Social Media Users Declare War on 5G (Claim It is Killing Us)

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Corona Virus and 5G Conspiracy Theories

Corona virus and 5G conspiracy theories have been making its rounds on social media. but here is what you need to know today. 

Corona Virus and 5G Conspiracy Theories

While the world battles the deadly coronavirus, there has been rumor linking COVID-19 to 5G… 


but is it true? 


Can 5G cause corona virus? 


Well, read on to find out whether it is plausible or it is just another hoax to create fear. 


A couple of days back American singer and songwriter Keri Hilson took to Instagram handle and said:


People have been warning us about the damage 5G could do to our health for long but here we are. 


And Australia Facebook Stop 5G took it a step further sharing their. views on 5G and asking that the rolling out of the network should be stopped. 


The group has over 31,000 members according to Science Alert. 


but wait, what do we already know about 4G 3G and 2G?


Well, you can read this article to catch up on that because I don’t want to dabble too much. 


This way I go straight to what I think after reading so many experts take on this corona virus and 5G conspiracy theories. 


So what is 5G?


5G is the fifth generation of wireless communications technologies supporting cellular data networks. Large-scale adoption began in 2019 and today virtually every telecommunication service provider in the developed world is upgrading its infrastructure to offer 5G functionality. 


Well, that’s according to Quatcomm… 


but let me break it down in the lame man terms right? 


At some point, I believe you have used 3G or 4G wireless network before right? 

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If you don’t know what that is, then let me share a simple analogy that you can easily grasp. 


Assuming you want to use Facebook, you have to turn on your data right? 


Well, the data you decided to turn on is your 3G or 4G wireless network service. 


Doing this automatically gives you room to surf Facebook and every other platform on the Internet except those for which you are specifically blocked. 


and this is done through IP blocking… 


The same principle applies to 5G but only better… 

4G use to be fast at least in our opinion but 5G will even be faster and better. 


According to sources, it is claimed that 5G will download at a speed of at least 13bsp. 


A little more on 5G… 


The fear began when a doctor in a YouTube video said 5G is the cause of corona virus. 


This video has since being taken by YouTube who released a notice that. it is going to take down contents that keep claiming without evidence that 5G is the cause of COVID-19. 


This 5G and corona virus conspiracy theory has been going for quite some time now. 


and scientist has been doing their best to tell you and me that this is safe and has no connection to the virus. 


As a matter of fact, John Bucher has debunked that there is no connection between 5G and COVID-19. 


But it is believed that the first country that will be able to harness the power of the 5G could rule the world in the next decade. 


Bucher was focused on the good things this new wireless network could bring through the front door. 


and this includes self-driving cars, advance augmented reality and faster browsing experience. 


While you and I have been made to see the good things this can bring. you probably have questions like:


Did 5G cause Corona Virus? 


So far, according to scientific research and studies, there is nothing linking coronavirus and 5G.

5G corona virus theories may have caused you to scare but you should be safe as I tell you this. 


5G mobile data are transmitted through radio waves. 


and if you did a little bit of physics back in school, you have probably heard of Electromagnetic waves, right? 


Well, Radio Waves are part of a wider electromagnetic spectrum called electromagnetic. 

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Essentially 5G signals cannot travel a far distance hence it is required that it’s towering are built closely together. 


and with 30 to 300 gigahertz frequency it can ensure that its non-ionizing radiation.  won’t be able to cause you and me any effect. 


If that’s the case what happens when you are exposed to more of these non-ionizing frequencies? 


According to research conducted on rats it was found that being exposed to a large non-ionized radiation frequency for a long time affected the rats. 


but this is not the case when it is humans because our mobile phone. have these non-ionized radiation properties but not enough to be alarming over. 

Did 5G cause corona virus

According to science 5G radiation can’t penetrate the human skin. 


It won’t allow the corona virus to penetrate our skin. 


Corona Virus cannot hijack the radio signals from 5G because both exist in different forms. 


and it has been falsely spread that corona virus and 5G communicate using the same radiofrequency. 


So, for those of us still scared about 5G and corona virus conspiracy theories, you can read more on the cause of coronavirus here


but you have to know that this virus was first discovered in the city of Wuhan China. 


The first doctor who raised an alarm died of the virus. 


It was after his death that China picked up great seriousness to tackle the spread of the Virus. 


This is what Italy and America failed to do which caused the virus to spread rapidly and quickly all over the globe. 


Though the world is going through a difficult time now, I am confident things will get better. 


Meanwhile please watch your hands regularly. 


At most 30 minutes intervals and avoid touching explosive surfaces.


You should also avoid touching your mouth, eye, nose, and ear with your hands. because these are some of the ways through which this virus can be transferred from one person to the other. 


During this period avoid sharing your phone with anyone because. it can be a medium for this virus to spread. 

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and most important learn to keep social distance during these times of difficulty. 


I know it’s not easy to but you have to try because you and my safety strongly depends on us following these set of rules as directed by WHO. 


I will wrapy this up with, though the government is shady and sneaky as hell coronavirus and 5G conspiracy theories have been debunked. 


This is to say that the 5G is not the cause of coronavirus (COVID-19). 


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Thanks for reading and cheers… 


Corona Virus and 5G Conspiracy Theories (Are We at Risk)
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Corona Virus and 5G Conspiracy Theories (Are We at Risk)
Corona virus and 5G conspiracy theories have been making its rounds on social media. but here is what you need to know today. 
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