Teni Wondaland Album Tracklist (Stream)

Teni Wondaland Album Tracklist
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Last updated on December 16th, 2022 at 10:36 am

Today, you and I will look at Teni Wondaland album tracklist and you will also be able to enjoy Teni Wondaland album here. 


One of the best albums to have been released so far this year is this album. 


So if you really need to enjoy good songs and quality lyrics then you will love Teni Wonderland’s full tracklist. 


but before you and I do just that, here are a couple of albums I have also enjoyed previously. 

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Having said that, now come let’s take a look at each track from this album. 


I will give you my thoughts on each of these tracks after which you could tell me which is the best for you. 


With that said, here is Wondaland by Teni full tracklist. You can start streaming it as you read through this article. 

[ai_playlist id=”12999″]

I am ranking every track on Teni’s Wondaland album according to how they made me feel. 


I will give you my thoughts on this project after which I trust you can tell me how you feel in the comment section. 


  • Hustle 


  • For you 


  • XXXL


  • Injure me


  • Okocha 


  • Black 


  • On 


  • Dads song 


  • Were 


  • Wonda why 


  • Toxic 


  • FBI 


  • Game Over 


Hustle Track 


This is one of my favorite tracks from the album because it explores celebrities’ challenges. 


It took a cold look at the art and the challenges it brings when trying to be the best for yourself and the critics of people. 

Personally, I love how she weaved the chorus to portray her point in the verses. 


Super unique and rare talent if you ask me especially because it’s coming from her. 


Now, if you have not checked out Teni Hustle lyrics and download the track, you can do that here. 


Teni’s ft Davido For You 


There is one special thing about Davido whenever he gets featured and that’s that he goes hard on his verses. 


Now would be the right time to say he is the only feature on Wondaland album by Teni. 


Teni Wondaland album 2021 is a gift to you and I and what better way is there to celebrate it than feature one of the biggest acts in the industry. 


Like most tracks on this album for you is a love song and if you have listened to tracks like case then you know what this one brings. 


It was beautiful and David Adeleke in my opinion brought that extra juice to it. 


You can follow the lyrics of the song here


XXXL Track 


So why is this my 3rd favorite track from this album you may wonder right? 


Well, that’s not hard… 


This track really resonated with me a lot because it explores the theme of reality. 


How people would criticize you for your looks but that you should be proud of who you are. 

Teni Wonderland Album Full Tracklist

Here is what I want you to do, download and follow the lyrics of this track here. 


Injure Me Track 


It’s a bit difficult for anyone to really lock down on hating Teni, you know. 


She is playful, smart, and beautiful the way she is and not shy to express herself and feelings. 


On this track the singer finds love and he is actually getting that enjoyment he needs going home with Teni. 


To grasp everything in a more detailed fashion, I have written about the lyrics and you can also follow it here


Okocha Track 


Austin Jay Jay Okocha is a Nigerian legendary footballer and whenever he is used in songs, he means different characters. 


Its meaning can usually be attributed to the context in which it was used. 


In the case of this track, Okocha is used in the context of a man who knows how to make love. 


It’s beautiful and perfect for anyone that loves vulgarity. 


It is danceable and can make you do the step over of Jay Jay especially leading up to the chorus. 


You can download the full track here and enjoy the lyrics too. 


Black Track 


Black is another beautiful song, you know. 


Personally, I love it because my skin color is black and anything that promotes that I am in love with. 


The only exception I make is the movement of black lives matter which is a group of chaos used by politicians to divide and rule. 


Having said that, you should take out the time to enjoy this track and the lyrics here. 


Dads Song 


You know how they say that those that have gone live on through us right? 


Well, Teni The Entertainer’s father died in 1996 which is like 20+ years ago. 


This track relives memories and how her dad is always with her even in her dreams. 


It is soft, sorrowful in my opinion but equally filled with positive messages. 


On Track 


Apata is the master of expressing love in an easy way that will get you falling head over heels in love with her. 

Wondaland Album by Teni

On explores the theme of love and sex and what it feels like turning someone on. 


Follow the lyrics here as well


Were Track 


Teni Were track explores the Yoruba tradition in the style of praises. 


In the end, you could hear several words of praise coming from a woman. 


In Yoruba folklore, such praises are used when a warrior is about going into battle… 


It is believed that it helps build momentum in preparation for a battle. 


As usual, it was quite the piece I wasn’t expecting but it was enchanting. 


Wonda Why Track 


Oh, what a beautiful track to reassure your partner that you would always stay beside him or her. 


Teni Wonda land album tracklist is fire and it gives you chills, goosebumps, and heck it gets you groovy. 


This one definitely got me feeling all lovey-dovey, you know. 


If you have a man or a woman in your life then use this track to reassure them of your love. 


As you do so, take the time out to also enjoy the lyrics here


Toxic Track 


Toxic is another track that I find insanely addictive. 


There is something about the instrumentals that I can’t shake off, you know. 


It’s groovy, it’s chilly, and it helps you see through the lenses of the singer. 


For me, that what music should do for anyone, to help you connect with the singer. 


Following the lyrics here.


FBI Track 


This one expresses the singer’s dark side should anything happen to her man. 


She used some of the notorious and wicked people in the history of the world to express this. 

Teni Wondaland Album Tracklist

Names like Indi Amin one of Ugandans serial murderers who committed genocide. 


In the context in which it was used, the singer was merely expressing her love should hurt come to her man. 


You would have to listen to really appreciate this one, follow the lyrics here


Game Over Track 


This one isn’t one of my favorites but I liked it still because it brought out another side to the singer. 


Overall it makes for a good addition if you want to listen to anything that doesn’t sound the least like Teni. 


So here is what I want you to do… 


Follow the lyrics of this track. 


Wrapping It Up 


I honestly did not find any bad songs on Teni Wondaland album to be fair. 


It was all a classic and how it was all weaved into one beauty is amazing. 


Personally, Hustle, for you, xxxl, toxic, Okocha, Injure me, wonda why and on are my favorites. 


Over to you


How would you rate Teni Wondaland album? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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