Burna has $3.5 Million
After the split of the Psquare brothers, Rudeboy’s solo career has been stealthy with one of his songs released 3 years ago doing over 100 million views on Youtube.



How are you enjoying the ride so far? 


Has it been nice, if yes then I probably told you, you would be having the ride of a lifetime. 


Burna Houses and Cars 


It’s obvious that when deciding what any one individual is worth, a hand full of factors are considered. 


Well, for a musician, it’s no different. As such for the rest of this post, I will touch on some of it. 


One of such things is Burna boy cars and houses

Burna Boy cars and houses

According to SCHOOLINGS Damini Ogulu bought a house in Lekki. You probably don’t know about Lekki right? 


Well, Lekki is in Lagos State, one of the high-profile areas in Lagos occupied by stars. 


We have Lekki phase one and Lekki Phase two before the likes of Banana Highland came into existence. 


Over the past decades, Lekki has been a home for so many Naija musicians. 


Tiwa has a home in Lekki, so also is ex Psquare and some more. 


Burna Boy is one of the latest addition to this list. 


Burna Boy Lekki home cost 150,000,000 million Naira in the Nigerian currency. 


You and I know that for a Naija celeb, what you have and own plays a huge role in how much you are worth. 


Damini Ogulu Cars, Landed Properties & Charges Per Show 


Some of the expensive stuff he is owned are his cars and his landed properties. 


From 2012 to 2019, the singer registered a few numbers of cars that almost every other celeb in the country drive. 


Here is Burna Boy’s list of cars. but while at it I have also written an in-depth article on Burna Boy cars, so be sure to check it out.


  • Mercedes Benz popularly called the G wagon cost more than 20 million Naira 


  • Range Rover Sport cost more than 18 million Naira


  • Lexus Saloon 2015 model 


Burna Boy landed properties in Ajah according to sources is said to run into millions of Naira. 


But other than these you know that his major source of income is music. which I believe begs questions like! 


How much do Burna Boy charge per show?


Prior to his Outside album which is the 3rd studio album of the star and the success it achieved. the singer’s manager charged anywhere from N700,000 to N1,500,000.


This is below the minimum fee for the likes of Wizkid and Davido. but all of that changed after the huge success of his 3rd studio album made. 


Currently, Burnaboy charges per show are N5,000,000. You can say that’s fairly huge for an artist that made his debut in 2012. 


The one thing I like to believe is the ability of an artist to be able to scale his income. 


Scalability then depends entirely on how good you get at developing yourself. and Burna has shown us time and time again that he can be among the best. 


Burna Boy Endorsement Deals


Bagging several endorsement deals could well mean that such lucrative deals involve huge money being transferred to a bank can account ultimately increasing your net worth.


These deals can run from a few million to thousands of millions and in 2016 Oluwaburna had bagged several such deals.


In 2016, Burna born networth climbed an inch after landing a brand deal with Globacom for an estimated. 6 figures but a particular amount was never disclosed.


What is burna boy net worth



A couple of months after his ambassadorship deal with Globacom was terminated for improper conduct. 


the Afrofusion singer landed an ambassadorship deal with Universal Music group publishing in 2018. But before that was the deal with Martell Conga, before also landing a with Star Lager Beer in 2019.


Considering his success in 2018, it made sense for him to land such lucrative deals and the good thing is. This sum helps to increase his net worth.


Here is the complete list of his endorsement deals


  • 2016 deal with Martell Conga for an undisclosed fee


  • Landed a lucrative deal with Globacom


  • Got an ambassadorship deal with Universal Music Group Publishing in 2018


  • 2019 endorsement deal with Star Lager Beer


Burna Boy Awards


Talked about so much already but I still would love to list all of his awards below. This way, you know every tiny detail about Burna boy just in case you also need to do research.


List of Burna Boy Awards from 2019 to the very beginning of his debut in 2012.


Don’t worry I will be updating this post with every new detail I have on him, you can be sure. That I will never leave any stone unturned in other to serve you the best content for your consumption.


  • BET award for best international act 2019


  • Best male act at Vodafone Ghana music award 2019


  • Sound City MVP award for listener’s choice 2019


  • Song of the year at Sound City MVP award 2019


  • Sound City MVP award festival 2019 for Best African Artiste of the year


  • Best Male MVP at Sound City MVP award 2019


  • Nigerian Entertainment Award(NEA) for best album of the year 2014


  • MTV Africa music award 2014 for best new Act


  • Nigeria Entertainment Award for best new act 2013


  • South-South music award for best pop 2013


2019 in all of the years from the bullet points above shows the Naija singer has been all over the place. 




This post talks more Burna Boy net worth 2022 and his biography including every one of his assets. Such as cars, properties, awards endorsement deals, and more.


So far, he is doing just good for himself at the moment which begs questions like. How much more he is willing to go to become the best in Africa.


Over to you guys!


How would you predict burnaboy net worth 2023 and beyond? Is it going to rise or it is going to drop, leave a comment below with your answer and a brief explanation.



Thanks for reading and please share on Facebook and Twitter with the Share button hanging on your screen.



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