Dwayne Johnson vs John Cena vs Vin Diesel vs Kevin Hart Net Worth
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Dwayne Johnson vs John Cena vs Vin Diesel vs Kevin Hart Net Worth who is richer?


Are you a WWE, Fast & Furious, or Comedy fan? Either way, you might have come across or heard about one or two of these superstars. 


They’re entertainment icons you can never fail to come across on your favourite T.V. channels. I am talking about Dwayne Johnson, John Cena, Vin Diesel, and Kevin Hart.


These four stars have dominated the box office with their blockbuster movies. They’re among the richest male actors in the world.


Through their different entertainment programs, each of them pockets a significant amount of money.


So, if you’re aching to know which of these Hollywood superstars have the highest net worth, Look no further! We’ve got the inside scoop on who reigns supreme regarding wealth.


In this article, we compare Dwayne Johnson Vs John Cena Vs Vin Diesel Vs Kevin Hart’s net worth. Get ready to learn more about their rise to fame and fortune.


Just do one thing for me! Sit back, relax, and get ready to dive into the world of the most influential artist in the world’s net worth!


NO Names Net worth State of origin
1 Dwayne Johnson $800 million Hayward, California
2 John Cena $60 million West Newbury, Massachusetts
3 Vin Diesel $225 million Alameda , California
4 Kevin Hart $500 Million Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Who Is The Richest Between Dwayne Johnson and John Cena


Dwayne Johnson and John Cena’s net worth who is richer? Dwayne Johnson’s net worth 2023 Forbes is estimated to be $800 million. On the other hand, John Cena’s net worth of 2023 Forbes is estimated at $60 million.


So the answer to the question, John Cena and Dwayne Johnson’s net worth who is richer? Obviously, with a difference of $740 million, “The Rock” stands out as the richest between him and Cena. We can say “The Rock” is, after all, the people’s champ!

Dwayne Johnson vs John Cena vs Vin Diesel vs Kevin Hart Net Worth

When we know John Cena’s net worth vs Dwayne Johnson’s’ where does all their money come from? These wrestlers turned out to have acquired significant wealth through their successful careers in Hollywood. They also have endorsement deals and other business ventures that will get into details.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, born Dwayne Dwayne Douglas Johnson, is a former professional wrestler and American actor. He was born on May 2, 1972, and is currently 50 years old. The Rock, per people’s popular opinion, is regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time.


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Did you know The Rock was a standout high-school athlete? He played on the 1991 N.C.A.A. Championship football team at the University of Miami. Unfortunately, he suffered injuries cutting short his career in the Canadian Football League. 

Dwayne Johnson vs John Cena vs Vin Diesel vs Kevin Hart Net Worth 3

That’s when he turned to wrestling back in the 1990s. He retired from wrestling in 2019 and is now starring in several Blockbuster movies. Dwayne has starred in films such as “The Fast and Furious” franchise, “Jumanji,” and “Moana. He has earned millions of dollars for each project. You can read my article on how much is Dwayne Johnson’s net worth.


Other sources of income for our own Dwayne come from T.V. shows. Does “all my friends are ballers” ring a bell? Well, it became monotonous after the release of the T.V. show “Ballers”, which The Rock features. It’s said that he took home a fat paycheck of $700,000 per episode. Damn!


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What about his endorsement deals? He has signed contracts with brands such as Under Armour, Ford, and Apple.


Johnson is also an entrepreneur. He owns a production company, Seven Bucks Productions, and his own tequila brand, Teremana Tequila.


John Felix Anthony Cena, popularly known as John Cena, is an American professional wrestler, actor, and former rapper currently signed to WWE. He was born on April 23, 1977, in West Newbury, Massachusetts, U.S., and is now 45. 

Dwayne Johnson vs John Cena vs Vin Diesel vs Kevin Hart Net Worth 4

Cena has the most world championship reigns in WWE history, about 13. He made his professional wrestling debut on November 5, 1999. Like The Rock, Cena is also regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers ever.


His wrestling career largely contributes to his $60 million net worth. The name Cena is still a household name that earns him a salary of around $10 million from WWE.


Like Dwayne, you’ll find John Cena’s handsome face on many Hollywood blockbusters. Check movies such as “Bumblebee” and “The Suicide Squad.” You’ll see him.


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He has also appeared on T.V. shows like “Wipeout” and “Total Bellas.” Cena has endorsement deals with brands such as Cricket Wireless, Tapout, and Skyy Vodka.


John’s net worth is also due to various business ventures. Cena owns a clothing line with WWE and is also a co-founder of the fitness app FitOps Foundation.


Dwayne Johnson vs John Cena vs Vin Diesel vs Kevin Hart Net Worth 5

He has been nominated for several awards. He has only been able to win a CinemaCon award for the Action Star of the Year in 2017.

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Johnson and Cena have diversified their income streams through their various ventures, allowing them to accumulate significant wealth over the years.


Who Is The Richest Between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel


Having looked at Dwayne Johnson vs John Cena’s net worth, let’s change our channels and check Dwayne Johnson vs Vin Diesel’s net worth. Yes, the two are one of the biggest Hollywood stars in the world today. 


If you have watched “The Fast & Furious,” you may have come across these familiar faces. We have seen Dwayne taking first place as the richest between him and John. Now, Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel’s net worth, who is richer?

Dwayne Johnson vs John Cena vs Vin Diesel vs Kevin Hart Net Worth 8

Dwayne and Diesel are highly successful men who have accomplished much in their careers. 


Vin Diesel’s net worth 2023 Forbes is estimated at around $225 million. This means Dwayne still stands out as the richest between Dwayne Johnson vs John Cena vs Vin Diesel vs Kevin Hart net worth list. 


Dwayne Johnson vs Vin Diesel’s net worth has a difference of $575 since Dwayne’s net worth is estimated at $800.


Vin Diesel, born Mark Sinclair, is an American actor and film producer. He was born on July 18, 1967, in Alameda County, California. He is known as one of the world’s highest-grossing actors. In the movie Fast & Furious, where he co-stars with The Rock, he goes by Dominic Toretto.


Diesel began his career in 1990 but faced difficulty achieving recognition. However, five years later, he gained worldwide popularity after he directed and starred in the short film Multi-Facial, which he also wrote. 



Since then, he has been delivering legendary performances, which have seen him take home numerous awards. The 55-year-old has won eight awards, including the CinemaCon and two People’s Choice Awards.


Some films that have seen this entertainment legend hit the million mark include Pitch Black, released in 2000. Like Johnson, Diesel has also starred in many successful movies, such as the Fast and Furious franchise, Guardians of the Galaxy, xXx, Dark Fury, Pacifier, and many more. 

Dwayne Johnson vs John Cena vs Vin Diesel vs Kevin Hart Net Worth 10

He has also had guest appearances on T.V. shows, but his main focus is his movie career.


Diesel has also earned as a producer. He is among the co-producers of the series Fast & Furious, which he has turned into a billion-dollar movie series. The movie has made him the star he is today. 


But before he could afford to produce or even start in such a moving film, did you know he was once a bouncer? Yes. He has also been a telemarketer selling light bulbs. He secured enough funds for his first feature-length film, Strays. 


That gives you hope that you can start from anywhere and later be the world’s next million/billionaire. It requires never losing sight, hope, and faith. You can turn any idea into reality if you focus and always look forward to becoming a billionaire person in business. I might be here to write about you next.


Diesel hasn’t yet gone much outside his film and acting boundaries. He founded One Race Films, a production company that has produced several successful movies. He serves as a producer and executive producer for his star vehicles. 


Diesel also owns the record label Racetrack Records and video game developer Tigon Studios, providing his voice and motion capture for all of Tigon’s releases.


Vin earns from endorsement deals. He has collaborated with brands such as Dodge, Pepsi, and Ford.


Johnson and Diesel still make significant wealth through their successful movie careers and business ventures. While Johnson is considered the richest of the two, Diesel’s net worth is still quite impressive. He has diversified his income streams through his production company and endorsement deals.

Dwayne Johnson vs John Cena vs Vin Diesel vs Kevin Hart Net Worth 9

Regarding wealth, Dwayne remains the last man standing between him, John Cena, and Vin Diesel. 


What about him and Kevin Hart? Let’s look at them next!


Who Is The Richest Between Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart


Still on our Dwayne Johnson vs John Cena vs Vin Diesel vs Kevin Hart Net Worth topic? If you have come this far, remember to look at some of our G.O.A.T. s in the entertainment industry. 


Let’s get a good look at Dwayne Johnson vs Kevin Hart’s net worth.

Kevin Hart 1

Kevin Hart’s net worth 2023 Forbes is estimated at $500 Million, while Dwayne Johnson’s net worth is $800 million. Quick math, you’ll get a significant difference of $300 million. 


So back to your question, Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson’s net worth, who is richer? Obviously, it’s our people’s champ, Dwayne, AKA The Rock. 


I will say it’s because The Rock started way before. He’s a legend in the industry with a quiet entertainment foundation. That is, Dwayne has a long career in entertainment compared to the famous American comedian.


While Hart’s net worth may not be as high as Johnson’s, he is still considered one of the most successful comedians in the world. I’m not a fan of comedy, but you might be. 

Kevin Hart 4

And when I am not a fan, my brother is. He always never missed any episodes of Laugh at My Pain stand-up comedy specials and one of Hart’s most successful. 


By the way, the comedy grossed over $15 million at the box office. And you say he ain’t rich. Well, for someone who rose to fame in 2009, that’s quite a success. His career path is not far different from Vin Diesels. 


He hit the entertainment platforms in 2001, but until 2009 he was well recognized. Kevin Hart had a piece of chicken thrown at him during one of his shows before he became famous. He has suffered a slow career start, even being booed offstage several times. 


Imagine that. I would cry and never do this again. But that is not what happened with Kevin Hart going with the stage name Lil Kev back then. He never gave up like our own John Cena always says.


 It took him several unsuccessful shows, and now everybody knows how funny he can get. Before I forget. Kevin Hart was born Kevin Darnell Hart on July 6, 1979, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.

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Kevin Hart 3

The 43-year-old king of comedy is an American comedian and actor. He has also starred in Hollywood films and on T.V. and has several well-received comedy albums to his credit.


With such massive success, Hart has won several awards. He has 17 awards on his cabinet, including three Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards and a Best Award for best actor from his comedy Laughing at My Pain.


We could not count his net worth at $500 million if it weren’t for starring in some of Hollywood’s successful movies. You’ll find his handsome face in the Ride Along franchise, Central Intelligence, and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. 


Ohh, I remember. I know why you call this guy funny. Yes, he is. Check out this one-hour, 52-minute movie, The Man from Toronto. It’s a promise you’ll “crack” down in tears, sorry laughter.


He has also earned as a producer in movies such as Real Husbands of Hollywood, where he stars.

Kevin Hart 2

Like Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart has also been involved in various endorsement deals. He has signed contracts with Nike, H&M, and Hyundai. He is also a bestselling author and has his own production company, HartBeat Productions.


Both Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are incredibly successful. Their wealth has been built through hard work, dedication to their crafts, and savvy business investments and endorsements.


Bonus 1: Who Is The Richest Between Dwayne Johnson and Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise’s net worth 2023 Forbes is around $620 Million, $180 million less than Dwayne’s.


The Rock is still leading in our Dwayne Johnson vs John Cena vs Vin Diesel vs Kevin Hart Net Worth list.

Tom Cruise 1

Born Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, Tom is one of the greatest and richest American actors and producers. The 60-year-old box office star is also counted among the highest-paid actors in the world. He was born on July 3, 1962, in Syracuse, New York, U.S.


He has been in entertainment for four decades now. Yes, I hope I’m right, given he started his acting career in the 1980s. But before he became famous, he worked as a busboy in New York.


From his testimonials, he didn’t have to struggle with his acting career. He started off securing leading roles just from the start.


With such a legacy, you expect countless awards, right? They aren’t countless, but they’re undoubtedly a significant number. Well, surprise? He has a total of 129 medals out of 413 nominations. What a success story. 

Tom Cruise 2

He has taken home three Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and three MTV Movie & T.V. Awards, among other outstanding awards.


Tom Cruise’s wealth has been primarily accumulated through his long and successful acting career. He has starred in some of the biggest blockbusters Hollywood has produced. I’m talking about Top Gun, the Mission: Impossible franchise, Jerry Maguire, War of the Worlds, and A Few Good Men. 


Not that I have a crush on him like all of you, but I’m an action movie fanatic. Well, at least when I was a teen and before the series came into the picture. 


His wealth is also a result of working as a producer. He has had several successful movies, and T.V. shows he has produced. 

Tom Cruise 3

In terms of endorsements, Tom Cruise has had several deals with top brands, including BMW, Ray-Ban, and Coca-Cola, which have added to his wealth. 


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He also negotiates high salaries for his movie roles, contributing to his significant net worth. Some reports indicate he can negotiate up to $50 million per movie.


Tom Cruise and Dwayne Johnson’s net worth, who is richer?


Dwayne remains one of the richer between him and Tom Cruise. Their net worth difference is $180 million. When Dwayen still stands as the richest, both actors achieved tremendous success in their careers. They are among the most popular and respected actors in the entertainment industry.


Bonus 2: Who Is The Richest Between Dwayne Johnson and Cristiano Ronaldo


Known as the GOAT, Cristiano Ronaldo’s net worth 2023 Forbes is estimated at $500 million. Unfortunately, between Dwayne Johnson vs Cristiano Ronaldo’s net worth, Dwayne seems to be the G.O.A.T. 


And still stands out as the richest on our Dwayne Johnson vs John Cena vs Vin Diesel vs Kevin Hart Net Worth list. But, I am all in for Christiano Ronaldo, as my number one fan, even between him and your favourite Messi. Okay, stones down. Could you not throw them yet?

Cristiano Ronaldo 3

Cristiano Ronaldo’s wealth has been primarily accumulated through his successful career as a professional football player.


He has played for the world’s biggest football clubs, including Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus. 


He plays for Al Nassr, a Saudi Professional League club he also captains. With him, you always need to figure out where to start his story because it’s pretty long. But today, let’s focus on the important details. 


Ronaldo, born Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays forward. He is the captain of the national team. He was born on February 5, 1985, in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal. 


Cristiano started his football career at 16, playing for Sporting CP. He later made his international debut for Portugal in 2003 at 18. 

Cristiano Ronaldo 2

I told you he had a story. The 38-year-old was born lucky since his mother wanted to abort him due to poverty, his father’s alcoholism, and having too many children already. Luckily, her doctor refused to perform the procedure. 


Besides that tearful story, Ronaldo has fought all odds and is now one of the most recognized football players. He is also the highest-paid Instagram influencer in the world, with about 578 million followers on Instagram. That is one source of his income: he commands high fees for a sponsored post.


You can also check how his net worth differs from big professional football players Ronaldo vs Messi vs Neymar vs Mbappe Net Worth.

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Ronaldo signed with many top brands, such as Nike, Coca-Cola, and E.A. Sport. He also signed on for other soft drinks, clothing, automotive lubricants, financial services, electronics, and video games. Moreover, he owns his brand of underwear, known as CR7. 

Cristiano Ronaldo

Besides earning from talent and fame, our guy has a range of business ventures contributing to his $500 million net worth. He has hotels, gyms, and perfumes to his name.


Throughout his career, Ronaldo has won numerous awards and accolades. He has five Ballon d’Or awards, the highest individual honour in football. He also has four European Golden Shoes, in addition to 32 other trophies.


Wrapping It Up


Today’s topic on Dwayne Johnson vs John Cena vs Vin Diesel vs Kevin Hart is nothing short of astonishing. Dwayne Johnson vs John Cena vs Vin Diesel vs Kevin Hart net worth; four individuals have established themselves as some of the most successful personalities in the entertainment industry. 


They have demonstrated their versatility and talent in various fields, from wrestling to acting to comedy.


It’s for sure that their net worths vary. Dwayne comes on top as rich, with a net worth of $800 million. Tom Cruise second, with a net worth of $620 million. Third is Kevin Hart, with a net worth of $500 million. And Vin Diesel comes fourth with a net worth of $225 million.


Whether you’re a fan of The Rock, Cena, Hart, or Vin Diesel, you can’t deny that each one is an icon in the entertainment industry. Their wealth is a testament to their dedication and commitment. Despite the difference, we can’t fail to appreciate each individual’s hard work to achieve success.


They have the talent to show for it. Their charisma is something else. They’re not left behind business-wise, either. And these four are still raising the bar and setting new standards for success in their respective fields.


Frequently Asked Questions


Let’s go through some of the obvious questions about Dwayne Johnson vs John Cena vs Vin Diesel vs Kevin Hart Net Worth.


How much is Dwayne Johnson worth?


Dwayne Johnson’s net worth is estimated at $800 million. Dwayne is popularly known by the moniker, The Rock, which he adopted from the wrestling world.


Johnson is a former professional wrestler retiring back in 2019. He transitioned to Hollywood as an actor, starring in blockbusters such as the Fast and Furious franchise, Jumanji, and Moana. He is also a producer and businessman.


His endorsement deals with Under Armour, Ford, and Project Rock. Dwayne is a philanthropist and regularly donates to various causes. He has walked his talk supporting charitable organizations, including the Make-A-Wish and Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation.


How much is John Cena worth? 


Reports show that John Cena’s net worth is around $60 million. Cena is a professional wrestler and still the best Hollywood actor.


He gained fame in the wrestling world, winning numerous championships and awards during his wrestling career. You’ll also find him in television shows as a host.


He has also hosted reality shows like American Grit and has been a guest on several talk shows. Cena has also been involved in various philanthropic endeavors.


He has worked with Dayne with the Make-A-Wish Foundation for many years, granting over 600 requests to children with life-threatening diseases. He has also established the John Cena Foundation, which supports various charitable causes.

How much is Kevin Hart worth?


Kevin Hart has a net worth estimated at approximately $500 million. Hart is an American stand-out comedian, actor, and producer. His stand-out comedy and appearances on T.V. shows and films made him famous.


He has launched his own production company, Hartbeat Productions, and has endorsement deals with Nike and Tommy John. Hart is a philanthropist, supporting various causes such as education, health, and poverty alleviation.


 How much is Vin Diesel worth?


Vin Diesel’s net worth is estimated at around $225 million. Diesel is an actor, producer, and director.


He has three decades in the industry, which has seen him make that much of a net worth. He also earns as a producer and director for various film projects.


Vin Diesel owns a production company, One Race Films, which has collaborated to produce the best Hollywood blockbusters.


Diesel has also been involved in various philanthropic efforts, supporting organizations such as Paul Walker’s Reach Out WorldWide charity and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


He has also advocated for environmental causes, promoting electric cars and renewable energy.


How Much is Tom Cruise Worth?


Tom Cruise’s net worth is estimated to be around $600 million. He is an American actor and producer with approximately four decades of career.


That tells you he tops as one of the wealthiest actors in Hollywood. His net worth results from a successful acting career.


Tom has starred in many successful movies, including the Mission: Impossible series. He has produced several films through his production company, Cruise/Wagner Productions. 


Who has more money, Dwayne Johnson or Vin Diesel?


Diesel concentrates mainly on acting and producing films. Dwayne Johnson’s net worth is $800 million, while Vin Diesel’s is $225. Quite a significant difference, meaning Dwaye has more money than Vin Diesel.


Let’s say Vin has never switched his love for acting, while on the other hand, Dwayne has been all over the industry.


Dwayne was a wrestler, which saw him make quite some money. Additionally, Vin struggled at the start of his career, which is a different story from Dwayne.


Is Dwayne Johnson richer than John Cena?


Dwayne Johnson is more affluent than John Cena. Actually, when we subtract Dwayne Johnson’s net worth from John Cena’s, we get a significant difference of $740 million. Because Dwayne’s net worth is $800 million, John Cena’s net worth is $60 million. The difference results from the time difference in starting their career. Dwayne started back in 1996, while John Cena began in 1999.


The net worth difference may also be because of their business and endorsement deals.


Who has more money, Dwayne Johnson or Kevin Hart?


Dwayne Johnson has more money than Kevin Hart. This is because when Dwayne has a net worth of $800 million, Hart’s stands at $500. The big difference is that Dwayne has a long time in the entertainment industry compared to Hart. He also has a lot of endorsement deals and business compared to Hart.


Who has more money, Dwayne Johnson or Tom Cruise?


Dwayne Johnson has a net worth of $800 million, which is $180 million more than Tom Cruise, which is around $620 million. Therefore, Dwayne Johnson has more money than Tom Cruise. Their net worth has a difference of $180 million.


Even though Tom Cruise has earned leading roles in some Hollywood blockbusters, Dwayne beats him regarding wealth.

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