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So Burna Boy who is he right? The simple answer is that he is one of the most influential artists in Nigeria now.


There has been a lot of fuzz about him since breaking the chains, winning the grammy, and contributing to Afrobeat globally.

Burna Boy

Trust me, no one would fuzz about you if you ain’t making the headlines and being controversial.


The reason is that that’s how entertainment brands globally get their talking points and Shoutmeceleb is no exception.


So in today’s post, I will go into detail about Damini Ogulu one of the most popular musicians in Nigeria.


Speaking about the most popular, I also created articles on some of these topics to which he made the list.


Check it out:


With that said, let’s dive into all the details, shall we?


Burna Boy Biography


Burna Boy is a famous Nigerian musician. He was born on July 2, 1991, in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.


His real name is Damini Ogulu. Burna Boy’s father is a famous Nigerian musician too.


Burna Boy started making music when he was just 10 years old. He grew up listening to different kinds of music, and he loved singing and dancing.

Burna Boy Damini Ogulu

When Burna Boy was a teenager, he moved to London to study. He wanted to become a professional musician, so he worked hard to improve his skills.


Burna Boy released his first album in 2012, and it was a big hit in Nigeria. He became a star overnight.


Since then, Burna Boy has released many more albums and singles.


His music has won many awards, and he has toured all over the world.


Burna Boy’s music is a mix of different genres, including Afrobeat, dancehall, and reggae. He sings in both English and Yoruba, which is a language spoken in Nigeria.


Burna Boy is known for his powerful stage presence and his energetic performances.


He has a strong connection with his fans, and they love him for his honesty and authenticity.


Burna Boy is also very passionate about social justice issues, and he uses his platform to raise awareness about important causes.

Burna Boy 4

Besides his music career, Burna Boy is also involved in many other projects.


He has his own record label, he works with many other artists. Damini Ogulu is also a philanthropist, and he supports several charities and foundations.


Burna Boy Family


His father is Samuel Ogulu, a not-so-popular welding company manager. 


His mother is Bose Ogulu, a former manager of Afrobeat pioneer Fela Anikulapo Kuti and language translator.

Bose Ogulu

Burna has two siblings: a younger sister named Nissi Ogulu and an older brother named Romani Ogulu.



Nissi is also a musician and has released his own music under the stage name “Nissi Nation.”


Damini’s father is more of a company kind of guy and why not far removed from music, is hardly mentioned. 


Burna Boy’s mother played a significant role in his life. She is a strong and determined woman who has always encouraged her children to follow their passions.


Burna Boy has described his mother as a role model and has said that she has always been a source of inspiration for him.

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Besides his immediate family, Ogulu also has a close-knit group of friends who have supported him throughout his career.

burna boy 1

He has often spoken about the importance of having a strong support system.


and has credited his friends for helping him stay grounded and focused on his goals.”


Burna Boy Relationship


Burna Boy and Stefflon Don were a couple that everyone loved to hear about!


They were always so happy and in love, but never made beautiful music together. They were the perfect match.


Stefflon Don Burnaboy's ex

But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Burna Boy and Stefflon Don decided to go their separate ways and break up.


It was a sad time for their fans, but they understood that sometimes relationships just don’t work out.


Both stars have been successful in their careers and Burna is having a crazy run.


Though it ended, Burna Boy and Stefflon Don will always have a special place in each other’s hearts.


I am sure both would be grateful for the time they spent together and hold on to the memories.

burna boy 1

I have to say, I was sad when their breakup hit the mainstream but it is good to see how professionally it was handled.


They are both talented and successful artists, and they are sure to have bright futures ahead of them.


Burna Boy Kids


In a 2022 interview, Burna said it feels both good and bad to not have kids at 31.


I mean you pause and reflect upon where you are and you feel lit again.

Damini Burna

Though fans would love to see the singer caring for his own baby like his arch-rival Davido, I am sure the time will come.



If anything, Damini is enjoying his amazing career which put him on the map in mid-2018.


As humans, we have different reasons for choosing not to bring kids into the world yet.

Burna boy 3

The decision is usually personal since what is most important is the person involved.


Provided they are making informed decisions about their own lives, no need to worry.


Burna Boy Spaceship Record Label


Burna Boy’s Spaceship Record Label is taking over the music industry!


This amazing record label was founded by Burna Boy himself after leaving Aristocrat where his career started.

Burna boy 4

The label has already released some amazing albums, including Burna Boy’s own “African Giant” and “Twice as Tall.”


These albums have been a huge success, with people all over the world loving the unique and catchy music.


But Burna Boy’s Spaceship Record Label isn’t just about Burna Boy.


Bnxn Buju was before signed to the label but decided to quit in other to form his own record label.


At the moment, Spaceship is promoting Burnaboy which could change in the future.


It’s clear that this label is going to be around for a long time, bringing joy and great music to people all over the world.


If you love music, you have to check out Burna Boy’s Spaceship Record Label.

Burna boy 5

With all the amazing albums and artists that can be signed in the future, you’re sure to find something you love.


My call to you? Get ready with all the best music gear so you can turn up that volume when the time is right.


Burna Boy Albums


Burna Boy has released some amazing albums over the years, and we can’t get enough of his music!


Let’s take a look at all of Burna Boy’s albums and see what makes each one so special.

Burna boy 6

First up is “L.I.F.E,” which was released in 2013. This album introduced us to Burna Boy’s unique sound and style, and it was an instant hit.

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Next is “On a Spaceship,” which came out in 2015. This album took Burna Boy’s music to the next level, with catchy tracks and a fresh new sound.


In 2017, Burna Boy released “Outside,” which became a fan favorite.


Outside featured some of Damini’s biggest hit tracks including Ye and On The Low.


2019 was a big year for Burna Boy, with the release  “African Giant.”


“African Giant” was a huge success, with Burna Boy winning a Grammy for Best World Music Album in 2020.


And finally, in 2020 Burna Boy released “Twice as Tall,” and it received positive praise by critics and fans alike.

Burna boy 7

This album features some of Burna Boy’s most personal and powerful tracks, and it’s clear that Burna Boy is only getting better with each release.


I can’t wait to see what Burna Boy does next, and I am sure that his future albums will be as amazing as all the ones he’s released so far.


Burna Boy Endorsement Deals


Burna Boy worked with Martel Cognac from 2015 to 2016 before the brand enlisted David.


He has also teamed up with Star Lager, one of Africa’s most popular beers.

Burna boy 8

Together, Burna Boy and Lager beer have created some amazing parties and events, and they always know how to bring the fun.


And finally, Burna Boy has also worked with Calvin Klein on all exciting projects.


From special edition boxer cases to amazing music videos, Burna Boy and Klein have definitely made their mark on the clothing world.


We can’t wait to see what other amazing endorsements Burna Boy has in store for us in the future!

Burna boy 9

Whether he’s working with Lager beer we know that Burna Boy is always going to bring the heat and make his mark on the world.


Be sure to check out the article I wrote on Burna Boy endorsement deals. I am sure you will love it.


Read about all Burna Boy endorsement deals here.


Burna Boy Awards


The name Nigeria is synonymous with musical genius and Odogwu is one of those music genies. He has won many awards for his amazing music.


One of his biggest awards is the Grammy Award for Best World Music Album.

Burna boy 10

This award is given to musicians who make music that is inspired by different cultures around the world.


The singer won this award in 2021 for his album “Twice as Tall.”


He has also won several awards at the BET Awards. The BET Awards are given to African American musicians who have made a big impact in the music industry.


Burna Boy won the award for Best International Act in 2019 and 2020.


In addition to these awards, Ogulu has also won several awards at the African Muzik Magazine Awards.


The African Muzik Magazine Awards are given to musicians from all over Africa who have made a big impact in the music industry.


He has won the award for Best Male in West Africa many times.


Burna music has also been recognized at the MTV Europe Music Awards.


The MTV Europe Music Awards are given to musicians from all over the world who have made a big impact in the music industry.

Burna boy 11

Burna Boy won the award for Best African Act in 2020.


Burna Boy’s talent and hard work have not gone unnoticed. He has won many awards for his amazing music and will no doubt continue to win more in the future.


Read about all Burna Boy awards here.


Burna Boy Cars


Odogwu is one of the richest musicians in Nigeria today so good cars should come as spoil. After all, he has worked hard to earn his fame and fortune.

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One of the ways that Burna Boy likes to enjoy his success is by buying and driving nice cars.

Burna boy 12

For instance, Burna Boy has a Lamborghini Aventador. This car is extremely fast and has a sleek, sporty design.


Burna Boy is usually seen cruising around town in his Lamborghini, turning heads wherever he goes.


In addition to his Lamborghini, Burna Boy also owns a white Rolls-Royce Cullinan.


The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is a luxury SUV that is known for its comfort and style.


Burna Boy uses this car to travel in style and comfort, whether he is going to the studio to record new music or just running errands around town.


Burna Boy’s car collection doesn’t stop there, however. He also owns a red Ferrari 488 GTB.


The Ferrari 488 GTB is a sports car that is known for its powerful engine and aggressive styling.


Our very own Portharcourt-born loves to take this car out for a spin on the open road.


Which helps him feel the wind in his hair and the roar of the engine beneath him.


In addition to these impressive cars, he also owns a black Mercedes-Benz G-Class.


The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is a luxury SUV that is known for its ruggedness and off-road capabilities.


Ebunoluwa enjoys taking this car out on adventures, whether he is exploring the countryside or just driving through the city.


Overall, Burna Boy has an impressive collection of cars that reflect his success and love of luxury.

Burna boy 12

He takes great pride in his vehicles and enjoys showing them off to his fans and followers.


I have also written an in-depth article on Burna Boy cars, it is worth you checking out.


Burna Boy Houses


What better way is there to enjoy your wealth than get a beautiful home?


I mean, Burna knows his fashion as well as what constitutes comfort for the singer.

Burna boy 14

and I can tell you that majestic homes is very high on the list of his treasures.


For example, Burna Boy has a beautiful mansion in Lagos, Nigeria.


This house is located in a posh neighborhood and is surrounded by lush gardens and trees.


The house itself is quite spacious, with many bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas.

Burna boy 16

He loves to entertain his friends and family in this house, hosting parties and gatherings on the spacious patio or in the grand living room.


This house was built by Enebeli, the same engineer that built Jude Ighalo’s house.


According to AD, the house has a huge car park that caters to Burna’s amazing collection of cars.


It also has a space for gym, swimming pool and a recording studio for artists that are signed to the label.


In same building houses Burna’s apartment where he chose to relax, sleep and entertain friends.

Burna boy 15

So whether it is rooms, parlors, patios, swimming pool, gym, recording studio, the singer has it all under one room.


You could say it is truly a luxury of a home especially if you consider how US interior design and Landscape brand came for this particular house tour.




So there you have it, every detail under the son about Burna Boy. Where he grew up, awards, endorsement, houses, cars, and albums.


It is no doubt he is currently one of the best singers on the African continent. His music has brought joy to faces home and abroad.


Okay, what about his stage performances? well, you and I can both agree he is a monster when he is up on the stage performing.


Is he dying off any time soon? Certainly not, if you consider the crazy things he has been doing with his career.


It’s over to you now!


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