Fans & Celebrity Rejoice As Twitter Ban In Nigeria Lifted In 2022

Nigeria Twitter ban lifted
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Last updated on October 23rd, 2022 at 12:33 pm

The first question you are probably thinking about is why was Nigeria Twitter ban lifted, right? Well, I have to say I have asked myself the same question because it didn’t affect celebrities and Twitter NG citizens. 


When Twitter was banned in Nigeria 7 months ago, citizens of the country, celebrities alike migrated to other countries. 


This act was in defiance of the authoritarian rule of the president of the country with citizens citing that they would not be dictated to. 


It was the first time a supposed ban didn’t have much effect on the citizens as fans of Nigerian celebrities called it a total joke due to the use of VPN. 


Celebrities like Don Jazzy are happy about this development as the singer took to his verified Instagram channel to express his positive feelings. 

The Nigerian rapper, Ice Prince also feels relieved as he quickly took to his profile to express his gratitude to his 3 million-plus followers. 

Joining other celebrities to celebrate the latest announcement Shoutmeceleb Entertainment is happy to tell our readers that the Twitter ban in Nigeria has been lifted. 


So when next you search Google with keywords like the Twitter ban in Nigeria lifted and you see articles saying that it is still banned then trust that information at your own risk.


With that said, Nigeria Twitter users also expressed their heartfelt joy with emojis, and many claimed that the ban did not affect their use of the platform. 

This is because a VPN can migrate you to another geographical location such as the US, UK, France thereby offering you access to Twitter from these locations. 


So why was Twitter banned in Nigeria? Twitter was banned in Nigeria because the sitting president Muhammadu Buhari threatened to unleash hell on citizens of the country particularly SouthEastern States for constituting unrest in the country. 


Once his tweet went live, Twitter security measures flagged it for breaking the platform’s TOS.


The tweet was flagged because the president referenced the Nigerian civil war and threatened to do the same thing to the Igbo people should they continue agitating for separation. 


In conclusion, the general director of NITDA broke the news on social media stating that the suspension of Twitter operations in Nigeria is a result of the Memo written by Prof Isa Ali Ibrahim on technical grounds. 


It’s over to you now! 


What do you think about the Twitter ban in Nigeria being lifted?


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


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