Mavin Dorobucci Lyrics (Mp3 Download & Video)

Mavin Dorobucci Mp3 download

It’s throwback Monday again and today I have Mavin Dorobucci lyrics, mp3, and video for you. quickly hit button below to get Mavin dorobucci mp3 downloaded.

Mavin Dorobucci Mp3 download

Music is art and when you combine it so well, you get a sound that resonates with all type of genders. 


Yea I know it’s becoming increasingly hard to satisfy this generation with good songs. part of that is due to these millennia loving vulgar music. 


But thankfully there is hope out there you know and today I wanted to remind you. and what the good old songs felt like. 


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I have always loved Don Jazzy because of the quality of music he tries to produce all the time. 


and the way he gives young talent an opportunity to shine is just beyond me. honestly I don’t even know how he does it. 


Okay enough! 


By the time you are done reading this post you should be able to do this four(4) things:


  • You be to get the lyrics of Mavin dorobucci 


  • Stream Mavin dorobucci audio mp3 before downloading it 


  • Watch Mavin dorobucci video mp4


  • Download dorobucci by Mavin mp3


In recent times music has lost any meaning in Naija because now more than ever. we have young artists that don’t even understand the rudiments of pure artistic music. 


rather what you and I get these days is pure garbage born of unsolicited lyrics that is meaningless. 


having said all of these I still think you should listen to Tekno better hope for Africa, that song is very meaningful. 


Quickly I will take you into who produce and wrote the lyrics of dorobucci… 


Who Produce & Wrote Mavin Dorobucci Lyrics 


Firstly I know a good number of years has gone by so that’s definitely gonna be hard to remember. who wrote and produce dorobucci by Mavin


Which is one of the reason I created throwback Monday to bring you closer to moments in the past. 


Dorobucci by Mavin lyrics written by Mavin crew, a record label owned by Don Jazzy. who is one of the richest musicians in Nigeria


Dorobucci Mavin was produced by Don Jazzy but here are all the details you probably need off this. 


Song Title: Dorobucci 


Artist(s): Dr Sid, Tiwa Savage, Reekardo Banks, Don Jazzy, Dija, D’prince, Koredo Bello


Producer: Don Jazzy


Record Label: Mavin Records 


Nationality: Nigeria 


Some of the names are no longer there e.g Reekardo Banks and Tiwa Savage. but the new talents there are more than enough to see Mavin legacy continue to rise. 


If you don’t believe check out this latest song titled Mavin All is in order. the song was done by new and some of the old artists of the crew. 


As a matter of fact, the only old signee that was part of the song is Koredo Bello, the rest were all new acts signed to the record label. 


It’s time for you to follow dorobucci Mavin lyrics… 


Complete Mavin Dorobucci Lyrics 


While I love this present generation of Mavin crew comprising of new acts like Rema, Crayon, DNA, Johnny Drille. I Respectfully say I liked the old ones better. 


It’s a thing of choice and utterly has nothing to with taking sides. I mean the likes of Tiwa Savage and Reekardo Banks could get on the edge with their lyrics. 


The Good thing is you will get a sneak peek into the past by the time you watch Dorobucci video mp4. 


Having said that here is the lyrics Mavin Dorobucci… 






Don Jazzy

ehn dorobucci

don dorobucci

doro jazzy

ehn doro boss

doro big

you know say doro heavy

doro skillful

you know say doro bloody

doro get the biggest label wey you know of course

doro tush pass anybody wey doro meet

doro gather pass anybody for the gathering

doro get money pass everybody there


Hook – Reekado Banks


oya doro… dorobucci o…oh na na na

doro… dorobucci o

doro doro dorobucci mama n mo o

doro… dorobucci

bo nye be o

doro fresh….nkwanu

doro big…..nkwanu, nkwanu

doro flashy

doro classy

doro fine pass anybody wey doro see

doro get pass anybody wey doro meet e o


Tiwa Savage


doro na diva….doro

doro na tiwa

doro na leader….doro

follow the leader…doro

doro doro do do doro….doro

doro is bigger…doro

doro is higher

follow the ladder…doro

so follow the ladder

doro get liver

she no dey tire

doro hot

doro eminado

doro fine

do do dorobucci eh

doro me

doro you

doro mavin

we the baddest crew


Dr. Sid


doro suru

doro lere

doro grab

doro carry

doro fast pass anybody wey don dey fast before

doro sleek pass anybody wey doro jam eh ehn

doro hammer

doro pako

doro knack pass carpenter wey don dey knack before

doro nado

doro messi

doro dribble anybody wey try to mark doro

Mavin Dorobucci Lyrics

Korede Bello


doro doro

african prince doro

see doro dey make all the girls dey feel robo robo

doro o

doro catch anybody wey doro fish doro

doro chop anybody wey doro beef doro

doro mega

doro super

doro star

doro mega super star o

doro catch anybody wey doro fish doro

doro chop anybody wey doro beef doro




doro bad

doro double-o-seven….doro

doro na yaro

doro wey get e money….doro

doro like for do anything wey doro like for do

mey nobody try doro

cos dey go wound o

doro bad

doro double-o-seven….doro

doro na yaro

doro wey get e money….doro

doro like for do anything wey doro like for do

mey nobody try doro

cos dey go wound 




doro is a cheerful giver

doro is a kind of boss…..a kind of boss

doro is a money spender

doro too dey floss…..too dey floss

too dey floss o

anywhere wey doro dey

you know say wahala dey…..wahala dey

chickalas dey…..chickalas dey

cos doro gallant eh

anywhere wey doro dey eh

wahala dey…..wahala dey

chickalas dey…..chickalas dey

cos doro gallant o


doro money

doro baller

Verse – Reekado Banks

doro popping

doro naughty

doro fly pass anybody wey dey the plane ehn ehn

doro ball pass anybody wey dey the pitch yeh


Reekado Banks – Hook


doro… dorobucci o

doro… dorobucci o

doro doro dorobucci mama n mo…..doro fine pass wey anybody doro see

doro…..doro get pass anybody wey doro meet

bo nye be o


doro big

doro street

nkwanu doro big

doro chuck norris


Mp3 Of The Song


When I was growing up, my mom use this adage a lot “Na better garri dey sell himself”. 


I really had no idea what he meant until I was way grown and then I pieced it to together and got the meaning. 


The meaning of that adage was whatever you are good you won’t struggle to showcase your talent. 


replace cassava flakes with good music then it will be something like this “Na better music dey sell itself”. 


If that doesn’t convince you, then you need to listen to download dorobucci mp3 and then listen to it. 


Because this is 2019, yet you and still talking about some song done a couple of years ago. 


One of the amazing thing I and my team have done with Shoutmeceleb Entertainment. is bringing you lyrics, mp3, and video all in one. 


Without too much to say, below is a button to download this song now… 

Download “Dorobucci” Mavin-Dorobucci.mp3 – Downloaded 291 times –

Video of Dorobucci By Mavin Crew 


Have you heard of the statistic that says Nigerians now consume more video content? 


Well, that’s entirely true and guess what it’s not just Nigeria even, the rest part of the world is going video. 


This is because of dynamism in the delivery of different content across the globe. and at the moment video content is topping some of the charts. 


Here is Mavin Dorobucci video mp4

Rapping Up Everything On Dorobucci 


As usual I hope you have a wonderful time with this throwback and I hope it reminded you that good music is quality.


So many things will fade away but good quality music will stand the test of time. 


I mean look at MJ even in death he still gets celebrated and you may wonder why right?



It’s because MJ’s music cut across all walks of life, and gave people that hope that everything will be better. 


It’s your town now! 


What do think about this throwback of Mavin Dorobucci lyrics? 


Leave a comment below because I really need to hear your thoughts on this… 


Do me a Favour


Please share this post on Facebook and Twitter now. because this way you are helping me a lot. 


Thanks for reading and I love you! 









Mavin Dorobucci Lyrics (Mp3 Download & Video)
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Mavin Dorobucci Lyrics (Mp3 Download & Video)
It's throwback Monday again and today I have Mavin Dorobucci lyrics, mp3, and video for you. quickly hit button below to get Mavin dorobucci mp3 downloaded.
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