New Davido Wema Bank Endorsement Deal In 2021

how much did Davido’s endorsement deal with Wema Bank cost
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Last updated on October 23rd, 2022 at 12:36 pm

Davido Wema bank endorsement deal has been the talk of social media for some time now because of the brilliance and crowds. 


No doubt Davido is one of the most influential artists in the continent of Africa. 


With such star power, brands are eager to work and associate with him and make a win-win situation out of his brand’s power. 


So how did it all start? 


Well, the answer is simple, it started with one simple move and that was his decision to make a joke on his social media profile. 


On the 3rd week of November, Davido took to social media to ask for money from friends and those he has given a hit song to. 


surprisingly the response was bizarre because, with just that one request, money began to reign like it did in the first season of Money Heist. 


The only difference is Davido wasn’t robbing any bank and has the life of no one at risk. 


You can read all about how Davido made over 200 million Naira in less than 3 days here from fans and friends’ donations. 

Davido Wema Bank Endorsement Deal
Art work by Twitter user @ademolaart

Well, in what turned out to be an unbelievable moment for Nigerians, David Adedeji took to his social media channel to call on Wema Bank. 


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He said Wema Bank can you see what I am doing, how about an endorsement? 


Well, the following month December 3rd, 2021 there Davido was signing an endorsement deal with Wema Bank. 


So how much did Davido’s endorsement deal with Wema Bank cost? 


Well, there were speculations that it could have cost up to a billion Naira but no one knows the actual figure. 


What I can tell you though is that the Davido Wema Bank endorsement deal came with some spoils including a brand new car. 


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It did not take long for fans to take to social media rejoicing about the new deal and how he bagged it. 

Twitter User Reaction to Davido new deal

The crazy part is the whole process leading to this one endorsement came at a time when the Psquare Brothers got reunited. 


Despite this, Davido’s star power was not overshadowed by that news but rather both ran simultaneously leading the news for weeks. 



When I wrote an article about Davido endorsement deals which you can find here, I discovered that the singer has bagged lots of deals over the course of his amazing music career. 


His decisions to hop on trends have kept him very relevant in 2021 going into 2022. 


This is good because the more the world talks about you, the more you stay in front of people’s minds because out of sight is out of mind. 


He knows how to keep the world talking about him and it’s just one of his many strategies to continue a beautiful musical career. 

Davido Wema Bank

While these few years may not have been friendly to one of the richest musicians in Africa in terms of awards, I am sure you would agree that he has been phenomenal. 


In 2021 alone, the singer had more than 4 number one songs on Apple Music and finished the year as the 2nd and 3rd most streamed artists on Apple Music and Spotify respectively. 


It’s over to you now! 


How much does the Davido Wema Bank endorsement deal cost? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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