Davido or Wizkid: Who would you spend a vacation with?

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davido or wizkid

So I was thinking recently Davido or Wizkid who will I want to spend a vacation with. Honestly, I could not come up with an answer.

So, I had to bring it here to you guys. You and I are quite aware of the quality and wealth these two possess.

davido or wizkid

But I do not even know whom among the two, I wanna spend time with. Do you know?


I created this thread because I want to hear opinions from every one of you. So, please do your best to participate and keep your answers coming.

Here is an interesting thing!

Guys, lemme talk to the ladies a little here, please. Beautiful ladies, I mean to say Her Royal Majesties;


Who Will You spend a vacation with?


Before you use the comment box, I want you to realize that I know. this is not an easy question considering ladies loves things personal.


But in here it is just us as a family trying to cash some fun together. So, if you do not mind the guys here would appreciate the honesty.


A Quick Overview of their Net worth


Davido and Wizkid net worth 2019 who is Richer?


I am asking because although I know I have a post on that on this SMC Blog. but am not sure if you have seen it.

Moreover, I made it easily accessible for you, so if you do not already know who is the richest between. The two superstars then acquaint yourself with the above link.

Once you are done consuming that article, you head over to the comment session to drop your answer.

So ladies! Wizkid or Davido who would you spend a vacation with?

Am sure some of you have your answers already. But do not forget to tell us why you pick that particular answer.

I mean a guy is got to be curious right?




Guys, it’s your turn, have you ever gone on a vacation ever before?

I am dying to know honestly, and please drop the name of the country, place, experience and all of it. Like my mama would say “Trave Eyejijere o

I know you probably don’t know what that means, let me translate for you okay.

Travel Eyejijere o means traveling is an enjoyment of life o. She usually says it exclaiming.

Guys, before you tell me one of the places you have traveled to and the experience you had, lemme quickly tell a brief story.


My Travel Story

2016, my friends and I went on a vacation somewhere in Lagos state. The name of the place is called Badagry which is a community of Coconuts.

If you live in Nigeria then you know Badagry is a place to find all types of coconuts.

The coconuts in Badagry are so tall that it literally took a man 30 minutes to climb. to the top of just to pluck a coconut.

I was curious for some reasons. There were many coconut trees that weren’t as tall as the one he was climbed. Out of my curiosity, I asked him;

Why did you choose to climb this tree rather than the short ones?


He looks at me and my 3 other friends and smiled. He said well, you guys are young but if you grew in my time you would understand the taste of a good coconut.

I was speechless, like what da f**k so, you mean to tell me you did all that for taste?

He urged me to watch my language because he was way older. I am guessing around his mid-60s. I quickly apologized and we broke the coconut out of curiosity.

Vacation Will make You Meet People


My God, I couldn’t believe the taste I got. It is the sweetest coconut I have ever tasted in my life.

The old man then asked my friends and me if we liked it!

I quickly nodded like a lizard that fell off a palm tree. But the one thing I couldn’t understand was why an old man above 60 would be climbing a damn tree.


My friends are like, probably because it tasted better than every other coconut on the island.


Badagry is a community very close to the sea. I mean the breeze that blows at night is cool enough to take a man into a different realm.


Then you hear the crickets kilometers away making those krikrikrikri sound. and if you love nature, you can’t help but fall in love with God’s creation.


Here is a quick question for you!


Have you ever spent a light by the seashore while on a vacation?


Drop your answers because I love to connect with you. because life, as we know, is too short to not want to care and love people.


Anyways, I will continue my story during my next post here but for now, let’s get to the guys!


Have you dropped your answer?


Do that quickly, now, here comes the Ultimate you have been waiting for. Guys, who will you spend a vacation with Davido or Wizkid?


Drop your comments below and check this post on top 100 Tourist attractions in USA.




I created this post to keep you busy and engaged. In so doing, I want you to free your heart and mind and remember that love is everything.


So over to you guys!


Davido or Wizkid who will you spend a vacation with?


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