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Last updated on January 5th, 2024 at 06:13 pm

Davido’s endorsement deals range from millions to tens of millions, making him a highly sought-after figure.


Therefore, in this post, I will provide comprehensive coverage of all of Davido’s endorsement deals.


The truth is if you wish to be famous in a couple of years, all you have to do is go into entertainment. 

Davido Endorsement Deals

But it’s also true not everyone can make it in the field of entertainment. And this does not mean you should not try. 


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For Davido, singing just comes naturally, and if you combine his talent and hard work, you and I can agree David’s fame didn’t come cheap


It’s a product of hard work, dedication, hustles, and grinding, all masterfully crafted into one. 


You may not agree, but the answer is YES! 


So, in today’s post, you and I will be looking at every endorsement deal the singer has landed over his career. 


How Many Endorsement Deals Does Davido Have?

Image of Davido in a car

How many endorsement deals does Davido have? Davido currently has an endorsement deal with Martel, which is a French Cognac and one of the biggest companies that produce Cognac in the world. He also has an endorsement deal with Wema Bank after raising $600,000 on Instagram.


All Davido endorsement deals include:


  • Davido PUMA endorsement deal


  • Davido Wema Bank endorsement deal


  • Davido Martell Blue Swift endorsement deal


  • Davido Pepsi endorsement deal


  • Davido Travelbeta endorsement deal


  • Davido Close Up endorsement deal


  • Davido Guinness Nigeria endorsement deal


  • Davido Mtn Pulse endorsement deal


  • Davido Pampers endorsement deal 


  • David Adedeji Adeleke Infinix mobile endorsement 


  • Davido 1xbet endorsement deal


There isn’t a concise answer to this question because endorsements typically expire once the agreed-upon period has ended.


However, my aim is to combine all of Davido’s endorsements from the beginning of his career to the present day.


This means that whether the endorsement deal has expired or not, you will still find it here.


OBO Endorsements

To answer your question about what Davido’s endorsements are, I will try to touch every endorsement deal that Davido has ever approved…


David, over the years of his illustrious 10-year musical career, has bagged several seals of approvals from companies like Hong Kong base and mega mobile manufacturer Infinix


Today, the singer is among some of the top rich music superstars in the country. Thanks to a series of amazing tracks from the singer, which has also made him the top 20 most popular musician in Nigeria.


Davido’s albums and songs have also been one of the reasons he has had several deals with bigger brands. 


Let’s face it: no one wants to associate with failure, so technically, for you to receive eyeballs from big brands like MTN, you need to be doing something right with your music career. 


As a result of the production of good quality albums, this has also led to an increase in Davido awards won.


Let me quickly tell you in plain text what is an endorsement deal. 


According to Musicindustryinsideout, an endorsement deal is a business arrangement. which yield a commercial return for the sponsor and endorsee and in exchange provide an ‘in-kind’ or cash benefit to the artist. 

Quickly, let me give you an example of why brands endorse artists. For instance, imagine I am a company selling a particular brand of juice; let’s use lemonade for this example.


I have competitors like 5 Alive and Exotic, who are also producing their own flavors. Now, 5 Alive, Exotic, and my Lemonade company are all targeting the same audience: people who love drinking juice.


In order to beat the competition and gain an edge in the marketplace, I must build people’s trust. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by endorsing artists with a strong social media presence.


Indeed, many of Davido’s cars were purchased with money from endorsement deals, showcasing the power of such partnerships.


Brands endorse artists because it provides them with an opportunity to connect with their target audience through trusted and influential figures.


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This is where celebrities come into play! Celebrities like Davido have their own audience on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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I consider him a potential celebrity to promote my product because he already has a certain level of trust within his audience base.

David Adeleke Adedeji Endorsement Deals

Now, all I have to do is pitch my product to Davido and assume we were able to reach good terms of the agreement. I would have him promote my production to his audience. 


Having explained the reason for an endorsement, let’s take a look at a list of Davido endorsements. 


List of Davido Endorsements 


At the time of composing this post, David Adedeji Adeleke has secured over four endorsements.


Davido’s endorsement list includes… 


Davido PUMA Endorsement Deal 2021


Davido Puma’s endorsement deal came somewhat of a surprise to fans across Africa. 


It is likely that the reason for this is because Wizkid, the acclaimed figurehead of Afrobeat, was previously associated with the brand.


So why did PUMA opt for Davido instead of renewing the contract with Wizkid? 

Davido puma endorsement deal

Well, this is purely speculation, but I believe it should have something to do with how active they are on social media. 


I mean, Davido is one of the most active social media influencers I have seen in quite a while. 


Heck, when I wrote about the top 20 highest paid influencers in Africa, Davido, alongside MO Salah, topped that list. 


I would say Wizkid is not exactly the social media kind of guy. He is a private person. 


Davido, on the other hand, is a very public person and knows how to relate with people from all walks of life.


According to Davido, he is super excited about the deal because, growing up, he has seen and witnessed the huge role PUMA played in the development of sports in Africa. 


As a matter of fact, here is exactly how the singer said it. 


Growing up, I saw PUMA play an important part in African sports, sponsoring many different football federations”, said Davido.


“I also saw the kind of family PUMA had built with the likes of Usain Bolt, Maradona, Neymar, Jay Z, Nipsey, Rihanna, and Lewis Hamilton, among other superstars, and I thought, that’s an amazing family to be a part of!


“All these contribute to my excitement to collaborate with this brand and take it to the next level in Nigeria, Africa, as well as with fans across the world,” he added.


Also, here is what the PUMA general manager of EEMEA distribution said:


We could not be more excited to welcome Davido to the PUMA family!” said Johan Kuhlo, PUMA’s General Manager of EEMEA Distribution. “Throughout our history, PUMA has had strong roots in Africa, football, and beyond. Signing Davido is both a clear commitment to Africa as a key market and a sign that African culture is becoming more and more relevant globally”.

How muxh does Davido puma endorsement deal cost

The Davido PUMA deal saw the singer become the first African global brand ambassador for the company. 


This will make him the face of PUMA across sub-Saharan Africa, North America, and the rest of the world. 


Taking to his social profile, Davido posted photos of himself and his friends who all dawned on the PUMA kits. 


The company also announced that Davido will also dawn the brand’s basketball kit in a bid to promote basketball on the continent. 


So, how much does the Davido PUMA endorsement deal cost? Davido’s PUMA endorsement deal is speculated to have cost the company a massive $1,000,000 to put the signature of the singer on paper for this deal to happen. 


Let’s dive right into other endorsement deals of the singer, shall we?


Davido Wema Bank Endorsement Deal 2021


As if 2021 was not enough for the singer in terms of success, the singer added another win before the year could run out. 


Perhaps let me throw some context into that in order to paint a perfect picture of this subheading for you. 


Despite not winning any award in 2021, Davido had 6 top 1 songs on Apple Music, which is the most for an artist in the country. 

David Endorsement Deal with Wema Bank

He rounded up the year as 2nd and 3rd most streamed artist on Apple Music and Spotify. 


But the moment that drove fans crazy and talked on social media was the 240 million Naira stunt on social media


A stunt that saw the singer equally donate 250 million to orphanages across Nigeria while also bagging an endorsement deal. 


The Davido Wema Bank endorsement deal came about on the 3rd of November 2021 as the singer was seen at Wema Bank Headquarters signing a lucrative deal. 


While the specific amount of the deal was not revealed, many jumped to the conclusion that it could be worth 1 billion Naira. 


On top of that, David Adeleke Adedeji was also gifted a brand-new car as part of this deal. 


Now come, let’s take a look at other endorsement deals of the singer, shall we? 

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Davido Martell Blue Swift Endorsement Deal 2021


OBO has been killing it in 2021 with lots of endorsement deals, and he just added another to the already long list.


Martell has enlisted the service of the singer who coined the popular slang E Choke to be the face of their brand.

Davido Martell Blue Swift Cognac

But first, let’s take a little history lesson on the Martell Cognac, shall we?


Martell was founded by Jean Martell in the year 1715. It is part of the Martell Mumm Perrier-Jouët subsidiary of the French wines and spirits conglomerate Pernod Ricard.


Davido Martell’s cognac endorsement is the 4th endorsement the singer has landed in the year 2021.


It, however, did not take long for the singer to be trolled for only landing cheap endorsements on a Twitter post.


Jowo crooner took to his Instagram handle to share his partnership deal with the brand.

Here is the message he wrote:


I’m excited to announce my partnership with Martell as their new Standout Swift. Stay tuned to see what we have in store for you.


#SwiftOnes #BlueSwiftNG #Martell #MartellBlueSwift

@martellofficial @martellnigeria


Please enjoy it responsibly.


Davido Pepsi Endorsement Deal

Davido’s Pepsi endorsement deal is one of his biggest since coming on the music scene.
After the success of his debut album Dami Duro, Pepsi decided to seek out Davido for an endorsement deal.
davido 20
This endorsement is rumored to be worth more than 90 million dollars,
As a matter of fact, the actual figure will be 100 million dollars. I mean, this is a lot of money for one artist, right?
This deal was sealed back in 2015, making him one of the stars in the country with the biggest endowment deals, according to NairaMetrics.
Having said that, let’s find out the other endorsements that Davido has, shall we?

Travelbeta Endorsement Deal


Davido landed an endorsement with Travelbeta in the middle part of 2019


Travelbeta deals on hotel reservations, booking of flights, tourism, and more. 


For example, if you wish to travel down to the United Kingdom, all you have to do is have Travelbeta book you on whatever flight they have available. 


Also, should you want to book hotel reservations? Get in touch with customer support, and just like that, you have yourself a hotel reservation. 

I believe you get the drift, right? 


OBO did a short commercial with his ex, Chioma Avril Rowland. 


Here is a video of the advert! 


While this agreement was done behind closed doors, Shoutmeceleb.com gathered—that Travelbeta, as a brand, paid quite a mouth-watering fee to get David to pen any deal. 


It was estimated that this deal runs between 6 million Naira to 15 million Naira. 


Having said that, let’s move on to the next endorsement David landed. 


Davido Infinix Mobile Endorsement Deal 


Infinix is sure one mobile company that does not take no for an answer. 


According to Pulse.ng Infinix Mobile, a Hong Kong-based mobile manufacturing company, had to go through the needle’s eye to get David’s signature. 

Top 11 Most Expensive Davido Cars 6


As usual, if an artist like David wants to pen a deal, you must be sure it’s worth his time. 


It took Infinix about 7 months of trying to get Davido to agree to contract terms. 


And right up till this moment, Davido has been a brand ambassador for Infinix Mobile. 


This means for every brand-new product released to the market, Davido is among some of the Beta users. 


This deal is estimated to have been worth more than 25 million Naira with an open room for renegotiation of contract terms. 


Davido Mtn Pulse Endorsement Deals 


Okay, if you live in modern Africa, chances are you know who these guys are, right? 


But just in case you don’t let me perhaps indulge you a little. 


MTN is a South African telecommunications company, much like the Nigerian brand GLO. 


Due to Nigeria’s large population, South African companies love to take their business down to Nigeria. 


While MTN is fully operational in more than 15 African countries, Nigeria is one of her major target markets. 


Enough with this brief story already! 


In 2013, MTN made Davido a mouth-watering offer that’s worth 30 million Naira for his signature. 


Although this deal lasted for a year, it mostly looked like it was going to fall off the cliff. 


Long story short, the deal later ended the next year, and Davido walked home with N30 million.


But prior to the end of this deal, the singer joined the likes of Psquare and Dbanj on stage at the Guinness world of more concerts held in SA. 


Sony Music Endorsement Deal 


Yeah, I know I haven’t spoken about this, but how can I not talk about this, right? 


Sony Music is known popularly for its stronghold in entertainment, especially because that’s where the late king of pop spent the major part of his life dropping hit tracks. 

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There truly won’t be another like Michael Jackson with regard to his compassion and love for humanity. 


With that said, do you know that Sony Music signed Davido to a record deal? 

In 2016, which saw a higher increase of fans following Davido, Sony signed a deal with OBO, which is the title of his first album. 


According to Wikipedia, this deal signed saw the release of his 5 track EP. 


In late 2016, the contract between David and Sony was reviewed due to control issues. 


After the review, the singer went on to release two singles, “IF” and “FALL.” 


If gained lots of social media activities, while Fall became the—longest-charting pop song from Naija in Billboard history. 


Davido Pampers Endorsement 2019 


In 2019, Davido also landed a deal with Pampers as a brand. 


You already know what Pampers is, right? Especially if you are one of the Millennials today. 


That’s like what every mother prefers for their kids these days because it’s super easy to use. 


And the average human being does not want anything that will stress him out one way or the other. 


Pampers replace napkins for newborn babies and infants alike, eliminating to need to have to stress over watching a child’s napkin poo. 


Here is this article on napkins. I am sure you will find every tiny detail there in it you should know. 


The amount the deal is worth was not disclosed, but Davido endorsed Pampers is estimated to have cost the brand between 10 to 11 million Naira.


The singer also took to his fastest-growing INSTAGRAM followers to break the news. 


Fans of the singer once again celebrated his new achievement and wished him more blessings. 


Quickly, let’s look at the last of his endorsement deal. 


Davido Close Up Endorsement Deal 2018


In 2015, Davido took to his INSTAGRAM profile to announce his endorsement of Close Up. 


Davido and Yemi Alade in 2015 signed an endorsement deal with Close Up for an undisclosed fee. 


These days, it’s becoming increasingly a norm for celebrities not to disclose the cost of whatever endorsement they go into. 


This can be seen in most of the deals that Davido has signed these past years. 


But what is the estimated value of this deal…


According to sources, this deal is estimated to cost between 7 to 10 million Naira during the time it will last. 


Yemi Alade also took to her social media profile (INSTAGRAM precisely). to express her joy for landing such a lucrative deal with Freshness Breath company. 


In the post, she tags OBO, captioning it: “Closeupthings and hashtag God never fails. 


Fans quickly congratulated both celebrities for landing such a handsome deal with one of the big toothpaste brands around the world today. 


Davido 1xbet Endorsement Deal


Davido’s 1xbet endorsement deal is his second for the year 2021. 


He previously partnered with Viva Detergent to be the brand’s ambassador. 


In just a little over 2 weeks later, he landed another endorsement deal with 1xBet Nigeria. 


This makes it the singer’s second endorsement deal for 2021. 


The deal is said to be worth millions of Naira, but the actual figures were never disclosed. 


Shortly after putting pen to paper, the singer took to his Instagram handle to break the news to his fans. 


The year is still young, so whether you and I will see more endorsements remains to be something of a possibility.


Bonus: Davido Child Endorsement Deal With Mario and Juliet


No doubt the Davido family is very proud of the 30-year-old, but I know a prouder woman would be Chioma David’s ex. 


I mean, your son is barely 3 months old and already has an endorsement? 


Nothing can beat that sort of crazy, right? 


Especially if you replay the fact that he is just a newborn baby who just came into this world. 


Davido’s son, David Adeleke Jr, bagged his first endorsement deal just a month after his birth. 


Adeleke Jr was born to Davido and Chioma, who have been dating for the past 6 years and tied the knot in 2022.

All Davido Endorsement Deals

The mother and father of Jr Davido took to Instagram to announce the new brand endorsement. 


Mario and Juliet are baby diapers and baby wipes catering specifically for newborn babies as her audience. 




There you have it, all Davido’s endorsement deals from his debut in the music industry in 2012 to date. 


One of the reasons David has stood out from the rest of his music counterparts is his dedication. 


And you will agree with me that nothing beats devotion to a particular set of goals, right? 


Anyways, as Davido continues to bag new endorsement deals, I will continue to update this post. 


This way, you will stay updated with the latest piece of his endorsement deals. 


It’s your turn now! 


Do you predict Davido bagging more endorsement deals in 2024? 


Use the comment box to drop your thoughts, and I will be sure to follow up on your comments. 


Thanks for reading this post to the end. And if you like this post, please share it on Facebook now. 


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