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If you want to know everything about Davido then this guide is for you because it contains everything there is under the sun about David Adedeji Adeleke.


this ranges from his biography, songs, endorsement deals, family, awards, relationships, and more. I have also written an article titled how did davido became popular, it is a must-read.


So a couple of days back I got this request from you guys to write on everything about Davido. 


After considering your requests I decided to do a big guide that will detail everything you need to know. 


OBO is one of the African biggest celebs in the world today thanks to Afrobeat which is a peculiar genre. of music created by Fela Anikulapo Kuti. 


So by the time you finish reading this post, you would be able to get your hands on actual facts.


because whatever you will see in this post has been thoroughly researched after being crossed checked with over 100 blogs in Nigeria.


The only difference is that while all this information is pieced. I only organized all the information into a neat order to serve it to you. 


David Adeleke’s Biography 


David Adedeji Adeleke, that is his real name was born in Atlanta Georgia. He did not grow up in Nigeria. 

As a child of a billionaire, being born in the USA means Adeleke’s son is a citizen of the US and Nigeria. 


This is because David’s parents are Nigerians. One of the shocking things though is the fact he has been hated so many times. 


I know you are wondering who would want to hate such a fine-looking gentleman right? 


Well as crazy as I might sound OBO has been hated more times than I can count for being born into a wealthy home. 


In late June Davido’s Twitter reaction took so many by surprise after he said he has constantly. been hated for the fact that his father is rich. 


Adedeji David was born on November 21st, 1992 to Nigerian parents Mr. and Mrs. Adedeji Adeleke. 


Although his mother is late, he recently uploaded a picture of his mother on Instagram. as a reminder of how time has gone by since she passed away. 

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Growing up in Georgia meant Davido schooled there for a brief amount of time before returning to Nigeria. 


The family of Adeleke originates from Osun State. A state is known for its rich soil and production of herb-yielding trees. 


David’s father is a billionaire owning lots of assets and companies to which the 27 years old. is one of the board of directors among other of Adeleke’s children. 


You could say coming home couldn’t have been better because right in Georgia there was too much. to overcome in other to find that break needed to become the star he is today. 


The name of David’s birth parents is Adedeji Adeleke and Veronica Adeleke. both had 5 kids before the latter died more than a decade ago. 


and the father of 4 kids went on to create an empire of the wealth of his wonderful children. who made the board of directors of his company.


You can read my more in-depth article on Davido biography here.


Davido Family


When you become a celebrity, it’s a lot easier for the public to forget you have a family.

Image Credit: Legit.ng

and if you can’t draw that thin line between work and family. then things are bound to fall in the form of a crashing plane nose-diving. 


The real question becomes how do you draw the thin line between being a celebrity and spending time with family?


The answer is simple! 


It’s called self-awareness!


Thankfully David was able to find that balance between being a celebrity. and actually being a brother, father, son, and friend. 


OBO is born into wealth but so is his brother and sisters who are rarely talked about on social media. 


Here are the names of Davido family members… 


  • Adedeji Adeleke – father 
  • Veronica Adeleke – mother 
  • Wale Adeleke – brother 
  • Ashley Adeleke – sister 
  • Sharon Adeleke – sister


While Wale is engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Ashley, and Sharon are respectively married. 


The father of Davido is a billionaire and unlike many parents, he took a bold step to strategically place them in key offices in his company. 


It is evident that placing his children in his company defines a verse in the Bible which says. a wise man leaves an inheritance for his children. 


I remember my dad never really had all the time in the world for us when we were growing up as kids. 


partly due to the fact that it’s work, work, work, and work. 


He was so obsessed with just providing for the family that he didn’t even have time to be for us his kids. 

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This tore my relationship with my dad so badly that I really didn’t want to him see around. shockingly I found myself wishing he just doesn’t come home. 


That was how bad it got. because he was never there. 


when we had kids’ day in school only mom showed up. 


Then one day my dad realized that he has gone so far from his kids that they no longer cared if he existed. 

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Long story short he later made amends but there were some things already. broken that could not be fixed with just one apology. 


Davido Relationships


I very much remember back in the 80s when relationships were not just about a man’s money. 

but deeply rooted in an honest love that spans decades upon decades of consistent care and sharing. 


Then I hardly ever thought there is any such thing as divorce in Africa. even if there was I could boost it should be so small. 


These days, you have relationships that do not even take up to 3 months to initiate a breakup. 


Adeleke’s son has gone into quite a few relationships but the most talked about is the current relationship with Chioma. 


Davido previously dated two women before meeting and deciding that he will walk Chioma down the aisle by the year 2022. 


Here are the names of the past women Davido has dated right from the day he became famous. 


  • Sophia Momodu 
  • Chioma Avril Rowland 
  • Amanda Chioma 
  • Sira Kante 
  • Staicay Brainar
  • Funke Aboderine
  • Nish Kards 


but among all the angels he has dated, one name stuck out. the name that stuck out is Chioma Avril Rowland. 


She is an Igbo by tribe and there was this one music released recently by Phyno. on which he featured Davido. 


OBO literally sang in the Igbo dialect despite being a full-blooded Yoruba man. this has led so many to believe that the woman meant for David is Avril. 


Davido Kids


My mother would often say that children are a blessing even though I have not yet one of my own. I think I understand what she meant. 

As a child growing up, I was damn stubborn and always looking for trouble. in some cases I received a beating. 


but in most of those cases, I was the one dishing out the beating to whoever deserved it. but now that I look back I would say I was actually bullying my peers as a child. 


The funny thing is after doing all of these I would come back home quite like I don’t know anything. until the parents of the kids I beat would match to my doorstep. 


and my mom would be like did you beat up that kid? 


My answer is shivering yes because I know what’s coming next for me. my mom, she doesn’t condone when I do rubbish but she was also very protective. 


After begging the parent of the kids deeply to please have mercy on them, they would but I know that wonderful pleading would see my ass get some whooping once they were gone. 


Lolz, it’s just crazy because I could remember running into the room to get the cane and I will say “Mummy take”. 


She would look at me with those eyes of compassion that says foolish child I will use this cane on you. but why do you bring it to me all the time? 


I just laugh now that I think of it because I was really foolish then… 


but what whenever I did that I think I somehow reduce my punishment drastically unknowingly to me. 


After getting her the cane she would flog me like two strokes of the cane. usually, the first stroke was strong but the 2nd one was usually tender. 


The truth is I really didn’t stop being stubborn, so I collected lashes all the time. and I was branded a trouble maker and parents had to keep their children far away from me. 


The good old days and it was really just memories writing about it all down. 

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Now that I think of it, I realize that my mother’s first strike was usually hard to correct me and the 2nd one tender. to show her compassion towards me for foolishly bringing her the cane. 


And these days despite having not given birth to a child I see the same compassion whenever I look at kids around. 


You could say this guy is one lucky person because he now has two beautiful and amazing daughters and a son.


Each of his children has different mothers but he has been very supportive of his two daughters and his newly born son. 


Here are the names of Davido kids… 


  • Imade Adedeji Adeleke 
  • Hailey Veronica Adedeji Adeleke 
  • David Adedeji Ifeanyi Adeleke Jr


Both of his children come from past relationships with two of the above-listed girlfriends. 


The mother of Imade is Sophia Momodu and the mother of Hailey is Amanda Chioma. 


DMW record label boss OBO’s 3rd child from his wife Chioma Avril was born on the 19th of November 2019, two days before the singer’s birthday. 

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Yes, people say bad things happen to good people but I can also tell you good things happen to good people. 


and Davido has always led by example even despite being a young guy of just 27 years of age. 


He knows how to be a loving father, a supporting boyfriend, and a good son somewhere in between. 


Dmw record label


DMW is the acronym for Davido Music worldwide which is a record label here in Nigeria. 


There are lots of record labels in Nigeria today but very often, one record label’s name is constantly being heard. 


Well, I could say of all the record label in the country, two currently stands out more than others. 


They DMW and Mavin Records, you could bring in Starboy Records and Spaceship by Burna Boy. 


You are probably asking yourself why DMW record labels stand out among the rest. 


And I will tell that it is because of this one phrase, “We Rise By Lifting Others” a phrase coined by David. 


Well, you could say that at such a young age this guy found the secret of making wealth unknown to many. 


Yes DMW is one of the most successful record labels in Nigeria currently, having the likes of Perruzi. 


Here is a complete list of the artist signed to DMW since flying the label after exiting HKN Music.


  • Yonda 
  • Dremo
  • Perruzi 
  • Mayorkun 


I would delve into why he exited HKN in some other blog post but for this post let’s keep it Davido-centric. 


Artists such as Perruzi, and Mayorkun are currently one of the hottest in the music market. and that’s because of one simple Phrase We Rise By Lifting Others. 


Davido Albums


As a musician, one task you can’t whoosh your way out of like Smallville Superman is to constantly. provide songs for your audience that are craving you. 


Often times this is harder than it looks because you could say well, I just need to rumble a lot and there is music. 


Guess what! 


You will lose that audience and they will all seek solace elsewhere because you are not providing value. 


This rule holds true especially if you are an upcoming artist looking to find your balance with other competitors in your space. 


Take for instance if you are into Jazz then your competitors are people that do Jazz as well. and if they are providing good lyrics and you are not, chances you will lose ur fans. 

Having said that let’s look at how many albums Davido currently has, shall we? 


David currently has three (3) albums to his name having dropped the 3rd dropping in November 22nd, 2019. 


Omo Baba Olowo which is Davido’s debut studio album carries 17 tracks with one promotional single titled.


Here is a list of all Davido Albums including the one scheduled to release before this year finally roles out. 


  • Omo baba olowo
  • Son of Mercy
  • A good time


Also here are some of Davido’s songs that have been a mega-hit in the country and the rest of Africa… 


  • Omo Baba Olowo 
  • Gobe 
  • Skelewu
  • Assurance 
  • Blow my mind 
  • Aye
  • Ifai 
  • If


Davido Net Worth


If there is one thing that I am most certain of it will be that OBO is very rich than your average businessman. 


Do you want to know why? 


It’s simple he has a record label of his own which means he profits from artists signed to the label. 


This guy has several endorsements from huge companies and brands recognized all around the world. 


Finally, he sings and also makes money from his own music sales and the good thing is. he doesn’t have to procure any expenses because all the returns are coming right back to him. 


There you have so let’s look at his net worth a little. but mind you I won’t dive deeper. because I already have a blog post that covers Davido’s net worth in depth. 


Assets have always been one of the ways the rich invest and according to Robert Kiyosaki, the rich buy 3 types of assets. 


You can look up the 3 types of assets with the link above, I am sure there are more than enough details in there. 


so how do we calculate the net worth of David? 


You and I can do this by subtracting all of his debts from the assets he has. 


Examples of Davido’s assets will be cars, landed property, houses, diamonds, gold, silver, and bronze. These are just to name a few of the other types of assets he may have. 


Here is the short formula for calculating an asset that is applicable to anyone whether a celebrity or businessman. 


I urge you to read the post on Davido net worth to find every tiny detail you may have missed. 


David Endorsements 


One of the core benefits of being a celebrity is the huge endorsements that come with it especially. if you are one of the hottest at that particular time. 


OBO has enjoyed a stellar career in music and if you want to name legends in the coming years. I am pretty sure Davido and Wizkid sit on a fine pedestal. 

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In mid-2019 David Adedeji Adeleke became a brand ambassador for Travelbeta alongside his girlfriend Chioma. 


You could say when fame finds you, fortune smiles upon you as well and this can be said for this boyfriend and girlfriend. 


Adeleke’s son has mouth-watering Endorsement deals with the likes of label giants Sony.


but you and I will dive deeper into the roots when I treat Davido Endorsement deals as a cluster of this. 


The art of music has seen several Nigerian artists bag a lot of endorsement deals. whether Ciroc, Pepsi, heck even Nike. 

but the popularity of David in 2019 could see this guy land more Endorsements come 2020.


Here are a couple of endorsement deals owned by David Adedeji Adeleke. 


  • Travelbeta Endorsement 
  • Sony Music Endorsement 
  • Infinix Mobile Endorsement 
  • Pampers Endorsement 


These are just a few and make sure you look into all Davido endorsement deals here. 


quickly let’s jump to all of David’s Awards from the day he started music to date. 


Davido Awards 


Writing about David who is one of the richest musicians in Africa and Nigeria obviously won’t be complete. without talking about his awards. 


David is a humble guy and despite coming from a very rich background, he has never allowed wealth to get into his head. 


and one of his favorite quotes is We Rise By Lifting others. like it or not that phrase is the simple secret of wealth. 


Making wealth according to the average man seems to be a very difficult thing to do right? 


but if you could be down to earth today and accept this simple principle and work with it like Davido. your success is already halfway guaranteed except you refuse to put it to work as Davido did. 


During the 2017 headies award organization, the controversial statement he made was We Rise By Lifting Others. 


and when M.I. Abaga recorded a diss track Viper he also beckons the same line. if anything, it shows that wealth principles can be simple yet difficult. 


but I am not here to talk about wealth principle as applicable to OBO so let’s get on with his list of awards. 


Here is the list of awards but if you really want an in-depth look into Davido awards then follow that link. 


  • The hottest single of the year 2014 Aye


  • Male artist of the year 2014


  • Best collaboration 2014


  • Song of the year 2018 If


  • Best R&B/Pop album


Davido Cars


You can’t talk about Davido’s entire life and talk about his fleet of cars, right?


Well, to be honest, I won’t dive too deep into this part of the article.


The reason is simple, I have written an in-depth blog post on Davido cars.


Simply click on the above link and happy reading.


Davido Houses


First, Davido has a house in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. This house is super fancy and costs a whopping $20 million! 


It has lots of space, fancy furniture, and all the latest gadgets. The view from the house is breathtaking!


Next, Davido also has a house on Banana Island, which is in Lagos State, Nigeria. This house is worth $1.5 million and is in a really fancy neighborhood. 


The house has a mix of modern and traditional styles, making it look marvelous. Inside, many fancy things feel luxurious.


Lastly, Davido’s third house is in Lekki, Nigeria. It cost N140 million (which is about $182,424.05). 


The house is modern and has an excellent design. It’s not as expensive as the other two houses but still lovely. 


Inside, there are big rooms and all the things you need for a comfortable life.


In summary, Davido’s houses are super fancy and show his success. 


His house in Atlanta is worth $20 million, the one in Banana Island is worth $1.5 million, and the house in Lekki costs N140 million. 


Each house has its unique style and features, making them all special. You can read all about Davido houses here.




There are a lot of pecks that come with being a celebrity. but like everyone else, there is also the part of dealing with the fame that comes with it. 


Despite all of these, keeping a clear head and focusing on what you want seems to be the right path for David. who will be getting married to Chioma by 2020? 


He is also set to release another album next year. with Afrobeat now getting lots of mainstream, you and I would love to see how this album is going to be right? 




The super-simple secret to why he is more popular is because he is helping upcoming acts. 


This has helped boost his fame in the country and all around Africa with the rest of the world catching up bit by bit. 


It’s your turn now! 


Why do you like Davido? 


Leave a comment below with your answer and I would be sure to hear from you. 


Do me a favor and Share this post on Facebook today… 


Thanks for reading and cheers to you.

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