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Dreamer Lyrics Fireboy DML

Fireboy DML dreamer lyrics still got me, wow and today you can download Fireboy DML dreamer mp3 here without any stress. 


A talent they say is better than hard work but then I give one instance, how is it than Davido is one of the tops in the industry then. 


I say this out of respect for him, he doesn’t have the voice but yet he continued to crank out quality songs. 


So do you still believe talent beats hard work? 


Well give me your answer in the comment section below and I will be sure to connect with you. 


Having said that, come let me walk you through what you will get from today’s post. 


  • You will be able to follow dreamer by Fireboy DML lyrics word for word 


  • I decided to embed the mp3 player so that you can stream Fireboy DML dreamer audio here


  • You can download dreamer mp3 by Fireboy DML 


  • As a bonus, I have done a short review of this song (it’s strictly my thoughts) 


As you can see you will be getting not one but three things in one. 


Now come let’s dive a little deeper into this Fireboy dreamer lyrics, shall we? 


Fireboy DML Dreamer Mp3 Download 


Shoutmeceleb Entertainment was created for more than one purpose but music is high on that list is so that you can get your lyrics, video, and audio all in one place. 


and so far I believe you have been more than satisfied with how we run this site. 

Fireboy DML Dreamer mp3 download

Personally I have to say I admire Fireboy a lot because of how he has grown rapidly you know. 


This morning I was listening to Fireboy DML airplane mode mp3, and it reminded me of what it was like to have that humble beginning. 


You have nothing then suddenly after much hustle and bustle you are now the one that’s been depended on to provide for the family. 

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It can be overwhelming at times but hey welcome to the world of men that’s just how it is. 


Now here is what I want you to do, click on the sky blue button below to download dreamer by Fireboy DML mp3

Download “Dreamer” Dreamer-by-Fireboy.mp3 – Downloaded 960 times –

and now what is next for you? 


Well, I have Fireboy DML dreamer lyrics next for you so stay with me you hear me? 


Complete Dreamer Lyrics Fireboy 


Whether you believe it or not lyrics is how Fireboy DML net worth has grown to what it is today. 


Since music is his primary source of income, you can’t deny the above statement I just made right? 


Well, it is what it is and you are a songwriter like him then you just have to figure out a way to market your talent. 

Fireboy DML Dreamer Lyrics

Having said that, you should listen to Fireboy DML what if I say mp3, you will be thrilled. 


Especially at how he constructed his lyrics so well that you can’t help but fall for the beautiful and melody of the sound. 


So did you get the lyrics of dreamer when you hit that play button? 


If NO then you are in luck because I have written out the lyrics for you. 


Here is Fireboy dreamer lyrics for you. 




You left my messages unread, too busy loving someone else

You left so many words unsaid, have I been lying to myself




Am I only a dreamer

Am I only a dreamer




If you had no plans to be here why did you have to lead me on

I’ll take what’s left and disappear if that’s what you really want

Oh oh

Boba ni oni femi Mio ni mu e si

You left so many words unsaid have I been lying to myself




Am I only a dreamer

Am I only a dreamer




Am I only a dreamer

Oh, am I only a dreamer




You left my messages unread, too busy loving someone else

You left so many words unsaid, have I been lying to myself


Who Wrote and Produce Fireboy DML Dreamer Lyrics 


Who wrote dreamer lyrics? Dreamer Fireboy DML lyrics was written by Fireboy. 


Who produced dreamer mp3? Dreamer Fireboy DML mp3 was produced by Type A. 

Dreamer Lyrics Fireboy DML

If you are trying to list some of the richest singers in Nigeria right now, Fireboy’s name won’t make the list. 


but I feel like if he continues to crank out such quality over quantity then sooner rather than later he would be up there. 


At which point I would have to update my post on the top 50 richest musicians in Naija


Now here are some details you have probably missed… 


Song Title: Dreamer 


Artist: Fireboy 


Producer: Type A


Written By: Fireboy DML 


Release Date: 22nd August 2020


Nationality: Nigeria 


Review of The Song 


At the beginning of this post I told you to I was going to do a short review of this song right? 


Well, here it is… 


If you have listened to songs like Go Away by Fireboy, you know that he is here to stay. 


Because every lyric of that song was carefully articulated to keep you hooked. 


and the same thing was done with dreamer lyrics by Fireboy DML. 


The lyrics were just exceptional and it revealed how diverse he could be. 


but don’t take my word for it you should listen to his song Eli where he incorporated Chinese flute into the song. 


The production was also sleek and I admire DJ Type A for the amazing job he did on this track. 


Overall it was a wonderful track and am positive you will love it. 


So I am giving this song a 5-star rating and that’s like 5/5 you know. 




Fireboy DML dreamer lyrics is all the confirmation you need to know that he is got mad talent in songwriting. 


but this talent has also been developed by hard work and a consistent drive to feed his fans the best songs. 


Overall it is one hell of quality above quantity, something I believe a lot of Nigerian artists could learn from. 


Now it’s your turn! 


How would you rate Fireboy dreamer lyrics mp3? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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