EP 2: Burna Boy I Don’t Make Money From Nigeria (Fans Reactions)

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Last updated on October 23rd, 2022 at 01:00 pm

Burna Boy I don’t make money from Nigeria and Nigeria has two delusional fan base 30BG and Wizkid FC tweet causes backlash on Twitter. 


In today’s post, you and I will talk about Burnaboy’s tweet that’s causing a frenzy on Twitter. 


I will cover the big rivalry between the 3 top stars in the country and everything fans are saying about this. 


but before you and I get into Burna Boy I don’t make money from Nigeria tweet, here is an easy outline for you. 


  • 3 superstars from Nigeria 


  • Burna Boy rise 


  • Why the beef 


  • Burna Boy Tweet and Twitter NG fans reaction 


  • Conclusion 


Now that you are well aware of what today’s post will bring you, come let’s dive into the details. 


3 Superstars From Nigeria 


I really miss the days of 2baba, Psquare at the beginning of their career before the breakup saga that Nigerians haven’t healed from. 


Back then things weren’t this dramatic and they came from the humble beginning you and I so much adore. 


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I still go back to those days of me and my childhood friend and brother KD dancing and wishing to be like the Psquare Brothers. 


How time flies is beyond me and sometimes when he and I chat about those times, we end up cheerful. 


The feeling of having a memorable memory to always hold on to is beautiful at least from my own experience. 


Things were just not dramatic like it is now with this current generation and I miss that. 


Enter the dramatic turn! 


Before the rise of Burnaboy, the Nigerian audience recognized 3 powerhouses in the music industry. 


It was Wizkid, Davido, and Olamide. 


The trio kept us dancing and happy until the beef started between Wizkid and Davido. 


Things quickly went wild and an industry that’s enjoyed its peace became the center and forefront of the news. 


It became so dramatic that a week didn’t pass without the drama hence it became divided. 


Wizkid FC rose and 30BG rose both fan base of Wizkid and Davido and that was it. 

Burnaboy Tweets Show he does not make money from Nigeria

You could feel both fan base doing everything they can to prove who the biggest artist in the industry is rather than allowing the two greats to co-exist. 


It was beautiful and sad at the same time because some days it’s a pure cruise and other days you could feel things getting out of hand. 


The only fan base that didn’t really take part in the drama was Olamide’s fanbase. 


He somehow knew how to stay away from public life and lived his life low-key away from the bitterness always exhibited by fans. 


I believe this is why he hasn’t gotten that international recognition yet because this current generation thrives on pitting people against each other. 


Burna Boy Rise 


The first Burnaboy song that got me hooked was smoke some weed, that jam was a beast. 


He just didn’t have the PR to make it a hit song back then. I believe if he had what he has now, that song could easily have been his biggest. 


but don’t take my word for it until you have been able to enjoy that beauty. 

Does Nurna Boy MAKE Money From Nigeria

Burna Boy’s rise was shocking for everyone but without any disrespect, I believe Davido, Wizkid, and Olamide helped paved that road. 


And yes it is just as how Fela, 2baba, Psquare helped pave the way for Wizkid, Davido, and Olamide. 


He somehow was smart enough to see an opportunity and rode it like the giant that he is today. 


Much like Wizkid and Davido, Burnaboy is talented, proud but then again there is no man under the sun without an atom of pride. 


The only difference is that Burnaboy wears his pride without being ashamed of it and that pride won him a Grammy award. 


His rise to fame comes from African Giant and Twice As Tall both monster albums. 


Atlanta only saw the talent in him and also decided to bank on it. 


Honestly, I believe Burna is going to be big just as Davido and Wizkid outside the country so long he knows how to properly ride this current wave. 


So why the beef you may ask right? 


Why The Beef 


Have you ever taken the time to read about Notorious B.I.G and 2Pac beef? 


You probably know that both ended up dead with 2Pac being the first to go down early. 


If you followed that story very well, you would see that biggie and Pac use to be homies until record labels and gang destroyed both. 

Burnaboy claims to make money in Uk

The achievement that both got from that beef is that it made them popular and for me that’s it. 


You probably have a different opinion so I would love to hear it in the comment section. 


Davido and Burna Boy also used to be buddies until fans and label stepped in and as usual, it erupted. 


The reason for the beef is because labels and fan bases know that this is the surest way to skyrocket the popularity of a musician. 


The beef you see currently would continue because business-wise it is good but I hope it stays that way. 


I really don’t want it to end up like how biggie and 2Pac did because I love these guys and they are talented. 


Burna Boy Tweet & Twitter NG Fans Reaction 


Damini Ogulu is currently going to war with Nigerians after his bogus claim that he does not make money from Nigeria. 


but then if you are on Twitter, it is always about cruise than it is a reality so take it seriously at your own peril. 


Burna Boy I don’t make money from Nigeria tweet suffice after he took to his verified Twitter account to claim he doesn’t make money from Nigeria. 


Is he right or wrong? 


Well, I would love you to answer that one question but don’t forget that he is one of the most popular musicians in Africa currently. 


but wait! 


That is not all Burna Boy is also one of the richest musicians in Nigeria today and his net worth is over $900K.


I mean with that kind of money, you have to be able to sort of control the perception of people, right? 


Well, he did, and here is what he tweeted. 


Me wey no be Nigerian artist.

The tweet is a reply to this tweet below.


Burna boy go soon leave Twitter NG for una. 


He then made another retweet saying he does not make money from Nigeria and all the fan bases Wizkid FC, 30BG, and Outsiders weren’t having it. 

Finally here is a reaction from his fans. 

@ManLikeIcey: You’re very stupid, lmao dude you don’t have a fan base, who’s deceiving you ??? remain outside as usual.

@xo_francs: I love Burna boys music. But he has a shitty attitude. Had to just show how low he’d stoop for validation. We know you’re big, you shouldn’t be low key throwing shades at other celebrities fan base because yours ain’t worth it.

@ii_tunes: The only 2 delusional fanbase I know is 30bg and icons

@Day_veyd02: Lol ur disturbed Same you that said someone’s father bought him a career Now dey talk say Atlantic buy career for you..u dey worry Mtchew.

@only1bryan: Burna insulted fc and 30bg but fc are trying so hard to pretend like he didnt insult them cus without burna u guys know u are irrelevant so you’re scared to fight with the only person that give y’all relevance… jokers lawon fc yen.

Now follow this link to check the full thread on Twitter.



Burna Boy I don’t make money from Nigeria tweet is the cause of the frenzy online. 


and fans reaction has been crazy as usual because many feels betrayed. 


The reality though is that Burnaboy current fan base in the UK and USA makes him more money. 


This is due to the fact that these countries have a more superior currency than Nigeria.


and in the world of today, one can’t compare persons earning in US dollars to that of another person earning in Naira. 


In the end, it is just another Twitter cruise that keeps fans happy while also upholding a beef that looks to be beneficial. 


It’s over to you


How would you react to Burna Boy I don’t make money from Nigeria tweet? 


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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