Corona Virus Lies: A Doctor Shares His Bitter Truth

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corona virus lies

Last updated on February 11th, 2021 at 05:06 pm

In this video dr Vernon Coleman shares his undiluted truth about how lives will be destroyed if you continue following the lies being put out there.


You and I know this is all a scam so it is up to us to stop acquiescing to lies been forced down our throat. They are coming for us and it’s high time we take the battle to the elites who think they own us.

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When push comes to shove you and I will be on the same side and it’s high time you realize we are on your side.

A lot of jobs have been lost already due to this scamdemic virus. Do not let it puts more lives away by destroying people’s jobs.


The only power they have over you is if you acquiesce to this madness. #DrVernonColeman #ForbiddenTruth #Lies