Diddy and Lori Harvey Dating Rumor(What We Know)

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Diddy and Lori dating rumor

Last updated on May 7th, 2020 at 03:08 pm

Diddy and Lori Harvey dating rumor have been the talk on Twitter for the past 2 months with mixed reactions from fans but here is my thought.

Diddy and Lori dating rumor

It’s a crazy question whether P Diddy is dating 22 years old Lori Harvey the stepdaughter of Steve Harvey. But I bet the real question becomes why is it crazy?



Today you and I would be looking into the rumors of Diddy new date with his son’s ex-girlfriend.


Don’t worry this probably won’t take much time to read.


I have even made the text very scannable with the proper subheadings.


Having said that here is one more thing I want you to do.


A few weeks back I scripted this site to use a table of contents.


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Here is a quick question!


Is Diddy Dating Lori Harvey


Sean Diddy Combs has been spotted together on several occasions with Lori 22. but to ascertain if this two are dating will be a bogus claim because Lori and Sean haven’t spoken a word about these rumors.


Why this isn’t the first time the singer is dating a lady he is 2x older than, it certainly won’t be his last.


The singer who the mother of his kids Kim Potter passed on several months ago was seen. cozying with Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter.


And it didn’t take time for the rumor of their date to take a mixed reaction from fans.


It’s crazy when the life of celebs comes under a constant microscope.


You see people waiting for what next should go wrong and with the comments on Twitter. Well, you could say sometimes it sucks to be a celeb wouldn’t you agree?


You don’t have to answer that of course!


If you are a celeb and such issues arise, you better be prepared for the backlash that comes with it.


But what I really don’t get is aren’t celebs just like every other human being that are flawed.


Can someone please enlighten me on why they have to be any different?


Probably this is just my opinion because I keep this feeling that humans can make mistakes.


So don’t judge my thoughts!


Well like I said Diddy Twitter fans got divided into the craziness. and it didn’t take long for that to go viral inviting the likes of The Game airing his view.


Why Are Diddy Followers Angry With His Choice of Date


This one is a pretty simple answer; some of Diddy Combs fans are upset because he is dating his son’s ex.


But why is this a big deal?


I honestly don’t know why it’s a big deal but I guess I would have to wait for my daughter. to bring home a 50 years old man as her date.


But seriously, my guess would be that it just doesn’t seem nice for Diddy to be dating his son’s ex.


This, in my opinion, is the actual fuzz right here. I mean if he were dating someone, not his son’s ex it’d probably be played down.


I don’t know what Cassie would say About her ex dating a 22 years old girl.


But I am damn certain she wouldn’t concern herself with things seeing as she is happy with her man. whom together they are expecting a baby.


Often times you and I want people to behave in a certain way.


But the sad truth is that why should be expecting so much from anyone huh?


The best you can do is to let people be and stop expecting too much from anyone.


I could remember what my mother would always say during a morning devotion…


Here are her words precisely:


“Don’t expect too much from people because the shortest definition for devastation is expectancy”


I didn’t quite know what she meant because I little about 10 years of age.


But now it’s very clear what she meant with the words she uses to say to me and my brothers.


With that out of the way, does it make sense to be dating your son’s ex?


The answer is No if anyone is going, to be honest. I mean it’s nuts when you think about it from one point.


So how about if you and decides to look at from another angle huh?


I mean love!


It’s no doubt it’s one of the craziest feelings in the world.


It can make you do really crazy stuff you know.


Does Love Make one Do Crazy things


I remember this one time I packed down to a new place in my hometown.


I saw this beautiful girl, her skin was like sunshine, I could swear I haven’t seen anything that beautiful.


So being a guy I tried asking her out, by the way, am still very much single. because I don’t want you start getting some crazy ideas.


Things didn’t work between us because she literally was leaving opposite me.


Good thing she was matured with the way she handled everything you know.


One day i practically stood under the rain waiting for her to come out, of course she came out.


I stood there right in front of her gate holding a flower under the rain, I wanted it to be epic.


She came out to me under the rain and I gave her the floor and told her these words…


“I don’t want to live in a world where you don’t love me”


She smiled sheepishly I would say but she said something that stuck with me till date.


Here is what she said:


“Sometimes loving someone so deeply could mean you do crazy things and I am all for crazy”


Long story short she kissed me and said this is goodbye because tomorrow I am leaving this country.


So why the story?


I told you that little story because the crazy thing I did was stood under a rain with a flower. after watching an India movie by Salman Khan.


I mean that movie got me all fuzzy with ideas and lots of ideas..


Too bad my imagination didn’t play out to become reality but I learned that love is crazy.


So what’s crazy About Diddy and Lori dating rumor?


Well for starters you do sight the age difference right?


Good thing there ain’t no law kicking against a 50 years old falling in love with 22 years old.


If there was one am sure Diddy would be crucified for such act.


How Diddy and Lori Dating Rumour Started


Early this year social media broke with the rumor that Lori and Diddy were dating.

Why is it news flash?


Recall Sean’s son chance?


Chance dated Lori before the lovey-dovey pair broke up and it didn’t take long for us to see Combs. Hanging out with his son’s ex-girlfriend.


Lori and Diddy dating rumor intensified when the two were spotted together in Italy on a date.


This date happened to be with Lori stepdad Steve Harvey.


You remember Steve right one of the most popular TV show host in the world.


If you don’t, you can read more about on wiki’s page of course. Those guys are a well of information you know.


Although P Diddy and Lori Harvey dating rumor started before then.


Precisely it began when the two were spotted downing same beachside outfit months back.


So If Italy did anything, it intensified the debate whether the two are dating right now.


Another occasion the two has been spotted cozying is when Lori was seen driving Sean Combs Maybach.


All of this scenario drove fans to throw shades at Sean for stooping so low.


But if you ask me, I do tell you that when it comes to a man and a woman crazy things do happen.




While Diddy and Lori dating rumor continues to be a debate, I hoping it slides.


Mostly because this isn’t the first bizarre thing in the world you and I have seen.


So why blow it to the point where it has to bring smoke. 


This two are adults and am sure they can handle their shit if ever they are really in love.


I mean even The Game said if people are happy just let them be.


Now it’s your turn!


What do think about P Diddy dating his son’s ex-girlfriend?


Use the comment box to drop your thoughts!


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