Davido and Chioma Son: Rebirth of Another Davido

Davido and Chioma Son

Last updated on November 3rd, 2019 at 10:15 am

Davido and Chioma son David is here, after months of steady anticipation. you can imagine how beautiful he is going to grow after being born a billionaire.

Davido and Chioma Son


David Adedeji Adeleke has had more than the finest career anyone can possibly think of. but it is not just that amidst all of this wealth came something more than beautiful.



That beauty is Chioma Avril Rowland who just delivered Omo Oba Davido’s first son and heir. to his seeming empire of untold fortunes.



David is one of the richest musicians in Nigeria and trust me, that did not happen overnight. It took years of hard work to finally make it big in the Nigeria music industry.



On the 19th of October 2019, Davido and Chioma son was born in Atlanta OBO’s supposed birthplace. 27 years later we have history repeating itself.



only this time the heir to his kingdom is being born in the same Atlanta where he was born 27 years ago,



Yesterday David was asked on Twitter by his fans what’s delaying the promised album.


but the singer quickly replies that he was in the labor room, as a result, he can’t really talk about that now.



A couple of hours more, it was the arrival of bouncing baby boy David Choma and Davido’s first son. breathing his very first air on his trip to planet earth.



Quickly, Instagram, Twitter all went wild with every one of the singers fans tweeting a congratulation message.



Celebrities like Wizkid also quickly joined the happiness after congratulating Davido.



Davido was also quick to reply telling him that he is grateful and that Wizkid should quickly add. a girl to his already 3 boys he is had with the eldest named Boluwatife.



In September, Davido proposed to Chioma and engaged her in the process.



since then there have been talks about a marriage coming up in 2020 which the singer himself confirmed.



Davido is crowning 2019 with a blessing in a son whom he has decided to name after himself.



so what is the name of Davido’s son?



The name of Davido’s first son is David Adedeji Ifeanyi Adeleke.



David also has two beautiful daughters from his previous relationships.



and their names are Haily Veronica and Imade Adedji Adeleke both from different parents.



The one thing that’s being amazing about Davido is his love for his children.


I mean this guy literally stayed up with his wife Chioma and some of his crew members till she gave birth.



and you could see the love in his eyes as he looks at his son and called. him OMO OBA meaning the son of a king is here.



with all the good things happening in the life of David, you could say there are more great things to come.



A couple of months ago the singer became one of Instagram’s most bankable celebrities. after his hit song Blow my mind featuring Chris Brown got a major stream.



blow my mind broke Wizkid’s Youtube record for most viewed video in 24 hours. and took it a step further to become the first Nigeria Youtube video to get 4 million views in 2 days.



Also, Shoutmeceleb Entertainment had previously posted. that Chris Brown wishes to be David’s best man on the day of his marriage.



You can read all about that post here once you are down going through this article.



but wait that is not all!



Did I tell you that Chris also featured Davido on an amazing Indigo extended track?



I am sure I posted about it but if somehow you did not see that post then, please. download Chris Brown ft Davido lower body here because the song is dope.



If you follow the above link you should be able to get the lyrics of the song too. but it’s so sad you and I didn’t get to see a video for lower body.



I really don’t know what’s the chemistry between Dave and Chris. but come on it sure is one that’s been very profiting considering both connects well.



Davido is also one of the richest musicians in Africa I mean that means. he is wealthy with Akon sealing the top spot.



Rapping things up now!



Davido and Chioma’s son couldn’t have come at a more wonderful time. considering both Chiona and Davido are looking to seal this union come 2020.



As for Imade and Hailey, these two cute little daughters of a billionaire got themselves a little brother.



over to you guys!



Would David’s son become a musician like the father? considering Davido already named him after himself?


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will love to hear what you think.



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Thanks for reading and cheers to you.