Davido With Busta Rhymes: We Are Here To Make History

Davido and Busta Rhymes collaboration

Last updated on September 18th, 2021 at 04:57 pm

Busta Rhymes and Davido new song is coming to your ears and it’s a place where Africa meets the US once again with style and class. 


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Did you know that Busta Rhymes is one of the OGs of rap music back in the 90s and early 2000s?


Heck, to back up that claim Rhymes was one of the fastest rappers in the world before Twista. 

And having him do a song with one of the best musicians in Africa is just pure gold. 


So what does this mean? 


Come let’s get into that… 


What Does Busta Rhymes and Davido New Song Collaborate Mean For Africa 


At this point, saying that Nigeria is the biggest country in Africa in terms of music won’t be overreaching right? 


Well, the stats are there to back up this claim, you know. 


Nigeria is currently the country in Africa with 3 of the highly-rated superstars from the continent that have gone mainstream. 

Davido and Busta Rhymes new song

Yeah, I am talking the likes of Wizkid, Burna Boy, and Davido if you are wondering. 


Their energy, stage presence, performance, music has helped to further sell the genre Afrobeat on the international stage. 


Davido alongside Wizkid achieved such milestones with hard work paving the way for Burna Boy and other young upcoming talents like Omah Lay and Rema. 


So today, when you see Africa winning musically, know that there are lots of people who paid the price. 


Some of such names at the early stage include Fela, Dbanj, Psquare, 2Baba among others. 

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The only thing that is still being suffered is the classing of every genre of music from the continent as Afrobeat. 


It’s fairly new so hopefully, the world will catch on. 


Busta Rhymes and Davido collaboration means that Africa is finally getting the due recognition it deserves in music. 


Early this year Burna and Wizkid won the Grammies with Twice As Tall and Brown Skin Girl


The downside however has been that for Africa to win any major award, they need to have some sort of collaboration with international acts from the USA or UK. 


When Did Busta Rhymes Tease His Collaboration With Davido 


Davido and Busta Rhymes new song was teased by the latter in the early hours of August 13th when the singer took to his Instagram profile to share a moment with Davido. 


When Davido released a better time the album had a lot of fun mainstream artists like Chris Brown, Yung Thug, Nas, Lil Baby, and Nicki Minaj. 

Busta Rhymes and Davido new song

but the album lacked the promotion it needed to be one of the top albums that were released in 2020. 


If you don’t hate Davido already then you might want to check out songs like Shopping Spree, Holy Ground, JOWO, and FEM. 


These were certified hit songs but the online trolls will tell you otherwise because of stanship. 


Having said that, Busta Rhymes took to his Instagram to break the news to the fans of his new collab with the Afrobeat star. 


On the video, Busta was seen looking straight to the camera when he said this shit is dangerous right now. 

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Davido repeated the word Kom like thrice before saying this: 


You know, like it’s a blessing to always be here with you guys and we are here to show you guys history. 


Now don’t take it from me but isn’t that beautiful? 


Well, I bet you nodded with a YES, right? 


Davido is a humble soul and that has been evident in his career being able to lift other upcoming artists with his star power. 


Quite frankly, I think his being readily available is why he is almost one of the most popular musicians in Africa today. 


Here is an embed of the video from Instagram. 


Brief Overview Of Davido Career 


David Adeleke Adedeji is a Nigerian musician, record label executive, and one of the top richest stars in Africa


His hit song with Chris Brown blow my mind has been viewed more than 60 million times on YouTube. 


While it did not make the list of most viewed songs in Africa, it did make the list of the most viewed songs on YouTube in Nigeria which you can read here

Busta Rhymes and Davido collaboration

Davido has garnered more than 800 million views on YouTube since debuting in the music industry. 


And Fall and If is a testament to the success of his career with both doing more than 300 million views combined. 


Heck did I say it is one of the most viewed African music videos on YouTube


Well, you heard that… 


His star power has seen big brands like Martel Cognac associate their brand with the singer. 


And brand endorsement has been one of the ways that Davido has continued to make millions of Naira


Final Thoughts 


Being a superstar is a gift and Nigeria is the dome of some of the biggest African acts today. 


While Busta Rhymes is way past his prime, a song with the rapper is a dream for Davido. 


Let us be honest, that’s the feeling you get when you are privileged to work with some of the names you once adored growing up as a child.


And David is one of such names in the industry that show his appreciation for every small win despite being one of the richest in the Nigerian music industry


I can already feel the hit emanating from a Davido and Busta Rhymes collaboration.


It’s over to you now


What do you want to see in this Busta Rhymes and Davido new song? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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