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Peruzzi Rum and Boogie album
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Last updated on December 16th, 2022 at 09:59 am

Today you and I will look at Peruzzi Rum and Boogie album tracklist. You will be able to stream Peruzzi album Rum & Boogie album on YouTube. 


As a matter of fact, I will take the time to review each track briefly as you stream and enjoy the album. 


but before you and I get into the details, perhaps it’s time to tell you that if you haven’t listened to this album then you are missing. 


I would also suggest you listen to Mr P The Prodigal album as well as Teni Wondaland album. 


These three albums are super fire and you would thank me later after this post. 


With that said, now stream  Rum and Boogie album by Peruzzi. 


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Details On Peruzzi Rum and Boogie Album 


Rum and Boogie Peruzzi album featured lots of beautiful names on the project and you and I will get into it shortly. 


but first, did you know that since signing with DMW Peruzzi’s career has been skyrocketing? 


The dude said this during an interview with Apple Music Nigeria. 


You can’t take it away from the singer he has been lit and lit with hit songs like Nana, lagbaja, and heck somebody baby. 


Finally, let’s kick things off with the list of features and producers on this album, shall we? 


Who Are Musicians Featured On Peruzzi Rum and Boogie Album 


Peruzzi enlisted the artistry of several high-profile singers in the Africa music industry. Among these names are Davido, Set Up, Don Jazzy, Wande Coal, Tiwa Savage, Fireboy DML, Boylexxy, and Patoranking. 


Davido was featured on the track somebody baby which attained a new peak position in the US, UK, and Nigeria respectively. 

Rum and Boogie by Peruzzi album

Don Jazzy and Phyno were both featured on the track baddest which has received some positive feedback. 


Fireboy DML was featured on Southy Love which was a monster jam at the time of its release. 


Wande Coal has been amazing and killing every feature and he was featured on available, you will love his line. 


Patoranking was featured on baba God which by the way is one of my favorite tracks on the album. 


Tiwa Savage lived up to her name once again as the queen of Afrobeat with her feature on matrimony. 


Finally, Boylexxy made a beautiful verse on his feature on change your style. 


Since you and I are done with the features, now come let’s talk about the producers that worked on Peruzzi Rum & Boogie album


Peruzzi Rum and Boogie Album Producers 


Who are the producers that worked on Rum & Boogie album by Peruzzi? They are Speroachbeatz, FreshVDM, Clemzy, P Prime, Show Beat, Lussh, Zaki Amujei, Rexxie, and Vstix. 


List Of Peruzzi Rum Producers 


This is a list of all the producers that worked on the tracklist for Rum. 


  • Speroachbeats (track 2 & 7)


  • Vstix (track 6 & 10)


  • Lussh (track 9)


  • Clemzy (track 8)


  • Show Beat (track 1)


  • Zaki Amujei (track 3)


  • FreshVDM (track 4)


Lastly, get the list of producers that worked on Boogie track list shall we? 


List Of Peruzzi Boogie Producers 


This is the list of the producers that worked on the Boogie tracklist. 


  • Speroachbeats (track 2, 4, & 7)


  • P Prime (track 5 & 8)


  • Lussh (track 2, 3, 9 & 10)


  • Rexxie (track 6)


Rum & Boogie Track Reviews 


Peruzzi Rum and Boogie album contains 20 tracks with different producers with Speroachbeats and Lussh having the highest number of productions. 


So for this review, I am taking the approach of my favorite tracks to my least favorite tracks with my take on each song on the album. 


Now get saddled up will you, it’s time for some beautiful ride into the sunset. 


Somebody Baby Featuring Davido 


This track literally gives me goosebumps and it tells the story of a cheating girlfriend. 


The video of the song further tells the story of how cheating ends badly in a relationship. 

Peruzzi Rum and Boogie album tracklist

The moral of the story was clear and it felt like the singer was trying to get his audience to decode the underlying message. 


It’s by far my favorite track from this album to honest with you. 


You can follow Peruzzi ft Davido somebody baby here


Peruzzi Murda Track 


Hmmm, I have a soft spot for this one and if not for Davido’s influence, this could have been my number one. 


I love the rhythm and the hook was catchy as a night in summer. 


It tells a beautiful story of a girl who is decent and is driving the singer nuts. 


You can follow Peruzzi murda lyrics here too and you will love it as well. 


Peruzzi Baba God Track Featuring Patoranking 


Patoranking is quite the gem that always comes through on featured songs, to be honest. 


He steps up the game every time and this track praises the almighty God who made all things. 


You definitely don’t want to miss this one and you can also follow the Peruzzi ft Patoranking baba God lyrics here. 


Peruzzi Matrimony Featuring Tiwa Savage 


Tiwa is known as the queen of Afrobeat for a reason and no one is taking that away anytime soon. 


She murdered her verse on this track and Peruzzi did justice to it as well, it gets this beautiful spot for me. 


Plus you can follow Peruzzi ft Tiwa Savage matrimony lyrics here today. 


Peruzzi South Love Track Featuring Fireboy DML 


Fireboy and Rema are the future of Afrobeat amongst other names. 


The way he brought this song to life just made me go wow. 


I don’t think it deserves this spot, I know it deserves this spot. 


You can follow Peruzzi ft Fireboy DML southy love lyrics here. 


Peruzzi Baddest Featuring Don Jazzy & Phyno 


There is that magic that Don Jazzy brings to a song whenever he is featured and I love it. 


Phyno did justice as usual and Peruzzi well, it is his album and anything short of spectacular would have been less. 


If you want to feel good and gyrate a little relieving stress then I suggest this track. 


You can follow Peruzzi baddest lyrics here. 


Peruzzi Gunshot Track 


This track was released in 2020 and it was an instant hit track. 


Got lots of dance routines on Instagram and it made the rounds. 


Personally, I love how Peruzzi makes his sounds unique and effortless. 


If you want to get her into that place of love then you need to check out this track. 


You can follow Peruzzi Gunshot lyrics here. 


Peruzzi Girlie Track 


Don’t forget I said that this is my personal preference in order. 


You can do me a favor by using the comment section to drop yours in order. 


Having said that, Girlie really made me the guy who can sing. 


I literally could sing it from the start to the end which is not the same for the other tracks. 


The instrumentals were insane and the production was beautiful. 


You can follow Peruzzi girlie lyrics here. 


Peruzzi Telepot Track 


Okay, there are lots of songs to choose from to be honest but these ones I connected with. 


Telepot has that cozy touch of lighting up her world in a way you do not know. 


I love how it takes you deeper at some point and then drops you at the point where you are like wow wow 


So now it’s a good time to tell you to follow Peruzzi Telepot Lyrics here. 


Peruzzi Feeling Good Track 


I didn’t think this guy was going to be the number 10 on my favorite list but it is good. 


Like the title suggest, you would feel good just by listening to this one and that’s not hyping. 


You have to take my word for it and follow Peruzzi feeling good lyrics here. 


Peruzzi God Forbid Track 


From this point on, I am having a hard time picking my favorites to be honest. 


The title got me clicking really fast like someone that just saw a fine girl on Facebook. 




Crazy right? 


Well, I am being honest with you and by the time I finished checking it out I was like God Forbid is a hit. 


You can follow Peruzzi God forbid lyrics here too. 


Peruzzi Change Your Style 


I am looking to change my style and because it took something I used to play with as a kid meant that I love it. 


Your thoughts may be different but damn it’s memorable because I remembering doing change your style every time as a kid. 

Peruzzi Rum and Boogie album
Huncho Vibe

I love it and it is a must check out. 


You can follow Peruzzi change your style here. 


Peruzzi Call Track 


If I will be honest with you I would say I enjoyed the whole album. 


but there are just some tracks you have to keep going back to and you can’t forget it. 


Call is good and can get you vibing as well. 


Peruzzi Lagbaja Track 


Peruzzi has a way of making you love anything he drops. 


Lagbaja will help you see through the glasses of the singer and why he is one of the best songwriters in the country. 


Thankfully he made sure to give you and different aspect of his versatility through this album. 


Now, follow Peruzzi Lagbaja lyrics here. 


Wrapping It Up 


Listen I am very happy with this project, some tracks may not have made my list but it doesn’t make any of the tracks on the album trash. 


As a matter of fact, the reverse is the case because every song on Peruzzi Rum and Boogie album hits differently. 


Over to you now


How would rate Peruzzi Rum and Boogie album? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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