Diamond Platnumz ft Fally Ipupa Inama (Mp3 Download & Video)

Diamond Platnumz Inama Lyrics

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Diamond Platnumz inama lyrics is just one of the artist’s amazing songs and you can download Diamond Platnumz ft Fally Ipupa inama mp3 below. 

Diamond Platnumz Inama Lyrics
Diamond Platnumz and Fally Ipupa

Personally I love Fally Ipupa greatly especially after his feature on P square song. 

SMCE Propellerads


You can tell his sheer artistry and professionalism. 


Having said that, what will you get from today’s post? 


Well, you are sure of getting a lot. 


Here we go!


  • While you are here you will be able to follow Inama by Diamond Platnumz lyrics word for word 


  • You will be able to download Diamond Platnumz Inama mp3 here 


  • If you stream songs, well, I have provided you with a button to stream Diamond Platnumz inama audio here too


  • and finally, if you love watching videos, then you can watch Diamond Platnumz inama video here also


As a bonus, I will drop my thoughts on this track and I want you to stick to the end to get it. 


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Now that you know you will be getting enough, let’s dive in shall we? 


Who Wrote and Produce Diamond Platnumz Inama Lyrics 


Here is where you ask me who wrote Inama lyrics by Diamond Platnumz right? 


Inama Diamond Platnumz lyrics is written by Fally Ipupa and DP. 


but who handles the production? 


The production was done by none other than Ayolizer… 


Diamond has been blazing really hot since coming on the music scene. 


and you can’t dispute the fact that he has hit tracks upon hit tracks. 


One of which will be Kidogo featuring ex duo group Psquare


Diamond has been able to increase his fan base thanks to constant hit songs. 


This has also helped to increase his bank account immensely which is equally good. 

Video Inama by Diamond Platnumz ft Fally Ipupa

As an artist, good music can equal good money and good endorsement deals right? 


Well, I will leave that for you to answer now… 


but for now, here is a couple of details you may have missed. 


Song Title: Inama


Artists: Fally Ipupa and DP


Producer: Ayolizer


Written by: DP and Fally Ipupa 


Release Date: 2019 


Nationality: Congo and Tanzania 


Diamond Platnumz Inama Mp3 Download 


Okay if you are really serious about getting everything this guy sings as a Nigeria then perhaps you should learn Swahili. 




Just kidding but frankly, I think that will be good for you and me right? 


Well, Diamond isn’t just one of the most famous in Tanzania. for his amazing lyrics, he is also one of the richest in singers in the African continent


and yes there is currently a new generation of artists coming. 

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but I think it will be more of crappy lyrics than ever because that’s the direction the world is going currently. 


I may be wrong though but let’s wait for when that’s the case. 


Having said that, here is a button for you to download the song below. 

Download “Inama” Inama-by-Diamond-Platnumz.mp3 – Downloaded 1580 times –

Watch Video Inama by Diamond Platnumz ft Fally Ipupa 


Video is taking a positive trend and with so much love from users on Facebook and Twitter. 


It’s a trend I really think you and I want to embrace especially if you are in the marketing space. 


When I watched Diamond Platnumz African beauty video, I was stunned honestly. 

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This is because there is so much detail and time put in to make it what it is. 


and you can’t know this or give it much value until you have been able to watch this video below. 


Here it is… 

Complete Inama Lyrics Diamond Platnumz 


You remember I told you I love good lyrics somewhere on this page right? 


Well, I also love good production and a finite touch. 


but first, when you watched the above video did you understand the lyrics? 


If you don’t I believe I have you covered especially if you are a Tanzanian. 


I have written out the lyrics so that you can follow it word for word. 


Now I want you to listen to it carefully and then imagine the beauty weaved around every word. 


Here is Diamond Platnumz Inama lyrics… 








Verse 1 – Diamond Platnumz


Kukudekeza kama mtoto

Furaha unafurahia

Alafu geuka moto

Machozi unalia

Mwembamba mwenene

Uwe na pesa kama Dangote(Dangote)

Penzi halijali umasikini

Laweza penda mtu yoyote

Penzi sio somo

Ukasome kwa kitabu

Penzi limefanya Harmonize

Afukuzishe Mwarabu

Penzi oyoyo

Limeleta kwa wanangu vita

Siku hizi siwaoni

Naishia kuwalike Insta

Hivo asiyekupenda

Achana naye


Pendana naye

Mambo stress

Ya nyumba ndani

Ebu cheza ufurahi

Kama songi limekolea

Diamond Platnumz Inama mp3

Chorus – Diamond Platnumz


Asa inama

Ebu pinda mgongo(ooh ngo ngo ngo)

Oya inama(inama beiby)

Basi pinda mgongo(ngo ngo ngo ngo ngo)

Asa inama(inama beiby)

Ebu pinda mgongo

Kama tungi limepoza

Oya inama basi pinda mgongo


Bridge – Fally Ipupa


Toujours l’amour e’bandaka na esengo ba bisous ba calins

Ba cadeaux, ba je t’aime tout le temps

Mawé eleka wapi bébé na nga aza présente

Soucis eleka wapi? chérie na ngai azali ehhh

Tango nionso alobelelaka nga Je t’aime


Baloba baseka oh

Baloba baseka oh nga nako lembe teh!

Baloba baseka oh

Baloba baseka oh nga nako lembe teh!


Chérie na ngai aza kitoko

Chérie na ngai aza elengi trop

Chérie na ngai aza kitoko

Chérie na ngai aza elengi trop

Parfois l’amour est compliqué mais chérie à moi est toujours romantique


Chorus – Diamond Platnumz & Fally Ipupa


Asa inama (Oh oh oh)

Ebu pinda mgongo (nakupenda mtoto)

Oya inama (bana inama) basi pinda mgongo (bébé na ngai eh)

(na lela oh ohohoh)

Asa inama

Ebu pinda mgongo(ooh mgongo)

Oya inama basi pinda mgongo


Verse 2


Asa nionyeshe unanyonga je

Nyonga, nyonga kibasikeli

Nyonga kaa kibasikeli

Nyonga kama kibasikeli

Ah kiuno kifanye pedeli

Nyonga, nyonga kibasikeli

Nyonga kaa kibasikeli

Nyonga kama kibasikeli


Ah nyonga, na kupinda mgongo

Nyonga, nyonga kibasikeli

Nyonga kaa kibasikeli

Nyonga kama kibasikeli


Verse 3


Nakucheza ka goma la kashikwa midadi

Analishare lishare

Analishare lishare(analilili)

Analishare lishare

Eh bia za kitonga kachanganya na nyagi

Analishare lishare(yuko bwi)

Analishare lishare(silali)

Analishare lishare(oooh)




Yeah Samuel Eto’o

Didier Drogba


Fally Ipupa, Tokooosss

Toza likolo, Bakokoka Té (Kokate)


Review of the Song 


Having Diamond and Fally in one track is simply amazing. 


both are lovers of dance and the sheer respect between these two is huge. 


with that said here is SMCE rating guide. 


  • Excellent 5 stars 


  • Very Good 4 stars 


  • Good 3 stars 


  • Fair 2 stars 


  • Poor 1 star 


Okay now here is the big question how would you rate this song? 


Use the emoji button at the bottom of this post to drop your ratings… 


Having said that here is my thought on this track… 


I believe the beat literally got me dancing as I listen to my beats by Dre. 


The lyrics is just scintillating, the video was full of creativity. 


and the producing doing all of this is a master of his craft. 


Overall this was a really good song deserving my 4.8-star rating. 




Diamond is strong on his genre and do is Fally Ipupa. 


and blending these two to produce this hit song takes class. 


This has also helped shape their career into what it is today. 


Now it’s over to you! 


How would you rate this track? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


If you love this song then please follow us here on Facebook and don’t forget to hit that share button on your screen. 


Thanks for reading and cheers.


Diamond Platnumz Inama Lyrics (Mp3 Download & Video)
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Diamond Platnumz Inama Lyrics (Mp3 Download & Video)
Diamond Platnumz inama lyrics is just one of the artist’s amazing songs and you can download Diamond Platnumz ft Fally Ipupa inama mp3 below. 
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