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Last updated on June 20th, 2020 at 06:26 pm

Interested In Being A Writer For Shoutmeceleb.com?


Here at Shoutmeceleb Entertainment, We are always looking for strong passionate writers who are motivated to develop and write engaging content.


Shoutmeceleb covers all things fun, lovely, and cool for the modern, creative, and compassionate world of today.


What We Are Looking For


We are looking for writers who can produce in-depth premium content with expert knowledge in one or more of Shoutmeceleb featured categories below.



  • Vacation to Go



  • Celebrity Hub


  • Trending News 


Will I get paid?


No, but you get the opportunity to reach a wider audience with your article which can help your brand


Will I get Credit: Yes we take this very seriously as such, we give credit to every contributor to shoutmeceleb.com. 


Quality Articles: for your post to get accepted and published on Shoutmeceleb.com, the minimum word count on categories such as Vacations to go, Celebrity net worth and biography, celebrity hub require content that are 2000 words and above. 


Anything short of these on the above-mentioned categories will not be accepted. 


Contributing content on other categories such as trending news, the latest Naija song categories require a minimum of 500 words. 


Copyright: We value originality as such if we find that your content has been copied from another website. we will take due actions by removing your content from the site as well as ban you from ever contributing to Shoutmeceleb Entertainment.


Join Shoutmeceleb Entertainment’s contribution today!


If you think you have what it takes and you are ready to write in-depth premium content, apply today to become a contributor.


Assuming you read and understood every word here on this page, it is time for you to contact us now. 


Email us at Nuel@shoutmeceleb.com with the following details. 


  • Your full name 


  • Your email address 


  • Your location 


  • How long have you being writing 


  • Propose 3 topics ideas you wish to contribute if you are accepted 


Note: we do not accept any guest posts at the moment.