Download Mp3: Kizz Daniel Pak N Go Lyrics

Kizz Daniel Pak n Go Lyrics

Kizz Daniel Pak N Go lyrics talk about a man that cannot tolerate when a woman is demanding too much., also you can download Kiss Daniel Pak n go mp3 here. 

Kizz Daniel Pak n Go Lyrics

For many of the guys out there it’s become increasingly frustrating to love a woman. and all she knows is to love you for your money. 


Once that money is gone, then it’s bye-bye to whatever feelings she had for you. 


I get it and you are not alone which is Kizz Daniel Pak n Go mp3 download was released by the star. 


Because just like you and me he (Kiss Daniel) is tired of the fake I love everywhere these days. 

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So by the time you are done reading this, you should be able to do these 3 things without stress. 


  • You will be able to follow the lyrics of pak n go. 


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  • You will be able to download Kiss Daniel Pak n go mp3


Who Wrote and Produce Kizz Daniel Pak N Go Lyrics 


Pak N Go Kizz Daniel’s lyrics was written by the boss of Flyboi Inc. a record label he formed after quitting G worldwide. 


The song was produced by none other than DJ Coublon


Here is a couple of takeaway in bullet points that I don’t want you to miss. 


Song Title: Pak N Go 


Artist: Kizz Daniel 


Producer: DJ Coublon


Record Label: Flyboi Inc


Released Date: October 2nd, 2019


Nationality: Nigeria 


I probably would not have written about this song by then I found out he gave. a million Naira to the person he drew inspiration of the song from. 


Pak N Go by Kizz Daniel lyrics remind me of once a time when women were faithful, loyal and trustworthy. 

Here is Kiss Daniel Pak n Go video

Those days are long gone because the last time I saw such a time where the days of our parents. 


Don’t get me wrong there are still good women in this generation but in the battle between faithful, loyal trustworthiness and disloyalty, unfaithfulness, untrustworthy then the latter carries the day. 


Without further ado let’s look at the Kiss Daniel Pak N Go lyrics in the next subheading, shall we? 


Lyrics Pak N Go By Kiss Daniel 


Kizz Daniel is one of the richest musicians in the country with a net worth that’s sizable to the likes of Tekno Miles. 


While Kizz Daniel’s last song Eko didn’t do really well, in my opinion, I still think it was a great song. 


however, music critics may have a different opinion because the song probably. teaches you to be wise if you live in the city of Lagos. 


Here is Pak N Go lyrics so I hope you find it interesting. 


Verse 1


Baby girl you fine, Biko baby wanyewu, 

shey e no dey tire you ni,

 many many people dey available for you




If you call am pretty woman

she say she no like am biko

pack and go oh yeh yeh yeh, oh yeah yeah

and if you buy am Toyota

and she say she wants Honda biko pak and go


Verse 2


Olomoge bigi bigi bigi when would you marry eh

until your boobie touch your belle

 wey man no wan collect

take am easy oh eh, yeh yeh




So if you buy her isiewu 

and she say you no buy sharwama pack and go o

if you buy am okirika

 she say she wants the Gucci eh, pak and go o

Pak and go o, eii


Verse 3


Cutie cutie bobo, jawo jawo l’omo

obe to dun owo lo pa o

As you dey make the muller

keep some for your baby

make she no follow alhaji jo

Alhaji no get borrow pose

Download Kizz Daniel Pak N Go Mp3



So if you buy her isiewu

and she say you no buy sharwama pack and go o

and if you buy am okirika 

and she say she wants the Gucci eh, pack and go 


Download Pak N Go Kiss Daniel 


One of the best things about Shoutmeceleb Entertainment is the way we tie lyrics, mp3, and video together. 


There is absolutely no one that does what we do better than us I could argue. this is because right here satisfying you is our main goal. 


Which is why we bring you the video, mp3, and lyrics right under the same post. this way you don’t have to thirst. 


Sounds good right? 


but for today’s post Kiss hasn’t released a video yet, hopefully, he will because the song is a good one. and it deserves a video to further illustrate it’s meaning to viewers. 


Here is Pack and Go Mp3, you can stream and download it into your iPhone or any device you are using. 

Download “Pak n Go” Kiss-Daniel-Pak-N-Go.mp3 – Downloaded 1888 times –



Kizz Daniel Pak N Go audio sounds great and the fact that he did what he did by gifting the old man a million Naira is just wow. 


Plus if you are a huge fan then musicians are starting to note that if you are good people will love you. 


I mean that’s exactly one of the simple tricks Davido is using to gather a huge fan base on social media. 


This is because he pushes the narrative we rise by lifting others. A simple trick that if you apply can make your life a whole lot better. 


Over to you guys! 


How would you rate Pak N Go by Kiss Daniel? 


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Thanks for reading and cheers to you. 






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