Davido and Burna Boy Beef 2021 (The Genesis Blow)

Burna Boy and Davido Beef

Davido and Burna boy beef has been going on for quite some time now but this time both artists took the fight down to Ghana.


So what do we know already?

Well, the best part of this post will talk about Burna Boy and Davido beef so sit with a cool glass of lemonade and read on.

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But before you and I get all into Davido and Burna boy fight in Ghana, here is what this post will cover.


  • Why is Burna Boy and Davido beefing


  • Why was Wizkid and Burna Boy and Davido at the same club


  • Why did Davido take to Twitter to say he will leave the music industry?


Now that you know what this post will cover, come let’s dive into Davido and Burna boy Ghana brawl.


But first, here is a quick highlight of what has happened previously.


Why is Burna Boy And Davido Beefing


No doubt both OBO and African Giant has been the biggest artists from Africa this year.


With both artists making history and being the inspiration for upcoming artists, it’s strange this is happening.

My people say that when you are a celebrity everything you do make the news so one has to be careful with their day-to-day activities on social media.


Well if celebs are taking such utmost care then why is Burnaboy and Davido trending on Twitter?


Oh, that?


Do not worry I will get into the details shortly but first, let’s see some of the crazy things that have been going on.


Are you ready?


Back in July Burnaboy scheduled his album Twice  As Tall to drop and Davido also scheduled A Better Time to drop then.

Burna Boy beef Davido

Oluwa Burna quickly took to his Insta story to post that July will be very funny.


A tweet so many concluded was taking a jab at David Adeleke Adedeji.


By the time Burna boy Twice As Tall album dropped, ABT has already been moved forward.


I have to be honest I vibed to TAT album and tracks like Way Too Big and Monsters You Made instantly became my favorite.


Burna Boy and Davido alongside Wizkid are the three biggest names in the Nigerian music industry right now. 


So what happens when two elephants are having a bit of a fight over who is the best? 


Well, I can tell you that is usually not a good looking scenario for both elephants. 

Davido and Burna Boy Beef

Davido may be a billionaire and one of the richest singers in Nigeria right now but Burna won’t respect that you know. 


The question is why? 


Well, I can tell you that it comes from a place in every confident man who is proud of his talent. 


You can’t expect Kanye West to accept that Jay Z is better than him musically right? 


The same example could relate to this and when Davido pulled that stunt on Instagram, I think he really touched Burna Boy in a place that hurts. 


So what did Davido do to Burnaboy? 


Actually, he did not do anything other than photoshop himself and Wizkid alongside each other. 


He then captions it as the two greatest in the Nigerian music industry right now. 


Well, Burna Boy had won himself a Grammy nomination, won the BET award


So I am sure this just gave felt very insulting to Burna Boy’s personality who is also worth millionaires of dollars


How Did Burna Boy Reply To Davido Calling Himself and Wizkid Greatest in Nigeria 


Davido may be among the top 50 richest musicians in Africa but hey Burna wasn’t having any of his nonsense. 


At least it was nonsense in the eyes of Burnaboy because Davido didn’t include him on the All-Time Greatest list. 


So in anger, he took to his Instagram and made this post you see saying;

Why is Davido and Burnaboy beefing

You don’t know how to play ball so your father bought you the whole football team. You are a disgrace to the team. 


Well, Burna Boy may have songs such as Real Life, but hey Davido fans were quick to call him out. 


One fan wrote you are just jealous that Davido’s father is richer than your father. 


Another fan wrote Davido may not have the voice like everyone else but the guy works hard. 


Also, a track from TAT threw shades at OBO when Burna boy said F**K a good time. 


It instantly became obvious it is WAR and fans didn’t make it any easy for both artists to call it even. 


Meanwhile, watch this YouTube interview between Davido and Ebuka on what may be causing the beef. 

Davido also would not relent after Burna used the F word on his hit album A Good Time


So what did Davido do? 


Well, the intro of his album A Better Time was used to reply to Burnaboy’s shade. 


The crazy thing though was that FEM became an instant hit and was even adopted at the #EndSarsNow protest. 


According to fans on the bird app, FEM was a Diss track aiming at Burnaboy after a lyrical line said “Tell Odogwu say we like to party“. 


This was it and the fact that the song has amassed more than 16 million streams on YouTube says a lot. 


Now let’s fast forward to the present day Nigeria and look at Burna Boy and Davido Ghana nightclub madness shall we? 


Why Was Wizkid, Burna Boy And Davido At The Same Club 


This is a season of celebration and artists are known for loving to have a good time. 


Unfortunately, I have no idea why these 3 great superstars were seen at the same clubhouse. 

Burna Boy and Davido Ghana Fight

My guess is Twist Club must have been the best in Ghana if the wealthy artists in Nigeria decide to hang out there. 


the fight between Davido and Burnaboy did make the rounds. 


On the 27th Davido took to his Instagram handle to post a picture that he tagged en route to Ghana. 


On the evening of 27th, news broke out that Burnaboy and Davido had a brawl at the club. 


Clips of the video were posted by Hyper Ghana but after carefully reviewing the video, I did not find or see any clips of both artists engaging in a fistfight. 


Although this at the time made it seem like the story was not legit but the owner of Twist Lounge shared a little light on it. 


Why Did Davido Take To Twitter To Say He Will Leave The Music Industry 


On the 28th of December 2020, Davido took to his Instagram profile to drop this tweet below. 


He said and I quote I go leave this music for una ooo. 

Burna Boy and Davido Beef
David Adeleke and Damini Ogulu

A tweet that has gotten mixed reactions from Wizkid, Burnaboy, and Davido fans. 


A lot of people said if Davido leaves the music industry that will be boring while others want him to leave. 


One twitter guy, in particular, said he would be glad if Davido leaves the music industry because he adds nothing to it. 


This is not true because Davido has contributed to the music industry immensely and one example is himself and Wizkid taking Afrobeat mainstream. 


Obviously, Davido had made that tweet to know what fans really do think about him leaving. 


This tweet came after his brawl with Burnaboy who sources said started the whole fight. 


This was an eyewitness account according to Punch NG. Although there has been no confirmation with regards to this claim. 


Punch also said it reached out to Burnaboy social media managers who refused to give any comment about the incident. 


Wrapping It Up


This obviously will not be the last you and I will see on Burna boy and Davido beef. 


However, it’s most likely we won’t be seeing any brawl soon as both could settle it with hit songs like David did. 


With that said, I know a lot has been reported on this issue and I am sorry mine had to come late. 


Shoutmeceleb.com is not known for carrying fake news so we made sure to double-check the story before posting. 


Over to you now! 


Who would win this Davido and Burna boy beef considering one is lyrical and the other knows how to give fans what they love? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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