Davido Gets Roasted For Congratulating Grammy Award Winners

Davido Congratulate Nigeria Grammy Winners

The 63rd Grammy award just finished up last night with some pretty-looking names as winners. 


However the fuzz and center of it are David Adedeji Adeleke (also Davido) making the headlines. 


This comes after he congratulated the winners of the Grammy award last night on Twitter. 


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With that out of the way, let’s get into the story about how the whole night played out for the winners and social media, and celebs, shall we? 


63rd Grammy Award Winners From Africa 


Africa has been steadily getting its sound recognized around the globe thanks to Wizkid, Davido, Burnaby, Tiwa Savage, and a host of other artists in the continent. 


Heck, you can throw Tekno to the mix but that’s a conversation for another day if you know what I mean. 

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By the time Davido album was released the 63rd Grammy award nomination had closed. 


The same goes for Wizkid and both might have their moment next year considering their body of work is a masterpiece. 


Speaking of Africa, Afrobeat is shaping the continent of Africa and there are lots of people who did the grass work. 


So a huge Shout Out to Fela Anikulapo Kuti who in my opinion remains the best musician in Nigeria even in passing. 


There are also legends like 2baba, Psquare, Timaya, King Sunny Ade, Paul Play, Mode 9, and many more. 


Without these guys Afrobeat won’t be where it is today and having said that, here are the winners of the 63rd Grammy award from Africa. 


  • Burnaboy Twice As Tall


  • Wizkid, Beyonce, Saint Jhn and Blue Ivy brown skin girl


Burnaboy won the category of Best Global Music Album category. 


I mean it didn’t come as a surprise considering Burnaboy is a lyrical genius and album production is credited to P Diddy. 


I mean P Diddy alone working on Twice as Tall is enough to get it a Grammy nomination. 


But let’s not play down Burnaboy’s artistry with which this album became a hit. 


If you have listened to tracks like Monsters You Made then you know Burnaboy is good and that Coldplay hook was the killer. 


I strongly suggest you check that track out because you will love the hook, delivery, and everything about it. 


Here is a congratulatory message showered at Burnaby by Recording Academy/Grammy.

Congrats to


for the Grammy wins. It’s not beans at all. More wins kings.


Beyonce ft Wizkid featured Brown Skin Girl also made the caught for best video


Wizkid also got love from celebs all over the world and here is one screenshot of that love. 


Wizkid helping Beyoncé to win while Burna Boy featured Diddy and Cold Play on his Twice As Tall album so they can also be Grammy winners. Nigerians lifting others. Afrobeats to the world! #GRAMMYs

Obviously, this is a big night for Nigeria and the whole of Africa right? 


So why is Davido getting dragged and beaten on social media after his congratulatory message? 


Why Is Davido Getting Dragged On Social Media 


Well, if you live in Nigeria and in other neighboring African countries then you know the strongest fan base in the continent right now belongs to Wizkid and Davido. 


This is expected as both are currently among the best musicians in Africa in the modern-day atmosphere


They have accumulated a lot of wealth for their contribution to the African music industry while taking Afrobeat to the world. 

Davido Yet To Win Grammy

I mean Davido is currently one of the wealthiest artists in the continent and alongside him is Wizkid and Don Jazzy specifically from Nigeria


So whenever you see Davido getting trashed on social media just one question should come to mind. 

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The question is which fan base is trashing him hard to the point where he gets to the trending table. 




Well if you guessed Wizkid FC then you are correct because that is the only fan base that would go head to head with 30BG.


So what happened


It turns out that Davido made a tweet to congratulate the winners of the Grammy award from Nigeria. 


Here is a screenshot of his tweet on Twitter. 

Immediately after the tweet landed, the 30BG fan base began taking to the comment section to show their support for Davido. 


Well, that is what fans do isn’t it? 


Enter Wizkid FC


Wizkid FC also took to the comment section to trash Davido for not getting shortlisted for the Grammy. 


Well, it is as toxic as it could get, after all, Twitter is a WAR zone and you have to bring your best weapon to every fight. 


Remember that before this bashing, Davido also trended when he posted a short video of himself and Drake saying “E Choke”. 


The video quickly racked up 1 million views few hours after it got posted and Wizkid FC also dragged him. 


One user said that Davido cannot sing and that if he collaborates with Drake he won’t listen to the song. 


But wait, I may be at a loss here because if anything, Davido studio albums prove he could sing right? 


I mean tracks like Jowo, Blow my mind, the best, 1 milli and Risky proves Davido cannot only sing but that he also knows how to market himself. 


Having said that, here are some tweets trashing the singer. 


Tweets Bashing Davido For Congratulating Nigeria Grammy Winners 


Look, if you are going on Twitter, be ready for a fight otherwise stay away especially if you are a fan of Wizkid or Davido. 


It is a hostile environment for any decent soul to walk on, I know because my own experiences on the platform prove that. 


Having said that, here are some of the tweets that stood out for me that were bashing the singer. 


Princess Ada Said: Premium tears. Congratulations Wizkid and Burnaboy.  Use your @ and stop crying.

Funny MrSosaBillz Said: But you hate it on the inside but play the love of it on the outside!!! Stop competition is killing your goals of getting the Grammy too…stop fighting yourself when no one is fighting.


Franky Said: Baba we have to be honest with ourselves. Your song doesn’t have the lyrics that can be nominated for a Grammy award talk more about winning it. Your vocals is very bad. Grammy can never nominate a frog’s voice to win their award. Even Lil baby can testify. Gbasaka and Shekpe.


Lil Curvy Said: How would he respond to such a bitter congratulations, so Davido was blind when his crew trashes the album in the mornin, he didn’t tell them to take down their post, then he wants to do good boy to congratulate him, just so he can look good in peoples eye.


Kenzema325 Said: It time for this boy to sit down in the studio and think like a man! Stop this tulé jhaweè, shepé, E choke !! 


Change ur team or u allow them to tell u some truth…


Stop granting cheap cheap interviews…


Sing with sense!


Lastly, stop shouting when recording.




I have to once again say a huge congratulations to all the winners of the Grammy. 


I am especially glad for the likes of Burnaboy and Wizkid because that’s taking Afrobeat to an even bigger light. 


It’s over to you now


Why is Wizkid FC and 30BG always going at each other? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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