Download Mp3: Olamide No Time Lyrics

Olamide No Time Lyrics

Olamide No time lyrics is seriously making its wave from 999 EP. but hey you can download Olamide no time mp3 here with the click of a button.

Olamide No Time Lyrics


In Naija, it’s a competition because you have to stay relevant so that upcoming arts don’t steal the show. 


An 8-year music career isn’t enough to relevant forever. 


The likes of MJ stayed relevant from 4 decades you know. 


Attention: scroll down click on the blue button to download no time song by Olamide… 


Speaking of staying relevant, today I have some goodies for you from Olamide EP 999.


and here it is… 


  • Today you will be able to follow word for word no time by Olamide lyrics 


  • You will also be able to download no time by Olamide mp3


  • I have embedded the media player here so that you can stream Olamide no time audio


  • Finally, I have my review of the song so stay with me you hear me? 


Who Wrote and Produce Olamide No Time Lyrics 


No time Olamide lyrics is written by Naija street king Olamide. 

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and the production was handled by Adewale Olamide.


With the likes of upcoming artists like Zlatan and Naira Marley, you can say being one of the richest musicians in Africa is not enough for Olamide. 


This is because in music an artist that does not perform dies. 


and his 999 EP has also put away that doubt I kept having that he is only good with rapping in Yoruba dialect. 


This is because after playing Olamide rich and famous mp3, I confirm he could rap with English. 


but it was Wonma mp3 that really sent Twitter to a meltdown. 


Just click on the above link to check out those two songs, I can almost guarantee you will love it. 


Here is a complete detail of No time mp3! 


Song Title: No time 


Artist: Olamide 


Producer: Olamide


Written by: Baddo


Release Date: February 11 2020


Nationality: Nigeria 


Olamide No Time Mp3 Download 


As someone that offers songwriting services, I understand that your music has to resonate. 


So why the lyrics is just one of the many facets of a good song, the beat drives more meaning. 


I mean one of the reasons you could shake that body to some of Olamide hit songs like Woske. is because the beats are tantalizing. 


I know you can’t eat it but hey I didn’t know of any other adjective to qualify it. 


Personally, I think Olamide being one of Naija’s richest artists has exposed him to far and wide of the nation. 


This means even 11, 12 and 15 years old kids play and rock to his songs. 


and the fact that you landed here from Facebook, Google or Twitter shows how you love Baddo. 


Now here is what you have been waiting for… 

Download “No Time” Olamide-No-Time.mp3 – Downloaded 153 times –

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Complete No Time Lyrics Olamide 


When Rudeboy released his song take it, I said to myself, looks like 2020 is going to be competitive. 


Then Tekno released his and I was like una go kill me with songs dis year o. 


A couple of days ago Olamide then drops his EP and shouted this guy looks set to be back from his 2019 hiatus. 


Guess what! 


I was right because every lyric on the EP is top notch and shows the work of a master. 


but what drew my attention is Olamide No time lyrics. 


That rap and precision, getting every word together to form that unique melody I call the Olamide effect. was just simple words beyond amazing. 


but hey don’t need to bore you with the details so here is the lyrics… 



Coughs, Ah yeah

Rolly on my wrist, yeh

But I gat no time yeh

Teke ba wole yeh

Omo sho le yah, yeh

You’re dressing to kill, yeh

Na’wo na’wo go die, yeh

Pay me no attention, yeh

Omo where the cash? yeh

Who dissing epp?

So I’m never going back

Being rich seven on nerve

Niggah that’s a fact

Blood in my eyes

Omo no be joke

Niggas bitter like cola for real oh

Omo no be coke

Awa gan gbe she wole

Omo ma lo be

All my geng blood

All my blood geng




Wow, hard life, black face

Gbeje wole bi skanface

Niggah studying, I’m done running my race

Don’t tryna block my way

Still getting that wire

Don’t preach to the choir

Pope no be Messiah

Building, moulding empire

Still popping on every block like Movado

You know I’m on the rock

Won so fun afoju pe ojo nro

T’ogun ba de a wole lo

No no level

Fear no devil

You no know if you wan die buh you wan go heaven

Ewo eje Lori altar

Kpako to di butter

Going crazy on a daily basis

Only wanna see the green faces

Ah, drip poju, o n je komo wet pata

Tun gbe sinu whip ki AC felu lara

Oro to n’so ko si nu dictionary

Doggy doggy what? yo’di funmi

Mi o shey missionary




I’m not having it any other way

Get rich or die trying

So I gat to grind every minute

Cause omo mi o le shey 9 to 5

I’ma praying to see ma Sunny day

Working everyday fuck the holiday

I’ve been through, just to make it here




Most High no ganja

Sango, Ipaja

Lekki, Ajah

Gbowo kaja

Smoke fish, je eja

Balloon, eja

Maryland, Ikeja

Awon temi eh ja

Ogbeni lo jo lo jo

Mago mago

Ewo omo ta n ba wi tolo n shey bakan bakan

Giran, Federal

Viktoh, Ipebah

Yepo, yepa

Yebo, yeba

Ogbeni lo jo lo jo

Mago mago

Ewo omo ta n ba wi tolo n shey bakan bakan

Giran, Federal

Viktoh, Ipebah

Yepo, yepa

Yebo, yeba

Moti jeya bi t’eba

Je n jaye ah bah

Omo oni kaka

Balori barber

Bi eye adaba

Sanko samba

Poverty o le touch awa ta n fi owo tamba

Wonna shoot shot, self pick

Tunde Kehlani

Show day or no show

Wonna tour the world like Buhari

Niggas don’t wanna do beef

I be herdsmen like Fulani

When I’m gone my money no go finish like Abacha, Sanni


Aye ti mo wa yii, mo wa jaye temi ni oh

Mi o ma wa ye elomiran baba bami se

Aye ti mo wa yii, mo wa jaye temi ni oh

Mi o ma wa ye elomiran baba mo bebe oh



Review of the Song


Generally, I love good lyrics because in my head that’s the foundation of every good song. 


but if you can’t get that right, then at least get the beats right… 


but in a situation where the beat is off and lyrics is off then that’s recipe for disaster. 


Anyways here is the SMCE rating guide below… 


  • Excellent – 5 stars 


  • Very Good – 4 stars 


  • Good – 3 stars 


  • Fair – 2 stars 


  • Poor – 1 star 


After listening to this song, it sounds nice and cool. 


Every artist featured on this killed their lines and I was like this is just crazily good. 


It’s a 4.7-star rating for being just 0.1 below Wonma. 


and it’s because Wonma has been driving Insta into a frenzy. 


Wrapping Things Up 


Writing good songs isn’t always as easy as you and I think. 


but hey lyrics is just one facet and if you know this you will be safe. 


but if you need help writing quality lyrics then you can check here. 


I want to hear from you… 


How would you rate this song? 


Leave me a comment below and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


Thanks for reading and please show me, love, by sharing on Facebook. 

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Download Mp3: Olamide No Time Lyrics
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Olamide No time lyrics is seriously making its wave from 999 EP. but hey you can download Olamide no time mp3 here with the click of a button.
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