Don Jazzy Net Worth 2020
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What is Don Jazzy net worth in 2020 have you ever been asked that question before? But here is the good thing I will answer that for you today.


Don Jazzy Net Worth 2020
Founder of Mavin Record Label

Don Jazzy net worth 2020 is $20.8 million and if you convert Don J worth from dollars to Naira, that’s like 7.262 billion Naira.


One of the reasons I love to write about the net worth of these celebrities is because I love the sound of riches. I mean if you are rich you can be a force of good.


I grew up believing that money is bad, power is bad… but little did I know that was somebody else’s thoughts that have been implanted into my subconscious.


Luckily I found T Harv Eker‘s the Secret of the Millionaire Mind.


I read the book over and over again and I realize that most of our thoughts do not support us.


The truth is I admire the likes of Davido, Wizkid, Mr P, Rudeboy Tiwa Savage and others.


You know why?


Because success does not just come to you, you have to go in there and take it.


I suggest you read that book, trust me it will change your perception about rich people.


Because in Africa most especially the Nigerians, you and I have this belief system that’s so flawed.


We believe that money makes people wicked but that’s a total misconception.


I really think that money doesn’t make people wicked. as a matter of fact, money amplify who you already are on the inside.


It’s that simple right!


Take for example if you are good and you become wealthy, like super wealthy. Do you automatically just become bad because you are now wealthy?


The answer is no you don’t, but rather because you are already good on the inside. you will be good on the outside.


Here is one of my favorite quote from the book I talked about…


“What you are on the inside is what you produce on the outside.”


In a nutshell…


You can’t be good on the inside and then bad on the outside. It doesn’t work like that. It’s as simple as you being a product of whatever you are on the inside.


True Life Hilarious Story


I started this whole story by telling you that I admire the rich people right?


Well, I think these guys totally beat me there because I can’t even imagine two grown-up guys. fighting because of the net worth of Nigerian musicians.


I went for a walk one evening only for me to run into these two guys on a heated argument….


Please ask me what the argument was about…


I will tell you!


The whole argument spun from Davido and Wizkid net worth who is the richest?


I mean that was all, one said it’s Davido, the other said it’s Wizkid.


I was like what the hell is wrong with these two guys… Pick up your damn phone and ask Google(I said silently)

Don Jazzy Net Worth and Biography

Big G has the answer to everything you can think of, so why wasting your saliva debating this…


Can you believe that these two guys didn’t even know to do a simple Google search.


I was like you have got to be kidding me, in 2019?

So there are still some persons that don’t know what a search engine is. and how they can perform a simple search?


The two of them noticed me watching and one quickly said


“Bros abeg Wizkid and Davido who get money pass” the above question was asked in Pidgin English.


I will translate for you just in case you do not understand Pidgin English.


The question the guy asked me is;


Wizkid and Davido who is the richest?


I simply smiled because I felt like these guys are going to drag me into this argument.


You know what I did?


I brought out my phone and perform a simple keyword search by typing it into the address bar…


Whoola, there it was staring at them on the face. funny thing is between number one to ten, there was Don Jazzy net worth in Dollars.


Just like that I helped settle their little misunderstanding, each of them thanked me, both took the left turn and left.


As I was walking by the road I then decided that I will do a post about the net worth of the two. while comparing their worth but simply for educational purposes.


Eventually, I did that a month back and I am here telling you the story today.




Life really is a series of moments and if you are bold and certain enough, you get what you want from it.


Okay enough of that please, now let’s shift our focus back to Don J.


I had to title this post Don Jazzy net worth and biography because I don’t want to make two separate posts for it.


so by the time you finish reading this post, you will know


  • Don Jazzy real name


  • How much Don Jazzy is worth


  • Don Jazzy brothers and sisters


  • The father of Don Jazzy


  • Where he schooled


  • What he studied in school


  • How he started Mohits record with D’banj


  • How they broke up


  • Don Jazzy Mavin records


  • Some of the songs from the two record label


  • His early life


  • Career


  • Awards


  • and Endorsement deals


So please stay with me because you and I are in for one hell of a ride…


Here is a quick question for you what is the name of your favorite Nigeria musician?


Leave a comment below and I will engage with you…


Let’s start with his biography right? because I can’t just tell you about his net worth. without taking you through a series of his life moments.


Don Jazzy biography and History


Every once a while you Google stuff like where was Don Jazzy born, what tribe is Don Jazzy, is Don Jazzy a father and many more.

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Today I will take my time and answer each and every one of these questions one after the other. at least this way I have to be satisfied that provide you all the information you need to know.


Where was Don Jazzy Born


Don Jazzy was born in Abia which is a state in the country Nigeria. The capital of Abia is Umuahia and the inhabitants of this place are the Igbo.


Don Jazzy mother is actually a princess from Umuahia and if you do the math, then you know Ajereh is royalty.


Where is Don Jazzy From


Although Don Jazzy was born in Umuahia which is the birthplace of his mother, Don Jazzy origin and history can be traced. back to Delta state which is the South part of Nigeria.


Delta state has many languages and one of such language is the Isoko. unknown to many people his father is actually an Isoko man.


Mr. Ajereh Don Jazzy’s father hails from Isoko and from reliable sources such as Wikipedia. I find out that Don Jazzy is an Isoko man.


What is Don Jazzy Real Name


Don Jazzy real name is Michael Collins Ajereh. but his career name or stage name is the one that makes headline every now and then.


Michael Collins Ajereh stage name is Don Jazzy. and his success has found him favor with the likes of Kanye and Jay-Z.


But don’t worry you and I will get into all of that as we dive deeper to unravel the mysteries.


How old is Don Jazzy


Don Jazzy is 38 years old now and he was born on the 26th November 1982 to Mr. and Mrs. Collins Ajereh.


I mean you could say for 38 years old he is already a billionaire, right?


Well, fortune has a way of smiling upon us right but know this it wasn’t luck. It was years of putting in the work.


I tell people every time when I am invited to speak… I tell them that life is simply just following principles.

If you follow these principles, you will succeed and have your name written in history too. like MJ, Whitney Houston, Jay Z and Beyonce.


First, you have to put in the work, I see too many people thinking that life is just something you toil with. It’s not and often at times, you and I realize this only when it’s too late.


But wait there’s more


I love using wealthy people as an example you know why because they have the same 1 head you have.


It doesn’t have to be complicated, success is achieved when you put in the work.


I have digressed a little but now let’s come back to it…


Where did Don Jazzy School


Don Jazzy attended federal government college Lagos state. After high school, Michael decided to further his education.


His quest to be learned saw him took a form of Ambrose Ali University. As usual, he wrote the school exam and passed.

Net Worth of Don Jazzy

Collins was accepted into Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma in Edo state.


Edo state was once called Bendel State before it got separated into two state. which is Delta and Edo.


Mr Ajereh’s son graduated with a degree in Business management studies.


For someone that studied business management, you can be certain this guy is a guru… I mean the way he handles his record label is just super amazing right?


Well, I believe you probably don’t know who Don Jazzy is if you visiting from Asia, Europe or America. So, I will answer that for you quickly!


Who is Don Jazzy


I know you are probably wondering right but hey, you don’t have to okay?


Don Jazzy is a music recorder and producer. don’t worry I didn’t forget to add that he is also a singer…


I can’t say Songwriter because I really haven’t seen him with an album yet.


So should anyone ask who is the Nigeria musician without an album.. Just say that will be Don Jazzy.




I like to call him “The Man Without an Album” or better still “The Nigerian musician without an album”


The singer favorite Genre of Music is Afro-pop, African hip hop.


Don Jazzy Family and Personal Life


While I was researching to bring you this post I realize a lot of people were asking is Don Jazzy a father, is Don Jazzy married?


Don Jazzy is not yet a father and he is not yet married, so I hope this answers that question for you.


Don Jazzy brothers and sisters are;


  • James Enebeli brother


  • D’ Prince brother


  • Joy Solano Sister


  • Collins Enebeli father


So is Don Jazzy and D Prince brothers?


Don Jazzy and D’Prince are brothers, same mother and same father just in case you are wondering who is older!

Don Jazzy Family
Don Jazzy and Family

Image Source: Informationnigeria

Don Jazzy older than D Prince!


JDD was born in 1982 while D Prince was born in 1986.


So, If someone should ask you how many brothers does Don Jazzy have? Say 2!


Michael Collins Ajereh has two brothers and a sister, James Enebeli and D Prince.


Don Jazzy history and biography is one that is particularly interesting because of how he started out.


I will take you to his early beginnings in this subheading below so stick with me now will you?


Early Life of Michael Collins Ajereh


If you really want to discuss Don Jazzy biography and net worth then you will need to. talk about his early life too right?


Well, that’s what I am about to give you. His flair for music came while he was 12 years old.


But he isn’t the first, I like to say he discovered his a bit late compared to Tekno Miles.


Tekno developed interest in music at the age of six that’s like 6 years before the Mavin boss did.


The one thing I really like about Don Jazzy is his voice.


I mean that thick bass is just phenomenal and the way he uses it is magically flawlessly.


While The man with no album was younger, he learned how to play bass guitar. But most notable is his love for a traditional percussion instrument.


Dan Lok will say develop yourself in a way that you become so super hot that there’s no one to compete.


That’s exactly what JDD did and having developed skills in musical instruments, in 2000, he got a call to the UK.




That one na abroad connect o!


… This call came from MCA‘s uncle in the UK and it is so that he could go over to play an instrument in a local church.


During an interview, when Don Jazzy was asked to tell a brief story about his humble beginning he said:

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While I was in the United Kingdom playing drum for the local church, I also quickly took. the opportunity to apply for a security job at Mc Donald.


There I walked as a security officer before then I had already Learnt how to produce music from Emeka Infiniti at O-record company.


one skill added to another and another can make you quite worthy of being called the real deal.


Kanye West Hired JDD


I have been using JDD and MCA a lot so what does it mean?


JDD means Jazzy De Don and MCA means Michael Collins Ajereh.


So when next you see it in this post, just know it’s an acronym of Don Jazzy’s names.


In mid-2011 Kanye West who recently said he has a Bipolar Disorder employed Don Jazzy. to work as a producer at very Good Beatz.


During his brief spell at very good Beatz, he did songs with Jay Z who is currently the first black rapper to become a billionaire.


Don Jazzy worked on Beyonce lift Off single from the album “Watch the Throne”. while featuring her husband and Kanye West.


How He Met D’banj and Formation of Mohits Record


While MCA was still in London he met several Naija musicians like X project. and among these names was D’banj aka Koko master.


Together It’s Don Jazzy again and Koko master teamed to create Mo’hits record.


As a Co-founder of Mohits DJ signed artist Dr Sid who is the son of late Nigeria actor Justice Esiri.


Mohits birth Wande Coal, D’ Prince and notably D’banj.


Under Mo’hits record, D’banj first album was released, consequently his Rundown-Funk you up was also dropped.


Curriculum Vitae is D’banj 3rd album under Mohits but the pair later broke up after a rift.


When D’banj abandoned Mo hits to go solo Mavin records was formed.


But first, here are some of the major album from Mohits.


Mohits Albums and Singles


D’banj No Long Thing


  • Released:2005


  • Singles: “Tongolo”, “Socor”, “Mobolowowon”


Mo’ Hits All Stars Curriculum Vitae


  • Released:2007


  • Singles: “Why Me (Remix)”, “Pere”, “Ololufe”, “Booty Call”, “Move Your Body”


D’banj RunDown Funk U Up


  • Released:2006


  • Singles: “Run Down”, “Why Me”, “Move Your Body”


D’banj The Entertainer


  • Released: 2008


  • Singles: “Fall in Love”, “Gbono Feli Feli”, “Kimon”, “Suddenly“, “Entertainer”, “Olorun Maje”, “Igwe”


  • Certification: Platinum


Wande Coal – Mushin 2 Mohits


  • Released:2008


  • Singles: “Bumper2Bumper”, “You Bad”, “Taboo”, “Who Born The Maga”


Dr SID Turning Point


  • Released:2010


  • Singles: “Something About You”, “Pop Something”, “Over The Moon”


Formation of Mavin Records


Mavin Records was formed in May precisely on the 7th 2012 and during an interview with silver Bird.

Don Jazzy biography and Net worth

Don J was recorded as saying that Mavin records will go on to be one of the best record label. in Africa as a whole.


7 years after, you can beat your chest and say that he is damn right when he said that…


Don Jazzy net worth Forbes 2019 even estimated the label to be worth a billionaire Naira.


Here is a popular audio track by the first generation of the Mavin crew titled Dorobucci…

Stream and click on the blue button to download it…



[download id=”2869″]


In the new era of Mavin, you and I saw artists like Tiwa Savage who is now signed to UMG, Reekardo Banks, Wande Coal who left after issues with Don Jazzy, Korede Bello Di’ja, Dr Sid and more.


One of the hit tracks by the Mavin crew was Dorobucci.


The song featured all of Mavin crew and it was wildly accepted by Nigerians all over the country.


Heck, there were even T-shirts printed with name Dorobucci on it…


and in Nigeria, if a song goes as far as to make a print on shirts then know that song was lit.


Some other singles by Mavin crew to follow in the footprint of Dorobucci is Adaobi and Ganta-Marta.


Just recently after the likes of Tiwa Savage, Reekardo Banks, Wande Coal have left Mavin, the boss. and businessman unveiled his new stars.


I mean the new faces of Mavin that will usher the label into a new era.


One of the most insightful ways he did that was through a song Mavin all is in order.


which is a song telling everyone to stay calm that the label big names might be gone. but he’s still got aces up his sleeves.


All is in order is currently trending really fine, I mean that song alone sent me more than. 200 visitors alone from big G.


How many artists are there in Mavin records currently?


There are 4 artists signed to Mavin records currently. Below are The New Mavin Crew 2019


  • Korede Bello


  • Rema


  • DNA Twins


  • Crayon


  • Dija


  • D’Prince


While it is one thing to be a producer, it’s another to be a Marketer. and you can’t be a producer and a Marketer all at the same time, right?


Which is why In 2012 Mavin boss Created Mavin League to help increase his brand awareness as a marketing strategy.


Owning your own record label is awesome right?


But just what if it becomes a ghost?


This is why you need a brand marketing expert to create your brand awareness.


When you ask questions like who is the richest Musician in Nigeria, be sure when I say Don Jazzy name will be there.


How Much is Don Jazzy Net Worth


Don Jazzy is worth $20.8 million in 2019 making him the 3rd richest musician in Nigeria. If you convert Don Jazzy net worth to Naira, it’s 7.262 billion Naira. which puts him on the list of richest musicians in Africa.

Don Jazzy Total Net Worth

This figure puts behind the Davido and Wizkid who both have a net worth of $24 million. and 22.5 million respectively.


But Like everything else before you and I can draw a complete estimate of how much Don Jazzy is worth. let’s first look at things like his houses and cars.


In general, let’s look at Don Jazzy asset 2019.


Buying luxurious and houses are the dream of every upcoming celebrity right?


So what about people like the doroboss what does an asset mean for him?


Like it or not but you have to understand that luxurious cars and houses are assets.


But quickly what’s the definition of net worth?


Well, net worth is all of a person’s asset minus all the debt he owes. Having said that, let’s look at the cost of some of Don Jazzy cars and houses.


Don Jazzy Houses


Before Rudeboy and Mr P split, the square villa was the biggest mansion owned by any Nigeria celebrity.

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So, how many houses does Don Jazzy have?


Don J has 3 houses!


But let’s look at the cost of each of the houses one after the other. but first here is a list of Michael Collins Ajereh houses.


  • Don Jazzy House in banana Highland


  • Don J House in Lekki


  • His house in Nicon


Don Jazzy House in banana Highland


One of the first things a man fights for is having a roof over his head, and if any of the stories. about banana Highland are true, it will be that it’s a Highland were the rich rob shoulders.


Among the rich is you can count Don Jazzy as one of the wealthy in the country.


According to the ranking of African richest artist Forbes 2018, Don Jazzy was ranked 39th most influential musician in Africa.


Such ranking does not just come if you ain’t worth anything you know. and having managed two record labels and several artists, you can say it’s a title well deserving.


Michael Collins Ajereh banana island home cost an estimated figure of $150,000.


If you convert this figure to Naira, you will have N54,000,000.


I mean 54 million Naira isn’t the sort of cash you pick by the roadside right?


So what about his second home?


Don Jazzy House in Lekki


The house in Lekki is mainly used as office… but with 8 bedroom flats, the beauty is second none.


Having a house outside Lagos feels more like a getaway and there was this one time. when JDD didn’t come back.


Had to look around for him only to be found in one of the rooms in the office building.


When asked why she chose to stay back rather than go home his answer was sleek.


“I have 8 bedrooms with clothes, good food and everything you can think.


But the major reason I decided to stay back was that I have a lot of job around the city.


The house in Lekki is valued at around $160,000.


Since I am a Nigerian, I love converting these figures to Naira so that you have a feel of the. actual amount both in Naira and in dollars.


The total cost of the house is N57. 3 million


Don Jazzy Fleet of Cars


Don Jazzy is one of those singers with a good taste and his fleet of cars if anything proves that…


Below I will list each of his cars and how much they are worth in dollars and in Naira.


Don Jazzy cars in dollars


  • Porche Carrera worth $70,000


  • Bentley worth $50,000


  • Range rover sport  $60,000


  • Cadillac Escalade worth $70,000


  • Gold Bentley worth $185,000


Don Jazzy Cars in Naira


  • Cadillac Escalade priced at N25.2 million


  • Range rover sport N21.6 million


  • Bentley N18 million


  • Porche Carrera N25.2 million


  • Gold Bentley N66.6 million


I can only imagine that the Net worth of Don Jazzy will continue to rise even in 2020.


considering he is a very strategic businessman, I am predicting that come 2020  Don Jazzy net worth 2019 would be a thing of the past.


This is because as a businessman most of your goals and investment is planned in order to increase your worth.


I was on a YouTube video some days back when I saw Jack the owner of, I mean this guy has 102 years of goals.


Each goal set is geared at making him not just an extra dollar but millions and millions of dollars.


What do you think happens then?


That more money and more money equals an increasing net worth assuming what he owes isn’t bigger than his assets.


The one thing that’s amazing about Don J is how strategic he has been so far with Mavin record label.


I could remember telling a brother of mine during the first time DNA twin was unveiled.


I had told him that 3 years from when the current Mavin crew are gone. JDD would be preparing another team of youngsters to usher the label to a whole different stage.


Fast forward to 2019, my prophecy came to pass. but I didn’t just say those words right?


I said those words because I saw an Entrepreneurial spirit in him.


Well, let’s take a look at Don Jazzy awards and Endorsements deals, shall we?


Don Jazzy Endorsement Deals


If you are looking for some of the ambassadors of Samsung. in Nigeria, Michael will be among the names you will find.


But just in case you do not know about Samsung origin, I just you read about it here.


Plus you really don’t need to feel your head with too much.


So here is the little way I can explain what Samsung does, chances you have used a TV in your house before right?


Maybe not Samsung but my point is Samsung is a conglomerate and deals on things like appliances.


Just be sure to knock yourself out with the history and these are the guys that Don J is affiliated to as an ambassador.


In 2013, Don Jazzy signed an Endorsement deal with Johnnie Walker.


Do not for once think that it’s John Walker of Fast and Furious okay…


This is a Whiskey company and the deal was worth more than $200,000 which is about N80 million.


Also, MTN had to sweep in for his signature too but this time. the producer and telecommunication giant decided to pen a renewal clause.


MTN and Michael Collins Ajereh renewal deal saw the Songwriter land a whooping Forty million Naira to his bank account.


Do you remember Konga? It’s an online mall for buying gadgets, accessories and more. Collins also have an Endorsement deal with Konga.


This deal is said to be worth an estimated figure of N15 million.


The one deal that was held behind closed doors is the Don Jazzy Endorsement deal with Promasidor Loya Milk. sources said the deal was worth more than N5,000,000.


Quickly here’s a list of all the brands Don Jazzy has Endorsement deals with:


  • MTN Don Jazzy Endorsement deal worth N40,000,000


  • Promasidor Loya milk undisclosed


  • Samsung


  • Konga Don Jazzy ambassadorship deal worth N15,000,000


  • Don Jazzy Johnnie Walker endorsement deal worth N80,000,000


Don Jazzy Career Awards


  • Producer of the year 2006 at Nigeria Music Award(NMA)


  • 2007 Nigeria Entertainment Award (NEA) music producer of the year


  • 2011- Headies Award for producer of the year


  • Headies Award producer of the year


  • 2015 City people entertainment award-special award




The net worth Don Jazzy has ranked him among some of the top ten richest musicians in Nigeria.


Having come this far, creating a name and a brand for himself, his success is a particular one that is amazing.


Well, having taken you through such a wonderful journey, I bet you are satisfied


So here is a quick question for you!


How much are you worth currently?


You should use Don Jazzy net worth in dollars as a guide and an inspiration to increase your worth.


If you need some amazing mentors you can follow then drop a comment below with “I need your mentors.”


Once I see enough comments I will drop some of the mentors I follow that can. lead you to your ultimate success.


Cheers and thanks for reading.



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