Top 3 Davido Albums of His Illustrious Career

Davido Albums

All Davido albums from his debut in the 9ja music industry have been fire to date. with a total of 3 studio albums, let’s find out more about his records.

Davido Albums
Davido performing live at 02 Arena in UK


but before we do that, can I just take a few seconds to commend Davido on his blistering career. 


I mean 7 years and you have already gone global. You do agree with me that an African artist going global doesn’t come cheap if you know what I mean. 


By the time you finish reading this blog post on Shoutmeceleb Entertainment, you should be able. to know all Davido albums and the tracklist of each of his studio albums. 


I could remember when my mother said none of his children was ever going to be a musician. simply because of how they saw musicians then. 


Today it’s a whole different story and am positive she must have shaken her body to one. of the songs from these artists that are trending today. 




I am not mocking my mom because she’s a wonderful and adorable woman with so much charisma. 


but if I could tell her one word now, it would I am pissed you didn’t let my kid brother pursue his musical career. 


Having said that, let’s dive in-depth as you and I talk more about Davido studio albums


Right at this point, I believe the question running through your pretty skull. is how many albums does Davido have currently? 


How Many Studio Album Does Davido Have


David Adedeji Adeleke aka Davido started his career as a musician in Atlanta Georgia. but recorded his first studio album in 2012 and to date, the singer has 3 studio albums in total. 


Davido’s studio albums have helped to increase his net worth on several occasions. 


His blistering musical career has seen the 28-year-old singer and songwriter listed as one of the richest musical artists in Nigeria

Davido biography is one that’s pretty interesting to read especially if you are of the school of thought. that he did not work for his success. 


Yes, you may argue that talent may outshine hard work a popular saying which is false in my opinion. 


Nothing beats talent but if you can show me a Messi. that’s raw talent then I will show you CR7 that’s a product of hard work and compete on the same level. 


At the end of the day, it’s going to come down to personal preference whether talent beats hard work. in the quest to make it on this earth. 


Like my father would quote “history does not remember quitters” 


I mean if you have listened to hit songs like blow my mind by Davido, you probably agree that’s hard work plus packaging right there. 


Every one of my friends calls him frog voice and prefers Wizkid as their favorite musician but in my opinion. David would always be on the same level as Wizkid. 


I mean if hard work could make you one of the richest singers in Africa what more could you possibly want? 


The answer is absolutely nothing right? 


Davido album and songs have always had that positive vibe for the fans of the singer. because you can easily identify with the view where he is coming from. 


I had to privilege to replay Davido risky mp3, a song on which he featured Jamaican songster Popcaan. and the way the two blended so well could almost give you the goosebumps. 


That’s the definition of talent and hard work coupled with a carefully crafted hot lyrical lines that’s captivating. 


While not everyone in the Davido family is a musician, you could say the family does cherish and are. proud to have an artist like himself emerge from Adeleke’s dynasty. 


For the best part of this post, I will expand more on. all studio albums by Davido so make sure you stick with me till the end. 


Here is a list of Davido albums from the beginning of his illustrious career to date. 


  • Omo baba olowo 2012


  • Son of mercy 2016


  • A good time 2019


Davido currently has 3 record-breaking studio albums with each promotional singles from these albums amassing more than 230 million views on YouTube


So, for the next section let’s dissect each of Davido album list 2020.


Davido Omo Baba Olowo Studio Album  2012


Davido 1st studio album was released on the 16th of July 2012, this is like 7 years ago and the album contains a total of 17 tracks with a combined playtime of 1 hour 8 minutes. 


If you have listened to Davido Gobe mp3 then you probably understand why that album was a success right? 


My penny on ‘you have no clue such song even exists’ 


but hey that’s not a problem because you can follow the above link to download the song and enjoy it. 


After all, it is free! 


Dami Duro is just one of the many hit songs from Davido’s first (1st) studio album Omo baba olowo.


Dami Duro alone on YouTube has average about 9 million views on YouTube. although Davido’s first song is Skelewu which did well to introduce the singer to the Naija music industry.


However, Davido singles that have hit more milestones can be seen in songs like Gobe, Aye and a handful of others.


Hit songs like Davido Aye mp3 is a must talk about because that song to date has done a whooping. 26 million views on YouTube and still counting though. 


Aye by Davido was nominated on several categories by different award organizers. his awards increased by some numbers when Gobe and Aye landed him some high profile awards. 

OBO albums


but if you have not had time to check out Davido awards then this is a good chance for you to do so. 


One of the reasons I really liked Aye was how resonating it was to me at the time it was released. 


It reminded me of someone really special, her name is Oghenebredjo Ovotu Eta. she was in every aspect the woman that Davido spoke about in that song. 


She is married now though but she was a kind woman who never demanded anything from me but love. 


and eventually, I ended up screwing up that relationship. 


If there is one thing I could be most glad for, it would be being privileged to have dated such a rare gem. 


enough of all that story let’s move on now, please… 


Another song that stuck out from his first album is Gbon Gbon, almost every song from David’s 1st studio album stood out. But the magic for me is Gbon Gbon and Dami Duro.


Here is Davido omo baba olowo (OBO) album tracklist


  • All Of You


  • Back When (Ft. Naeto C)


  • New Skul Tinz (Ft. B-Red & Sina Rambo)


  • Video


  • Ekuro


  • Down


  • No Visa (Ft. Sina Rambo) 


  • Enter The Centre (Ft. B-Red)


  • Dollars In The Bank (Ft. Kayswitch & Special Ed)


  • Sade


  • Gbon Gbon


  • Feel Alright (Ft. Ice Prince)


  • Mary Jane


  • For You (Ft. 2Baba)


  • Overseas (Ft. Sina Rambo)


  • Dami Duro 


  • Bless me (Ft. May D)


While this post will cover all of Davido album tracklist, it sure does not give you the opportunity to download each song.


but the good news is that I will make that possible when I decide to cover Davido OBO album as a separate topic. 


If nothing that should give you a way to get each of these songs downloaded to your iPhone or any other device you may be using. 


Here is Davido omo baba olowo album cover. 

omo baba olowo album art cover
Davido first studio album OBO


Quickly let’s get into Davido second studio album Son of mercy. 


Davido EP Son of Mercy 2016


While Davido is currently trending on Twitter for his maturity of not rocking Meghan Stallion. you probably watched the video of coolest kid in Africa right? 


If didn’t watch that video then here it is for your amusement. the girl on yellow was just something else despite being just 3 years ago. 


Davido son of mercy Ep featured a total of 5 tracks and having a combined playtime of 25 minutes. 


While the other two of Davido discography are a complete album, his second studio album is an EP. 


Davido second studio album (2nd) was released in 2016 with some great hit tracks including Gbagbe Oshi. 


but the one that particularly stood out for me on this Davido Ep was Coolest kid in Africa. 


Don’t laugh at me but the girl on yellow can slowly kill a man with just her looks. 


Yeah Davido may have been praised for avoiding Meghan Stallion booty while she was twerking on stage. but my o my I don’t even know if David was right on the lines when she said the girl on yellow looked like Beyonce. 


Seriously Queen Bey? 


Come on if you remove the fact that Beyonce already has kids, you could say Bey’s got nothing on the girl on yellow.


Coolest kid in Africa made Davido sounded like he was rapping and I have to be honest that’s the first time I have seen him do that. 


Plus featuring Nasty C was one hell of a bonus if you consider his rapping smoothness.


His lines flowed so smoothly that you can’t notice how insanely cool his voice is. 


Having said that Here is Davido Son of mercy album tracklist. 


  • Return 


  • Coolest kid in Africa 


  • Gbagbe Oshi 


  • Maga to Mugu


  • How Long


Here is Davido album art cover for son of mercy. 

Davido son of mercy ep


While coolest kid in Afrika is a very nice song from the album, one other to look out for is Gbagbe Oshi. 


In 2016 that was known as the song that shut down Edge night club somewhere in Warri Delta. 


Davido third studio album A Good Time 2019 


Davido a good time album can be said to one of the singers most successful album from 2012 till date. 


The album was released on the 22nd of November 2019, 3 days. after Davido wife to be Chioma gave birth to the singers first son. 


David Adeleke Jr is the 3rd born of Davido kids and having your album. come out days after the birth of your little boy must have been magical. 


My very good friend Onome Yedi must know this. feeling seeing as he too got a job same day his wife delivered his boy.


1 mili is among one of Davido new songs 2019. Davido 1 milli literally talks more of his wife to be Chioma. 


but just in case you weren’t the privilege to listen to it, you can click here to download the song now. 


With just 7 days for 2019 to come to an end if there is any artist that’s been very super this year. in my opinion that would be Davido and Burna boy. 


Davido ft Popcaan risky literally was a hit song and it something of a promotional single off A good time album. 


The song is about a girl whom both singers were in love with but little did they know. she was working with the feds. 


If haven’t listened to Davido risky mp3 then you should download it here now. 


Another hit song from the album is Davido ft Chris Brown blow my mind. 


Blow my mind showed the world how versatile breezy could really be. but most importantly it was the deal-breaker needed to get back at people who said David can’t sing. 


In 12 hours, blow my mind did 2 million views which is the highest record on YouTube Nigeria. 


This record also beat Wizkid previously held the record on YouTube whilst the singer clocked 1 million views in the first 24 hours of releasing 2018 hit song fever. 


What about Davido FIA huh? 


Fia is one of the songs that got featured on billboard top 100. it held the number 48 spot before climbing further up to 22.


Here is Davido a good time album (AGT album) tracklist… 


  • 1 milli 


  • Check am


  • Animashaun


  • Assurance 


  • FIA 


  • If 


  • Disturbance


  • Risky


  • Blow my mind


  • Green light riddim


  • Company


  • Big picture


  • Sweet in the middle


  • Fall


  • D & G


  • Get to you


Here is the a good time album art cover.
Davido a good time studio album 2019




Davido studio albums and EPs have really made fans of the singer happy. 


Going international made it cooler because this widens his audience. 


There you have it everything I have for you about Davido albums in 2020.


Quality music has always been difficult to come by these days but with Davido total albums. running into more than 2:30 combine run time, you could say you are in for one hell of a treat. 


Why the future looks more brighter for the singer. David looks more ready to continue dropping hit songs come 2020.


and make sure you are keeping your eyes out for our latest news on Davido. 


It’s your turn now! 


What do you like the 3 of Davido’s studio album? leave a comment with your thoughts and I will follow through. 


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All Davido Awards: David Adedeji Adeleke Total Awards


Top 3 Davido Albums of His Illustrious Career
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All Davido albums from his debut in the 9ja music industry have been fire to date. with a total of 3 studio albums, let's find out more about his records.
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