Download Latest Naija Songs(Top 10 Music Sites in Nigeria)

Latest Naija Songs

Last updated on February 22nd, 2022 at 06:47 am

Always looking for a place to download latest Naija songs can be very exhausting. But it doesn’t have to be, which is why I have put together this list of sites.

Download Latest Naija Songs

SMCE Propellerads

By the end of this post, You will know where to Download latest Naija songs of Davido, Wizkid, Tekno, Tiwa Savage, Naija music videos, and 9ja song lyrics.

First of all, I want you to know that this post about Naija music download. It will take you 10 minutes to read if you are a slow reader. and 5 minutes if you are a super fast reader.

You may want to time yourself to see if you fall between the category of a fast or slow reader. Do it for fun but it really does not matter whether you are fast or slow.

So, today I will speak about the top 10 Nigeria sites to download latest Naija musics.

So, stay with me because I created this for you in order to walk you through step by step how to download these latest Naija songs.

But first let me ask you, who is your Favourite Nigerian artist?

Scroll down and type your answer in the comment box. As the head of SMC, I will take a look at every comment because I love engaging with you.

My friend’s Hilarious Question About Latest Naija Songs

I was having a cool time with some friends. at PTI housing complex when one of politely asked where can I download latest Naija songs?

Honestly, I first thought he was joking with the question right!

Only for another of my friend to say that he has been meaning to ask me the same question. I was baffled most especially because I never thought anyone would be asking such a question.

But there were two of my friends asking which I felt was insanely awkward. Do not mind the English, it just shows how baffled I was.

I quickly got out of my 30 seconds of staying mute. and then I ask the so, you are really telling me that you don’t know where to download latest Nigerian songs?

replied me “Nawa, na wetin they tire me for Nigerians be this. Una go use question take dey answer question”.

I will translate the above for those of you that do not understand pidgin English.

Here it is:

“I get tired of Nigerians! You people answer every question with a question”

Example is:

Where can I download latest Naija songs? which is the question he asked initially.

Me being a Nigerian, rather than answer the question by telling him a site where he can get new Naija music!

I opted to answer his question with another question.

Here is how I replied to him:

So, you are really telling me you do not know where to download Nigeria music?

We laughed about it for some minutes while I was sipping my cold lemonade. and devouring my barbecue.

Where to Download Latest Naija Songs( Answer)

I know that my friend would not let the topic rest, so I quickly gave him a list of where to download trending Naija music.

Here is the list:

  • Shoutmeceleb
  • Mp3naija
  • 360nobs

Those are the list of sites I gave the two of them.

I made this post because I thought like my friends, it can help you easily navigate Google search.

so, you do not have to worry about where you can get Nigerian songs anymore. But rather you simply just have to pick from the list above.

Just like that, you can get any songs you want except maybe the songs weren’t uploaded. but out of the 10 sites, am sure one would have the song you are looking to download and listen.

But wait that’s just the beginning!

I also took the time to show my friends step by step how to download latest Naija music Mp3. and I will show you how shortly.

But first, let me brief you a little about what each of the aforementioned above site has to offer.

Shoutmeceleb Entertainment

SMC or Shoutmeceleb focuses their attention on celebrity net worth, their lifestyle, songs, videos, lyrics, and vacation.

The good thing about our team is that we give you the song, it’s lyrics and video all in one place.

Another interesting thing about shoutmeceleb Entertainment is our vacation challenge. In the contest, our audience gets to win a vacation trip to some Iconic cities in Nigeria.

But wait there’s more!

If you participate in the contest and you made the top 20 list, you get a chance to win a free $415 as business start-up capital.

That’s super interesting right!

Imagine if you are the winner, it’s an endless day of fun for the 5 persons that will go on this vacation. but let’s leave it at that for now.

Here are some of the amazing categories where you may download latest naija music here in SMC.

  • Wizkid Songs
  • Yemi Alade and more

Now, let’s look at some of the amazing features of the other sites.


Naijaloaded has been around for a fairly long amount of time. I think it dates back to 2009. The site started with uploading of cheat sheets.

Mostly for Symbian phones then and if you are a Nigerian then you probably remember the age of Symbian phones.

Naijaloaded has categories on almost anything Nigerian. You can even download latest Naija music videos in Mp4 and also you can download Naija latest DJ mix of 2019.

But one of the things you should look out for when you visit the site is their Talk Gists. It’s a community where it’s audience discuss on any trending topic.


Tooxclusive much like Naijaloaded added things to keep it’s audience busy. One of such innovative ideas is when it added a talk forum.

How it works:

A question is asked on several topics, and the audience uses the comment box to answer. You may want to look it up layer.

Tooxclusive is a good place to find the latest Naija song lists. I find the list of Nigerian songs there to be top notch, no exaggeration.


This is also another wonderful place to get latest Naija songs downloaded. The layout of the pages is unique.

Another thing I notice is how fast the site loads. It’s is good to have a fast loading site because it provides you as a user a good experience.

Trust me no user wants to trade a website with good user experience for another that perform poorly.

Webmasters like myself know what it means to have a fast loading site. Even Google recently said it will penalize a site that loads slowly.

I won’t be covering the other sites because all the websites have a similar interface. So, it would be a waste of time repeating the same thing.

You get the drift?

In the next subheading, we will cover step by step ways to free download latest Nigerian music. hop in guys, there is more for you.

How to download Latest Naija Songs

If you visited the above blogs/websites, you would have realized that there’s one thing common among them. It is with which you can Download 9ja music.

Maybe you know or maybe be you don’t know but I still feel it is good to share this with you. Did you know you can download free trending Naija songs without paying any money?

and for this reason, I will be using screenshots from my blog to walk you through how to download the latest Naija songs from my site and any other you may have visited.

Here is the Juice!

Step- 1

Type in your browser address the name of the site. I am using shoutmeceleb for this example all through. but feel free to use the site you normally visit.

Step 2

Use the search bar to locate the song you want to download.

Type in the keyword e.g Rudeboy Reason With Me.

Look at the screenshot below:

The song will show up assuming my site has the Rude boy songs which in this case it has.

Step- 3

Click on the displayed search result and then read the content. or straight scroll down to where you have the download button or link.

In my case, I am still using a download link but just look at the screenshot to follow it.

Final Step

Click on the link and your download will start immediately.

In some cases like mine, when you click on the link to download the song, you will find out that it expands and shows you a black screen with a play button.

See the screenshot below:

Simply long press the screen a little further to the right and an options menu will display.

From the display menu select “Save as

Your song has started to download to your phone or Laptop.

Now that you have some of the latest Naija songs downloaded, what will you do with it?

Play it right?

When I started this post I told you about my friends whom we were chilling together right?

Well, all the steps I showed you above is what I also showed them. Best of all is you can also use it to get Nigeria music video free for download.

Just follow the steps, rinse and repeat your keyword in the search bar until. you have found what you were looking for and just follow step 4 to download it.


At first, I was surprised that my friends didn’t know where to download the latest Naija songs. But then I realized that it is possible they are not the only ones in this.

In Nigeria, not everyone has embraced the ease of surfing the Internet.

and though it’s kind of strange considering you and I are in the computer age.

My uncle up till date does not even know how to use his android device to get the latest Naija songs and videos downloaded. The shocking thing is he loves Naija music to the core.

If you show me a man that hates videos I will show mine that loves new mp3 songs. and yet he does not know how to use a device in era.

Well, I think this post covers all the areas that will be of importance to you. So whether you are looking for latest naija music videos or Naija new songs in 2019 to download. The list of sites above has you covered.

I recommend Shoutmeceleb because it has the feature of 3 in one. It gives you the lyrics of the song, the Mp3, and the video.

Which makes me think it is superb actually. Anyways this will be all and hope you find it entertaining.

Over to you guys!

Which site do you get your complete list of Naija 2019 music download from?

Comment below so others can find helpful sites that we did not include in this post.

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