Chris Brown Monkey Lands Him in 6 Months Jail Sentence

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Chris Brown Monkey

Chris Brown monkey trouble may drag the 29 years old to jail if he is convicted. Los Angeles Department of Attorney frowns at him for having a monkey.

Chris Brown Monkey
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Brown made a post back in January early 2018 and now that post is coming back to haunt him. Do you know what is post was about? I guess not right?
The American Musician, songwriter and actor posted a photo on his Instagram profile. On the photo, his daughter played with the monkey Fiji.
Los Angeles office will not give him the easiest way out. knowing this let us look at how the monkey scenario is going to play out for Chris.
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What Will Happen to Chris Brown Monkey

The ‘ Please Don’t Judge Me ‘ crooner may have denied ownership of monkey Fiji, but he is not free. Fiji will go back to its true owner assuming the monkey does not belong to Chris Brown.
Los Angeles authorities yet believe the monkey belongs to RnB pop star. but are waiting for the right time to deal a blow to the singer.
Fiji, taken into custody by California Fish and Wildlife agents. stating that Chris Brown does not have an animal permit and as such has no legal rights to Fiji.
The monkey will stay with the agents and if Brown is found guilty of any offense, he will face the punishment. Recall that he has had other run-ins with the Law back in 2009 while he dated Rihanna.

Will Chris Brown Go to Jail if He is Convicted

Well, that is a tough question to ask, but he will surely go to jail if he is tried and found guilty. A few days back the actor and singer was charged with 2 counts of a misdemeanor. because he possesses a monkey of which he has no permit.
February 2019 is the monthly schedule for the hearing of the charges. He contended not owning the monkey and said the video he posted to his Instagram was shot in Vegas.
Authorities, however, refuses to take into account his claim. The Los Angeles Authority in their words said they believe he owns the monkey. but Chris has gone to claim that the monkey belongs to his cousin who lives in Vegas.
Shoutmeceleb gathered from The Associated Press that the father of 2 years old Royalty, may well contend his case. but if he is guilty of the charges level against him, he will be jail for 6 months.


Illegal owning of a pet in the US may be a big crime but in some third world countries, this is not the case. Countries like Nigeria eat these animals when hunting. and only a few ever thought of keeping it as a pet.
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