Dolly Parton Writes New Song For Movie Dumplin

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Dolly Parton
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Parton discusses working alongside fellow songwriter Linda Perry on the soundtrack for the film, which is about a plus-sized teen who enters a local beauty pageant. Perry’s “really pretty” melody inspired Parton to create “Girl in the Movies,” the film’s distinguishing track.

“I just put myself in that place of that little girl, dreaming of being something more,” Parton says. “We all have to try to be our better selves, and that’s really important.”

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Jennifer Aniston, who produced Dumplin’ and also stars in the film as an overbearing former pageant queen mother, couldn’t resist showering the country icon with praises. “Dolly is just basically everything fun and fierce,” Aniston also gushes. “She’s just fantastic.”

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Above all, Dolly Parton wants viewers to be impacted by the inclusive message of Dumplin’. “I hope the audience all go away feeling a little more empowered, thinking that it’s OK to be who you are,” Parton says. “Be your best self.”

Parton also just snagged a Golden Globe nomination for best original song for “Girl in the Movies.

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