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Dremo and Peruzzi both have an estimated net worth of $1 million. However, let’s determine who holds a higher net worth between them, shall we?


What you see above is the estimated combine net worth of these two superstars. 


While you are here, I will show you Peruzzi net worth 2020. as well as show you Dremo net worth 2020. 

but before you and I dive into all the details. I want to list what you will see in this post below. 


Here we go… 


  • How much is Dremo and Perruzi net worth 2020


  • Who is the richest between Dremo and Peruzzi 


  • What is Dremo and Peruzzi source of income 


  • Peruzzi and Dremo brief bio 


  • How did Dremo and Peruzzi career start 


  • Dremo and Peruzzi album and songs 


  • Conclusion 


As you can see, you will not only be getting every tiny detail. on Dremo and Peruzzi net worth, I have also included some bonus information for you. 


Don’t worry I have made the text on this page easily scannable with subheadings. 


This is because I want you to have a good user experience while reading about Dremo and Peruzzi net worth in 2020. 


One more thing before we dive in properly, the figures you will see here may. fluctuate from time to time. 


but you don’t need to worry because Shoutmeceleb Entertainment and its team keep every information on this site up to date. 


Now let’s dive into everything you need to know about Dremo and Peruzzi net worth, shall we? 


How Much is Dremo and Peruzzi Net Worth 


About a decade ago, my mother woke me up around 2 AM from a deep sleep. 


You know how it is like waking up from the normal 5 AM or 6 AM right? 

After yawning a bit and going to the toilet to ease myself, my mom and I sat down for a talk. 


Here is what she said: Son a lot of people say money is not everything but listen to what I have to tell you. 


“A man is loved on the condition that he provides for his family so do whatever you can to make money but do it legally”. 


I grew up with that voice at the back of my head every day. 


So why the short story? 


It is because money answereth all things and the amount of money you have can be measured by your net worth. 


So what will you get from this section of this post? 


Well, I have broken this section of this post into two subheadings. 


The first subheading will detail how much is Dremo worth and the second will touch on how much is Peruzzi worth. 


Here is a bullet point for easy reading… 


  • How much is Dremo net worth 2020


  • How much is Peruzzi net worth 2020


How Much is Dremo Net Worth 2020 


How much is Dremo net worth? Here is your answer Dremo’s current net worth is estimated to be 800,000 US dollars ($800,000). He makes a huge part of his money from his songs while signed to DMW record label much like Mayorkun. 


The Nigerian artist is still finding his feet obviously, however, this has not dwindled the net worth of Dremo


His loyal fan base has been very supportive of the star despite lacking the tenacity to break into the Nigerian music industry. 

DMW Crew

Having said that, when I converted Dremo net worth in dollars to Naira, here is what I got N288,000,000


So there you have it the complete figure of Dremo net worth in Naira. 


Dremo networth: $800,000


Well, now that we know Dremo worth, how about you and I get down to the net worth of Peruzzi


After all, this post is about Dremo and Peruzzi net worth, right? 


How Much is Peruzzi Net Worth 2020 


How much is Peruzzi net worth? Here is your answer Peruzzi’s current net is estimated at 300,000 US dollars ($300,000). He makes much of his income signed to DMW record label which is where Dremo is also signed to in 2020.


When I converted Peruzzi net worth in dollars to Naira, here is the figure I got N108,000,000.


There you go the total of Peruzzi net worth in Naira is 108,000,000. 


Peruzzi networth: $300,000


Tobechukwu Okoh amassed a larger portion of his net worth thanks to having a fan base that is loyal. 


Do you know one of the major reasons I love Nigeria as a country? 

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It is because of whatever genre of music you bring down, there is an audience to consume your content. 


Now let’s find out who is the richest between Peruzzi and Dremo shall we? 


Who is The Richest Between Dremo and Peruzzi 


Dremo and Peruzzi net worth who is richer? Peruzzi is currently worth the sum of $300,000 while Dremo is currently worth the sum of $800,000. from the above figures, Dremo is currently richer than Peruzzi. 


So what is the margin by which Dremo leads? 


Well, it’s much, Dremo currently leads Perruzi with the sum of $500,000. 


While the boss of these two is one of the richest musicians in the country right now, no doubt if this two up their game, both could see a rise in net worth than what you and I just covered here. 


With that out of the way, come let’s dive into how these two make their money. 


What is The Source of Income of Dremo and Peruzzi 


If you are an actor or a musician, I find that your sources of income are usually diversified. 


This is because you can have several sources of income. as a result of the fact that you are a public figure.


I decided to divide this section of this post into two subheadings. 


The first will cover Dremo source of income while the second subheading will cover Peruzzi source of income.

Dremo net worth 2020

Are you ready for it? 


Here is the subheading in bullet points… 


  • What is Dremo source of income 


  • What is Peruzzi source of income 


What is Dremo Source of Income 


While signing to the DMW record label looks to be a good thing for the artist, I feel he has not reached his full potentials. 


Dremo started as a rapper when he signed to DMW. 


but over the years he seems to be struggling especially because he features in more of Afropop. 


I believe this must have affected his development process. 


With that said, I believe he is still developing and trying to find his feet in the industry. 


So what are his sources of income? 


Dremo’s first source of income comes from his music. 


When he released his 2020 album, he got more than 10 million streams within weeks. 


His second source of income comes from his huge following on social media. 


He currently has more than 1 million Instagram followers. 


This automatically makes Dremo an Instagram influencer. 


You can reach out to him for a sponsored post and if he agrees to your fee, he can post a sponsored post on his Instagram handle. 


and Instagram is just one of the 3 major social channels you can find the artist. 

Dremo also makes income from grazing shows with his performance. 


This means whenever he is invited to perform on a show, he makes money. 


YouTube is also a source of income for the singer to make money through the Youtube Adsense. 


This works much like an advert, so whenever you watch his videos on YT and click on any ad, Dremo makes money. 


There you have some of the major sources that have helped increase Dremo net worth 2020 Forbes. 


Quickly let’s see the sources of income that have also helped Peruzzi net worth 2020 Forbes. 


What is Peruzzi Source of Income


Perruzi much like Dremo has been able to diversify his sources of income too. 


You can chalk it down to being a celebrity and one loved by many in the music industry. 


Nigeria has a plethora of talent and every day more talents are rising up too. 


One of such talent that you can find currently trending is Joeboy and Fireboy and you can read about their net worth here


Overall the Nigerian music industry has been a saving grace for a lot of upcoming artists. 


So what are the sources of income of Perruzi? 

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Peruzzi has like 4 sources of income currently. 


His first source of income stems from his music released under the DMW record label


Majesty currently has more than 3 million streams when it was released on major music streaming platforms. 


Peruzzi’s second source of income comes from his following on social media. 


He makes money the same way I described Dremo above. 


So what is his third source of income? 


Frankly, Perruzi and Dremo share similar sources of income. 

Peruzzi net worth 2020 Forbes

His 3rd source of income is from shows. 


and Peruzzi charges between N400,000 to N600,000 to show up in shows within the country. 


Technically if he gets 10 shows a year that like N6,000,000 yearly income. 


Peruzzi also makes a huge part of his income getting endorsed by major brands in and outside the country. 


All of these sources of income has really helped to increase Peruzzi and Dremo net worth drastically. 


I guess you have all the information you have been looking for right? 


but wait I have even more for you… 


Dremo and Peruzzi Brief Bio 


Do you know one of the biggest gifts of life? 


Can you guess what I am about to say that is? 

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I bet not because you are not in my head right? 




One of the biggest gifts of life is the gift of destiny… 


Now slow down! 


You must be wondering why I said that right? 


Think of it this way, without destiny you are just someone roaming planet earth without a purpose. 


Now destiny begets history which you and I have read about at one time or the other. 

Dremo and boss Davido

You probably read about the history of Jesus Christ right? 


Now that’s a biography of Jesus Christ per se. 


Plus his wonderful works are the reason history remembers to talk about him. 


and here I am also writing about a brief bio (history) of Dremo and Peruzzi. 


  • Dremo brief bio 


  • Perruzi brief bio 


Dremo Brief Bio 


If you are like many others out there, chances are you only know Dremo by his stage name. 


but have you ever asked what is his real name? 


It is possible you don’t even know this, so I am going to tell you his real name below. 


The real name of Dremo is Aboriomoh Femi Raymond


He was born in the state of Edo which has its capital as Benin in Nigeria. 


Raymond was born in the year 1993 August 26. 


So who is he? 


Dremo is a Nigerian musician, songwriter, and producer signed to DMW record label. 


In 2020 he released Mabel a song featuring his record label boss Davido. 


Mabel has done more than 500,000 views on YouTube making the song from. the album with the most views on YouTube. 


After primary and secondary school, the singer moved to Ibadan. 


According to sources online, Dremo started singing at a very tender age. 


His love for music has seen the singer make music with a blend of afrobeat, afro-pop, and Urban tunes. 


and speaking of awards, Dremo despite a cloudy career has won himself several awards. 


I like to think that he is one of the lucky artists that has been able to win an award despite not having the most blazing of career yet. 

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Dremo awards include the 2016 Teen Choice award for New Hip Hop Act. 


He also picked the award for Rookie of the year at the City People music award held in 2016. 


Perruzzi Brief Bio 


As a kid growing up, you and I have this huge dream of wanting to explore the world. 


The truth is not everyone was able to get their name registered on the map. 


but for those that did like the likes of Beyonce, you and I still talk about them to date. 


Another example will be MJ who is the king of POP. 


Despite the fact that he is dead, you and I still remember him every year. 

How much is Peruzzi net worth

This is because he had this huge influence on the world as a whole. 


Having said that, who is Peruzzi? 


Yeah, I know you know him by his stage name especially if you are a Nigerian. 


but do you know his real name? 


Google should give you the answer, that’s how easy the Internet made the world. 


but for the sake of this post, I will tell you his real name here. 


The real name of Peruzzi is Tobechukwu Okoh


He was born to Mr. and Mrs. Okoh and he is the last child in a family of 6.


Perruzzi attended Lerato Primary School, Egbeda and Command Secondary School, Ikeja for his primary and secondary school education respectively.


After graduating from secondary school, Okoh was flown to Ukraine to study Medicine. 


His passion for music however got in the way of that, as a result he opted to pursue a career in music. 


So who is he? 


Perruzzi is a Nigerian musician, singer, and songwriter who is currently signed to DMW. 


His urban afro vibe genre has seen the singer gain prominence in the country. 


While not so many awards to his gallery, Peruzzi peaked up the award for rookie of the year at the 2017 City People Music award. 


Now let’s look at how the career of both artists started shall we? 


How Did Dremo and Peruzzi Career Start 


Before I get into how the career of these two started and. what song brought about their fame let me tell you a short story. 


One day I woke up and I told my mother that my dream was to become a footballer. 


She looked at me and said well, I don’t have a problem with that. but I want to see how you will have this same courage to tell your father. 


After this conversation, about 3 weeks past, and I still haven’t found the courage to face my dad. 


By the time I finally did I could tell that was the last day I was going to remain in that house.


I have never met someone who hated football that. much in my life, so I quit trying after several failed attempts against his wish.


Much like myself, Peruzzi also witnesses the. same fate, only that after some time his parents gave in, mine did not.


In this part of the post which I have subdivided into subheading, I will talk to you about Dremo and Peruzzi’s career started.

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  • How did Dremo career start


  • How did Peruzzi career start


How Did Dremo Career Start


Life as an upcoming artist can be pretty challenging honestly.


And this is one of the major reasons I have been a huge fan of Davido.


I like how he takes younger artists and molds them into someone great.


He took in Mayorkun, and today the Mayor of Lagos is among. the most popular singers in Naija currently.


Dremo has always wanted to become a musician at the tender age of 12.

This drive saw him in the studio for the most part of his childhood.


But thanks to Davido, his fame is about to Quadruple.


Dremo’s rise to fame began after he was signed to DMW record label by OBO.


In 2016 Dremo released hit tracks Fela and Ojere both of which stayed on top of Africa music charts for weeks.


This was the defining moment in Dremo’s career. and together Ojere and Fela have accumulated more than 1 million views on Youtube.


This is also how Dremo net worth forbes started rising.


Over the years a blend of pop and Afro hip hop as seen his style of music stand out.


But quite frankly I have to also add that I never have seen an artist that’s underperformed until 2020.


Plus I know the reason for this is for the fact that it takes time for some artists to finally discover. what genre of songs he or she is particular ground in.


It can be tough really!


Having said, let’s see a little about Peruzzi, shall we?


How Did Peruzzi Career Start 


I would say Peruzzi net worth forbes is what it is today because of his boldness. In discovering what he always knew he would become one day.


I find that in Africa, it really takes time and resources to really discover yourself.


But why does it take that much time you may ask right?


Well, in my opinion, I believe it has everything to do with your country, exposure, and personal development.


This is one of the biggest challenges for the people of Africa…


The school system is flawed, no awareness is being taught which can deter self-discovery.


With that said how did Peruzzi start?


Peruzzi’s career fully started after gaining admission into Odesa University in Ukraine.


This is the moment he realized that medicine wasn’t what he wanted.


His dream was to become a musician as a result of this he dropped out to pursue his career.


At first, it was hard for his parents to accept his new choice of profession.

Peruzzi net worth 2020

But as time goes on, it all fell into place for the young artist.


Peruzzi is currently signed to DMW record which is where he found fame.


Mata, for your pocket however are the hit tracks that brought Peruzzi fame in the industry.


Both songs currently have done more than 1 million views on Youtube altogether.


You can chalk it to Peruzzi’s individual brilliance as well as Davido’s ability to spot talents.


One more thing, since singing is what ultimately helped to increase Dremo and Peruzzi net worth, let’s talk a little bit about their album and songs right?




Dremo and Peruzzi Album and Songs


Peruzzi and Dremo have several singles between them but fewer albums. 


As a matter of fact, both artists currently have just a total of 2 albums between them. 


In 2020, Dremo released his first studio album under Davido music worldwide. 


Dremo 2020 album was titled Codename volume 2 which has 12 tracks. 


Here is a list of some of the tracks from codename volume 2.


  • Gugudemap


  • Stfu


  • Collect


  • Pepper


  • who’s your guy


  • Pray


  • Alasheju


  • Konjinaba


  • ghetto luv


  • Mabel


  • sweet pain


  • sharp sharp


As for Peruzzi he is released his debut album Huncho Vibes in 2019. 


Huncho Vibes features 10 tracks among the track is his hit single nana. 


Nana received a lot of stream in Nigeria and other African countries. 


Here is a list of some of Peruzzi singles over the years. 


  • Amaka (2018)


  • Champion Lover (2018)


  • Majesty (2018)


  • Did You (2018)


  • Dina (2018)


  • Run am (2018)


  • Craze (2018)


  • Sangbana (2018)


  • Champion lover (2018)


  • Run am (2018)


  • Try (2018)


  • For your pocket (2018)


  • Bleed (2019)


  • Six 30 (with Davido) (2019)


  • Nana (2019)


  • The Box(2020)


  • Cinatti Love (2020)


If you read up to this part then kudos to you because you are among the few with a longer attention span. 


Forbes Peruzzi net worth is gradually climbing and who knows he could hit the billion Naira landmark in a couple of years more. 


The same can be said for Forbes Dremo net worth, in all I believe both stars have been phenomenal. 




A lot goes into writing and releasing a song. 


If you ask those that’s been able to keep it real all these years, I believe they will tell you music is hard. 


but hey in my opinion anything that brings you money is hard to be fair. 


Having said all of that, this is all you need to know about Dremo and Peruzzi’s net worth. 


So tell me what did you learn from today’s post? 


Leave me a comment with your thoughts and I will follow up with you. 


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Thanks for reading and if you have a little more time then check out this post below. 



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