Davido proposal to Chioma: Everything Behind Scene

Davido proposal to chioma

Last updated on November 3rd, 2019 at 10:38 am

Davido proposal to Chioma may have sent social media outlets on fire but seriously we all saw it coming right? most especially after his latest song with Phyno.

Davido and chioma relationship

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Davido and Chioma relationship can be respectfully likened to Romeo and Juliet.


only, in this case, no one is dying anytime soon unlike Romeo that had to sacrifice his life for Juliet.


In this post, I will cover Davido and Chioma engagement after the introduction held by David’s family.


The introduction came on the 2nd of September and just shortly afterward, Davido and Chioma proposal news hit us. I guess no one would have thought Davido would engage Chioma.


I call it love and it only could be a love that is so true.


I mean that is the number one factor that can push a man to want to take such bold next step.


What’s up guys I am Mone Nuel founder of Shoutmeceleb Entertainment.


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Having said let’s devour a possible reason why Davido propose to Chioma.


How Did Davido and Chioma Relationship Start


Davido has been amazing in 2019 especially with the release of his lead single Blow my mind.


Blow my mind ft Chris Brown did exceptionally well that no one expected it.


I mean even I was blown away if I have to be honest because I wasn’t expecting such class.


Holy Jesus me, imagine my surprise when the song did 2 million views in 24 hours.


I could remember the song trending so well because Wizkid fans have been expecting it to fail.


I don’t know why the fans of the two are always at each other throat but I mostly guess. it’s because they are both the richest in Nigeria.


Wizkid and Davido net worth have been constantly compared over the years by fans. who is hell-bent on proving to you and me that one is better than the other?


I just don’t see it because I feel both have been doing very well since their debut.

When Wizkid ft Beyonce brown skin girl dropped, you needed to see the big fuzz.


No wonder Davido Twitter reaction stated the obvious which is:


” I make good music, in my over 7 years in the Nigeria music industry no one supports me. all I have ever received from you is hate. na my fault say my papa get money”


Meanwhile, Naijaloaded recently said Davido blasted Olamide which was never true.


I mean those guys should work on some of their news, but I get it it’s hustle as usual.


but I respect mankind a lot because I remember when he started about 9 years ago.


I mean I would spend hours on the site copying cheats for Symbian phones. fast forward to 2019 you can say that is history.


Chioma and Davido relationship started when Adeleke’s son visited his friend in school.


There he met Chioma, exchanged contact and the rest was history.


Sources told Shoutmeceleb Entertainment that both have been dating long before the singer. had his two daughters Imade and Hailey Veronica.


but it wasn’t until Davido Assurance video that Nigerians start to realize how deep. the love is between Davido and Chioma.


In 2018 there was a rumor that Davido and Chioma broke up. but a couple of days later, the pair were seen together having the fun of a lifetime.


Davido Say Chioma Avril Rowland is Special


Personally I like Davido a lot especially for his generosity and habit of doing his best to uplift upcoming Acts.


He did just that when Lyta Monalisa mp3 was remixed featuring Davido.


The guy literally paid for the video and organized his team then flew to Senegal.


Lyta later took to his Instagram profile paying respect to the 27 years old in a post.


Meanwhile during an interview, Davido was asked who is Lyta?


to which Davido responded by narrating the Lyta’s story and why he decided to help out.


In the same interview, Davido was asked why Chioma and the singer responded because she’s special.


When Phyno Ft Davido Ride For You Mp3 dropped the singer may have hinted why Chioma is special.


I know, I know I may have made that up but think for a minute who do you he was referring to?


Here is the line from single off Phyno Deal with it album:


She Sabi cook, she sabi do, I never met no one like you”


Now if you could imagine a little you probably see it has a reference to Chioma all over it.


Plus don’t forget Chioma Avril Rowland is a Chef.


Social Media Celebs Like Mr P of Psquare Congratulate Him


There has been a rumor about Davido girlfriend Chioma being pregnant. although both have said nothing about this with Chioma debunking any such claim.


But if I have learnt anything all this years it will be that in every lie there is an element of truth…


So is Chioma pregnant for Davido?


I am strongly inclined to believe that Chioma is carrying the Fia crooner baby in her womb.


check out this photo during the engagement ceremony. I believe that should convince you she is pregnant right?.

Davido proposal to chioma

Lot’s of celebrity took to Instagram to congratulate the If singer on taking a bold next step.


among some of these celebrities include Mr P of Psquare who alongside his brother did No One Be Like You.


Although both have gone their separate ways with each assuming names Mr P and Rudeboy.


Here is what Mr P had to say:


“Congratulations to you my homie they don’t know what it is”


Mr P comment hints at knowing what he says considering he is married and decided. to break up from his twin brother because of the fact his family don’t love his wife.


Mind you this claim has a different side to the story but generally, this may have been one of the causes.


Davido and Chioma marriage may come up in 2020 after the singer drops hint. but was also quick to say that such plans aren’t in place yet.


I would almost certainly say it may be because of his forthcoming album. which has been said would drop anytime in October.


David is one of the richest young artists in Africa alongside Akon, Youssou Ndour and more.




Davido proposal to Chioma may have come as a surprise to many. maybe because no one is expecting him to settle down anytime soon.


one the reason for this may because of his identity as a celebrity who is very influential in the country.


Over to you!


Will Davido get married to Chioma in 2020? do you think Davido proposal to Chioma is a publicity stunt?


Leave a comment below with your thoughts. because I am more curious to hear your thoughts on this.


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