Drake vs Justin Bieber vs Chris Brown vs Meek Mill vs Lil Wayne vs Eminem Net Worth

Drake vs Justin Bieber vs Chris Brown vs Meek Mill vs Lil Wayne vs Eminem net worth

Last updated on November 10th, 2021 at 05:53 pm

Who Is The Richest Between Drake and Chris Brown 


Drake and Chris Brown net worth who is richer? Chris Brown and Drake net worth in 2021 is estimated to be the total sum of $230 million. Chris Breezy has an estimated individual wealth of $50 million while Drake is worth the sum of $180 million. 

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I have to say that I was surprised to see that Brown has a net worth that didn’t run into 100s of millions considering he has had a very fine career. 

Who is the richest between Drake and Chris Brown

Breezy rise to fame began in the 2000s with songs like with you doing some pretty good numbers. 


Heck, that song is still one of my favorite to date because I think it is timeless and really made the difference on Brown’s career. 

NameNet WorthProfessionCountry
Drake$180 MillionMusicianCanada
Justin Bieber $290 MillionMusicianUSA
Chris Brown$50 MillionMusicianUSA
Meek Mill $20 MillionMusicianUSA
Lil Wayne$150 MillionMusicianUSA
Eminem $230 MillionMusicianUSA

Having said that, 


Chris Brown’s success can be characterized by lots of awards including the highly coveted Grammy Award


Alongside that, the singer has also taken home over 13 BET awards since the inception of the award. 


With that out of the way, come let’s take a look at the Drake vs Chris Brown net worth difference, shall we? 


After our simple subtraction, I found out that Drake holds a mouth-watering $130 million over Chris Brown. 


So Drake and Chris Brown who is richer or Chris Brown and Drake who is the richest? 


Well, from the above Chris Brown vs Drake net worth comparison, I discover that Drake is richer than Chris Brown which is a bit shocking for me considering Chris Brown’s popularity all over the world. 


Drake Worth: $180 Million 


Chris Brown Worth: $50 Million 


Net Worth Difference: $130 Million 


Since we are still on Drake vs Justin Bieber vs Chris Brown vs Meek Mill vs Lil Wayne vs Eminem net worth, come let’s dive further down into the heart of it all. 


Now click on the NEXT BUTTON to see who is richer between Meek Mill and Drake.

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