Tekno Old Romance Album 2020 (Download Complete Tracklist)

Tekno Old Romance Album Tracklist

The much anticipated Tekno old romance album is here now and you can download Tekno old romance complete tracklist here today.


This year is filled with a lot of body of works and it’s good because 2021 is looking like it will be very competitive.


I mean Wizkid has his out, same for Burnaboy and Wizkid alongside names like Tiwa Savage, Patoranking, and heck even Fireboy.




Did I forget Olamide? I almost did before I remember that his album is one of the best from 2020.


But before you and I get into each of the tracks in this post, here is Tekno old romance tracklist.


  • Sku Sku


  • Tumbo


  • Uptown Girl


  • Catalia


  • Addicted


  • Neighbor


  • Designer


  • Family Issues


  • In Love


  • Armageddon


  • Dana 


  • Enjoy


  • Ugly Parade


  • Mistake


Old romance Tekno album features 14 songs all without a single feature from any other artist in the industry.


And right here you can stream and download old romance full tracklist here today.

Now that you catch all the thrills from this body of work, now let’s dissect every track on this project, shall we?


Sku Sku Track

Tekno no doubt is one of the richest artists in the country without a single album out until 2020 and he killed it.


Sku Sku is the first track from this album. This track combines sweet melodies usually different from his style.

Tekno Old Romance Album

It dives into pretty celebrities around the world with names like Kylie Jenner, Ini Edo, Tiwa Savage, and Rihanna all making the list of women he wishes to fall in love with.


Now if you have not listened to Tekno sku sku mp3, then you want to scroll back up and stream it.


Tumbo Track


Slim Daddy is not just one of the best in Nigeria, he is also one of the richest in the continent of Africa when we talk about music.


So I am positive he knows true love when he sees one and that’s the theme Tumbo explores.

This track takes the traditional Igbo set of drums which made it unique and different from any other track on this list.

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Alhaji Techno shows he knows true love and he is in love with this pretty woman who didn’t leave his side when he had nothing.


A song of appreciation appreciating the woman in his life standing by him through thick and thin.


Uptown Girl Track

The 3rd track from Tekno’s old romance album is uptown girl. A song that sees the singer dive into how he plays.


He professes his love to the girl he met uptown and willing to get down with her in this journey called love.


This track comes with its own different feel and as you jam to it, it takes you to that realm of love.



Now you will be able to stream uptown girl by Tekno here so make sure you are enjoying every bit of it.


Catalia Track


This is the fourth track from Tekno OR album and Catalia takes you through that feeling of living in Mexico.


The Spanish instrumentals are enough to connect you to the roots of Mexico even you did not hale from the beautiful city.


This track like every other song on this album explores the theme of love and you really want to listen to this one.

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So here is what you should scroll back up and stream this track because if you don’t then you just missed one of the best tracks from this album.


Addicted Track


Addicted is the 5th track from OR album and so far things are looking smooth and lovely with this album.


I have listened to so many songs from the singer but I love how he tells a little story to help you connect to the song.


It’s brilliant actually because the album combines afro house, afrobeat, and Afropop in a way that makes it top-notch.

Now here is what I want you to do if you have not listened to this track.


Click on the play button above to stream this track.


Designer Track


While it’s becoming a popular belief that a woman is joining men in the league of cheating, Tekno still a loyal woman.


This track explores a theme of appreciating the loyalty of a woman even in a world of women that switch allegiance easily.

Tekno Old Romance Album Tracklist

You could hear the singer say that no matter the type of money you give his woman, he would never sell her body.


It’s a beautiful track and I want you to hit the play button above to stream this song stress-free.


Family Issues Track


Family Issues track is a crazy one which will kind of leave you wondering where the inspiration for this track came from.


The song takes you through the world of two people in love but the family is doing everything to end the relationship.

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This is a very common practice in Africa where parents want to choose the wife of their kids whilst forgetting no one chosed for them.


Now listen or stream this track from the list of songs on this website.


In Love


The very first day I saw you, I fell in love with you and this is what it is as the singer falls in love over again.


Tekno professes his love to Folake showing her that she is turning him on and he has fallen head over hills in love with Folake.


An amazing track which I had on a constant repeat as I write this blog post because it helps me remember a lot of good women I had in my life.


Make sure you scroll back up to steam am in love because it is another hit.




At some point, I was scared for Tekno when I heard he had a vocal cord problem honestly.


My thoughts were we are about losing a good sounding artist to a vocal cord misfortune.


But you need to see my joy when he came back strong and since then we have various hit songs from him.


Now it’s an album from the singer and I wasn’t exactly predicting an album yet but it is good he came through with one.


I have always admired how he was the only artist that broke into the spotlight without so much as an album.


Thankfully that has changed with this album release.


So it’s over to you now!


How would you rate the Tekno Old Romance album?


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to reply to you.


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