Davido and Drake Trends: Rival Fans Come For OBO’s Head

Drake and Davido Trend

Why are Davido and Drake trending on Twitter?


You know how they say that Twitter is a WAR zone so whenever you are going on there, be ready for some fight? 


Well, in today’s post you will find out exactly how that WAR zone correlates to Drake and Davido trending. 


So if you are serious about staying up to date with what really happened then please read on. 


Pre Davido and Drake Twitter Trend (The Story) 


The two biggest artists from Nigeria right now are no doubt Wizkid and Davido, right? 


Well, chances are you are a Davido fan or you are a Wizkid fan by the time you are reading this post. 

Davido on Chinese Attire

With that out of the way, here is what happened and I am taking you several months back to 2020.


Do you remember the song one dance? If you don’t, then this is the time where I have to tell you that it is one of Wizkid’s biggest collaborations. 


This is because the song was made with Canadian biggest rapper Drake


One dance became an instant hit song and the world really loved and embraced it. 

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Back then Wizkid FC would taunt the 30BG fan base with words like “can your fav work with Drake”? 


The taunting went on for years and it went in both directions, today Wizkid FC which is the fan base of Wizkid would taunt the 30BG fan base. 


30BG fan base would return the favor with a taunt and that’s how crazy it has been. 


At least you are starting to have an idea why they say Twitter is a WAR ZONE. 




In 2020, Davido dropped FEM which was used as one of the national anthems at the #EndSars protest which claimed the lives of innocent Nigerians. 

Davido and Drake Trend on Twitter

After FEM hit, Ebuka of Big Brother Naija secured an interview with Davido. 


On the interview, Davido which is currently one of the best musicians in Africa right now said that we have to stop this mentality of western validation. 

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He didn’t know that this was going to come back to hunt him pretty soon! 


but before I continue this little story, here is the Davido and Ebuka interview. 

Enter Davido and Drake Twitter Trend 


Why are Drake and Davido trending on Twitter NG? Davido and Drake are trending on Twitter because the former said that Nigerians should stop the western validation of success. In his idea, Drake is a musician just as every other musician in Nigeria, and as such, Naija musicians are just as special as Drake. 


Davido went further to say that Drake is not a God? 


This is the particular line that came back to haunt him on his latest Instagram and Twitter post. 

Davido and Drake Trend

Wizkid FC didn’t take long to call Davido out on being and hypocrite because of his Instagram post. 


In the post, Davido was seen hanging out with Drake and he made a short video in which Drake used the Davido coined words “E Choke”. 


Davido capped it up with “who dey breath” a word which feels like a shade towards Wizkid FC for taunting him all those years about Wizkid and Drake one dance. 


I can’t say for certain that is what he meant with those words but if you have witnessed the 30BG and Wizkid FC saga long enough, you would know I am not far off. 


Over the years I can say that Wizkid FC knows how to get Davido riled up and Davido knows how to give them a befitting response. 


Plus it’s all fun because it gives us writers one or two things to write about. 


Davido and Drake’s Instagram video has quickly racked up 1 million views on Instagram. 


Seeing this, Wizkid FC calls Davido out on being a hypocrite. 


Here are some Tweets for you to read and heck Shoutmeceleb Entertainment Twitter handle also got involved on the battle a little. 


Dehkunle Of Africa: A Big shout-out to Davido for letting Drake get in the studio with him, now Drake is about to Blow and his career is going to a higher level, we rise by lifting others.

Mayor Of Osunn Said: Congrats to these great men for bringing the Grammy home.

Wizkid and Burna boy gave us Grammy 

Davido gave us welcome to America 2

 Wizkid met Drake no noise

Burna boy met Drake still no noise

Davido met Drake… E choke


Thunder go fire anybody way go compare Davido to Wizkid.

Mdee Said: The only thing davido has achieved this decade musically is the Snapchat video he had with drake. Otherwise, nothing to portray for the disasters he has been coming with…The album flopped and he missed out on all notable awards… Tatibiji is bleeding for real.



Recall that prior to this trend, Davido also previously trended after Wizkid FC said he Davido cannot sing and said he has a frog voice. 


Well, Davido replied in a classic Davido style by getting a diamond icebox shaped like a frog


You can read all about that post from the link above.


I mean when you are as rich as Davido, you literally could do whatever you want with your money right? 


I sure wasn’t thinking about a customized icebox that carried the face of what was used to shame him for years. 


Davido continues to prove Nigerians wrong that you can be the son of a billionaire and still work your ass to create your own wealth.


I mean all that he has achieved in the music industry is proof that he makes good music right? 


Well, I doubt if Wizkid FC would love this personal opinion of mine since it doesn’t fit the narrative. 




The one thing I learned from Davido and Wizkid is that you have to work for everything you own. 




If Davido and Drake trend proves anything, it would be that 30BG and Wizkid FC war on Twitter won’t die anytime soon. 


This will majorly be because both are currently the best musicians in Nigeria and also the top richest in the country right now


Having said that, it is over to you now! 


Do you think Davido and Drake have a piece of music coming up? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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