FBG Duck and Lil Bibby net worth
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FBG Duck and Lil Bibby net worth who is richer? Lil Bibby and FBG Duck net worth is estimated at 6,500,000 US dollars ($6.5 Million). 


but this is Lil Bibby and FBG net worth combine right? 


So the question becomes what is the net worth of Lil Bibby as a solo artist? 


and what is the net worth of FBG as a solo artist? 


Today’s post will help you discover Lil Bibby net worth 2020 as well as FBG net worth 2020.


I have also taken it a step further to share information such as their cars, career start and biography below so stay with me. 

Lil Bibby Net Worth 2020
Lil Bibby


Now here is a complete outline of what you will get from today’s post… 


  • How much is FBG Duck and Lil Bibby net worth 


  • Who is the richest between Lil Bibby and FBG Duck 


  • What is FBG Duck and Lil Bibby source of wealth 


  • Lil Bibby and FBG Duck biography 


  • Frequently asked questions 


  • Conclusion 


Please note all the figures you will get on FBG Duck and Lil Bibby’s net worth has been researched. 


but these figures may not be absolutely correct due to the fact that Shoutmeceleb Entertainment doesn’t have direct contact with either artist. 


Now come on let’s dissect this post in and out shall we? 


How Much is FBG Duck and Lil Bibby Net Worth 


At the beginning of creation, money wasn’t always what it is now right? 


People of then had just crops, cattle to trade for whatever it is that they wanted. 


In today’s world that’s no longer the case right, we have money which is a universally accepted mode payment. 

FBG Duck and Lil Bibby net worth

There are currencies such as the dollar, pounds, euros, yen, and more today. 


People started going into different professions to make money and music was one of such professions. 


So for this part of this post, you and I will look at how much is Lil Bibby worth and how much is FBG Duck worth. 


Don’t forget their career started with music and who knows it might end with music too. 


  • How much is Lil Bibby net worth 2020 


  • How much is FBG Duck net worth 2020 


Quickly let’s expand on the above bullet points below to give it a bit of context. 


How Much is Lil Bibby Net Worth 2020 


How much is Lil Bibby net worth 2020? Lil Bibby net worth 2020 Forbes is estimated to be the mouth opening figure of 6,000,000 US dollars ($6 Million). A lot of his money comes from his mixtapes. 


Lil Bibby Networth: $6 Million 


I have to point out that all this cash didn’t come from mixtapes alone okay? 

[table id=42 /]

You know that as celebrities, it’s a lot easier to have multiple sources of income due to fame. 

Lil Bibby and FBG Duck net worth

but don’t worry, I will get into more on his source of income in another subheading of this post. 


Lil Bibby has been amazing since his debut in the American music industry right? 


He has worked with a lot of artists including Lil Herb now G Herbo, Drake has made a shout out too. 


and I believe his career is only going to get bigger as he grows older. 


The more music he makes, I believe the more the net worth Lil Bibby has will multiply and grow. 


Bibby has been enjoying life on the hip hop lane since his debut and for someone from Chicago, that’s huge. 


Chicago has been more of Drill, at least that’s what it’s popular for, shooting, gangs, and more. 


Lil Bibby does not want that lifestyle which he tried to reference during his interview with Fader


Having said let’s look at some of his cars, shall we? 


Lil Bibby Cars and House 


I have to respectfully say this, being a musician comes with a lot of pecks. 


Heck, even my kid brother that’s a musician is enjoying some of those things that come with being famous. 


He likes to party, hang out with his guys, the ladies are just after him and all that. 


Now he hasn’t gone mainstream, I am talking about his locality you know. 


I can’t help but imagine what his lifestyle would be like if he has gone mainstream. 

I bet he is going to rich and have that dream life every musician wants… 


For Lil Bibby gaining fame has helped him get some really good cars and a nice house. 


This is almost every body’s dream right, after all, that’s what you and I are working for. 


The good life and being able to afford the good stuff you know. 


Quickly let’s look at Lil Baby cars… 


Lil Baby currently has a White Corvette which he flaunts on his Instagram page. 


Honestly, I love that car, if only he could dash it to me, I would be more grateful. 


I am sure you probably would like it too… LoLz. 

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His white Covertte has the asking price of 30,000 US dollars ($30,000) to 38,000 US dollars ($38,000).


Lil Bibby also bought himself a silver color Mercedes Benz G Wagon, I mean who doesn’t want that right? 


Heck the G Wagon is among my list of cars that I wish to buy in the future because I don’t have the money now. 


His G Wagon cost anywhere from $100,000 to $260,000. 


What about his house? 


Well, Bibby loves the good stuff you know, he bought a house that has been rumor to cost between $150,000 to $350,000.


You can only dream to imagine what living in that kind of a house would feel like you know. 


Now that you know some of his properties, you also now know Lil Bibby worth let’s jump on to FBG Duck net worth Forbes


How Much is FBG Fuck Net Worth 2020 


How much is FBG Duck net worth 2020? FBG Duck net worth 2020 Forbes is currently estimated for be 500,000 US dollars ($500,000). The net worth FBG Duck has puts among some of the richest in Chicago under 27. 


FBG Duck Networth: $500,000


Music is what has helped to increase Forbes FBG net worth in 2020.

[table id=43 /]

but this does not mean that’s his only source of making money. 


As we dive deeper into this topic about FBG Duck and Lil Bibby net worth I will show you some of his financial sources. 

net worth of FBG Duck

Duck may not have put his name on the list of the richest singer in the world right now, I am sure someday that might change. 


Also when compared with the likes of NBA Youngboy in terms of net worth, he still does not measure up. 


but hey it’s not a game of who makes it to the top first right? He is about making it to give yourself and your family a good life. 


Now let’s look at his cars, shall we? 


FBG Duck Cars and House 


It’s hard to talk about the net worth of FBG Duck in 2020 and not talk about his house’s, cars right? 


Well, that’s why I have made this section to answer or show you some of the cars that he owns. 


FBG Duck lifestyle is one that is filled with a bit of up and downs but he is got the good taste you know. 


Did you know that he currently has more than two cars? He owns a Nissan Armada and a Mercedes Benz convertible. 


He bought himself a Nissan Armada which is one of the cars he owns with the list price. 


His Armada Nissan cost anywhere between 35,000 US dollars ($35,000) to 47,000 US dollars ($47,000).


His convertible Mercedes Benz starts at the asking price of 37,000 US dollars ($37,000) to 48,000 US dollars ($48,000).


He owns other cars but during my research, these are the ones I was familiar with so I just picked these two. 

Now let’s talk about his house, FBG Duck currently lives in a house that costs him between 140,000 US dollars to 200,000 US dollars. 


Now that you know FBG Duck net worth, his cars and cost of a house, come on let’s find out who is the richest between the two artists. 


Who is The Richest Between Lil Bibby and FBG Duck 


Lil Bibby and FBG Duck net worth who is richer? Forbes Lil Bibby net worth as of 2020 is $6 million while FGB Duck net worth Forbes is $500,000.


The above figure shows that Lil Bibby is currently the richest between the two musicians. 


FBG Duck trails Lil Bibby by a whopping 5,500.000 US dollar ($5.5 million). 


I love to compare the net worth of musicians to see how they do against each other. 


This is usually for fun purposes, plus the fact that I wish to have that kind of money someday. 


Despite trailing Lil Bibby by 5.5 million I believe a little hard work from FBG Duck could shrink the gap. 


but then it goes both ways because both artist are young and will be working on several projects before their 30s.


With all the money Lil Bibby and FBG Duck have, I am positive both are currently enjoying a good life. 


but wait how are these two making their cash? You must have wondered the same right? 


I bet yes, so in the next subheading you and I will answer just that while listing their income source. 


What is FBG Duck and Lil Bibby Source of Wealth 


If you ask the richest men in Africa like Aliko Dangote how they made it am sure they would tell you by working hard. 


but the truth is it is more of dreaming and making up images in your head that is big enough that it even scares you. 

How much is Lil Bibby Net Worth

In a nutshell, if you want to make it like Bill Gates then you have to dream and imagine the impossible. 


but Imagination is not enough, you also have to take action you know, seek mentorship from people that have achieved success. 


Dangote has more than one source of income, but for you, it can start by owning just one. 


So for the next part of this post, you and I will look at how Lil Bibby and FBG Duck make their money. 


I have even divided it into two subheadings, this way it will be a lot easier for you to grab. 


Let’s go… 


  • What is Lil Bibby source of wealth 


  • What is FBG Duck source of wealth 


What is Lil Bibby Source of Wealth 


Do you know that the average American work two to three jobs a day just make both ends meet? 


Now ask yourself why do they need two to three jobs to make both ends meet? 


The answer you will find will amaze but once you come to the answer please leave me a comment below. 


With that out of the way, what is the source of Lil Bibby’s income? 

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The source of Lil Bibby income are;


  • Music 


  • YouTube 


  • Social media 


  • Shows 


Bobby’s 1st source of income comes from his music such as albums, mixtapes, and singles. 


As a matter of fact, he currently has 3 mixtapes released between 2013 to 2017. 


It’s more of a series, so the first is First Crack, then First Crack 2 and First Crack 3. 


All of which did really well with and helped earn him some really good amount of money. 


Lil’s second source of income comes from his YouTube channel. 


He currently has more than 120,000 subscribers on YouTube which his songs get distributed to. 


He averages more than 500K views on YouTube monthly, which has helped to wet his bank account. 


He also makes money from shows, so how it works is whenever he is invited to perform, he makes money. 


Some online sources say he makes between 10,000 US dollars to 20,000 US dollars on shows. 


Lastly, he makes money from his huge following on Instagram through sponsored posts. 


This means he can advertise a product to his fans on Instagram from brands around the world. 


Those brands get to pay him money for doing this which is good and adds more money to his bank account. 


All of the above-listed sources have done one thing and that’s that it has helped to increase Lil Bibby net worth 2020. 


Since this post is about Lil Bibby and FBG Duck net worth let’s see how the latter makes his money. 


Although am not sure if it will be any different from the above ways… 


What is FBG Duck Source of Wealth 


FBG Duck does have a lot of controversies rocking his world, but that hasn’t stopped him from making money. 


He has also had a couple of torrid moments in his life such as when he was stabbed. 


He was rushed to the hospital, made it through, and then the first he did when he got back was party. 

He is one hell of a guy you might say right? 


Yeah, I thought the same, but one thing I like about him is that he has been true to his hustles. 


So how does he make his money? 


Well, FBG Duck makes money from more than one source and you and will cover each one briefly. 


Here are are his financial income sources… 


  • Apple and Spotify 


  • Performance 


  • Music 


  • Endorsement 


As a musician, it’s a good thing you have your songs on streaming platforms like Apple and Spotify. 


and guess what FBG does use these streaming platforms which pays him on the number of streams and download he get. 


FBG currently averages more than 100,000 streams on Apple monthly which brings him cool cash. 


Usually, Spotify has more audience due to android phones I guess (I don’t really know but I will research that). 


As a result of this Duck averages more than 200,000 streams on Spotify monthly. 


Don’t forget the more the stream the more the money you can make although there are other factors that play behind the scene. 


FBG Duck’s primary source of his income is his songs, mixtapes, and singles. 


He currently has more than 3 mixtapes out which have all been positively received from fans. 


His 3rd source of income comes from stage performances, and Duck charges between $5,000 to $10,000 to come up stage to perform. 


Another way he could make more money is through endorsement deals. 


Although while researching for this blog post I did not find that he has any endorsement deals. 


but it just another possible way he really could make money. 


Finally like Lil Bibby he also makes money from Youtube. 


As a matter of fact, YouTube is where he started making money to be fair. 


All of these sources have helped to double FBG Duck wealth in 2020


Now come let’s dive into his biography and that of Lil Bibby. 


Lil Bibby and FBG Duck Biography 


Look, I love writing about people’s life stories and how they made it to fame. 


This is because this is how you and I are going to pass some of the knowledge of today to the next generation. 


If you think of it you and I probably learned about Albeit Estein through books and Google. 

FBG Duck net worth 2020

This is because someone took the time to document the story of how their lives began and ended. 


100 years from now Beyoncé probably would be no more right, but his biography would carry on. 


So for this section which I have further divided into two subheadings, I will discuss Lil Bibby and FGB Duck bio. 


Here is a bullet point for clarity… 


  • Lil Bibby biography 


  • FBG Duck biography 


Come let’s get into a little bit of the storytelling mode. 


After all who doesn’t like a little good storytime right and today you and I will be starting with Lil Bibby bio. 


Lil Bibby Biography 


Let me ask this question really quickly what is the one thing you could tell me about Lil Bibby? 


Now don’t do any GOOGLING, if you are a true fan you should at least tell me one thing you know. 


If you have an answer then please comment below with your thoughts I will be sure to follow up with you. 


With that said what is the real name of Lil Bibby? The real name is Brandon George Dickinson

net worth of Lil Bibby

He was born in Chicago in the year 1994 on July 18th. 


His music career didn’t start until he started releasing mixtapes in 2013. 


During his interview with Fader, he pointed out that he really didn’t like the kind of music being put out there. 


As a result of this, he wanted things to change and that the story about Chicago should change as well. 

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His quest to change the way Chicago music is perceived led him to tell his own story the way he felt it. 


Music is about finding that place you could come from which makes all the difference. 


I don’t have much information about his upbringing and education but once I do, I will be sure to update this post. 


Having said that, who is Lil Bibby? Lil Bibby is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and the owner of Grade A Production. 


Grade A Production signed artist like Juice WRLD. 


But wait how did his career begin? 


Let’s get into that now shall we? 


How Did Lil Bibby Career Start


Lil Bibby’s career started about 7 years ago precisely 2013 when he released his first mixtape. 


Prior to that Lil Bibby played football and listened more to Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane. 


He cited during his interview with TheFader that although he listened to Eminem, Lil Wayne influenced his music. 


He also listened to Drake which led to Drake tweeting about him and Lil Herb as the future youngsters. 


Lil Bibby’s career saw him release his first mixtape titled Free Crack which according to Wikipedia was inspired by Kanye West. 


Kanye West Crack Music may have influenced this mixtape title but each track didn’t sound anything like Kanye. 


In 2014 Bibby released his second mixtape which was titled Free Crack 2, 


and then in 2015, he released Free Crack 3, all his mixtapes got some really good love. 


This helped to increase his popularity and gained him a massive following on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook combined. 


Free Crack 2 showed how Bibby has grown since his last mixtape and received some cool praises from BET. 


BET comment centered on how Lil Bibby combines the everyday life of fame and living in a state where there is gun violence to tell the story of how it affects people. 


As for XXL magazine, well they were obviously filled with love, stating how impressed they were with the album. 


Now let’s jump into FBG Duck biography, shall we? 


FBG Duck Biography 


Duck has made it to the music scene from a nobody to a somebody today which is good. 


So for the best part of this post you and I will discuss how it all started and the moment of fame. 


You know it is easy to forget an artist’s real name when they are famous right? 

How much is FBG Duck net worth

I mean take a look at Jay Z for example, I bet we don’t even know his real name anymore. 


So what happened? Well, you can say fame happened as a result you hear more of Jay-Z’s stage name. 


but hey there is no need to worry the stage name is more important because that’s what he is Popular by. 


Now, what is the real name of FBG Duck? The real name of FBG Duck is Carlton Weekley. 


He was born in Chicago Illinois in the year 1993 December 6th.


Weekley has been involved in multiple shoot outs due to his Fly Boy Gang head-on fight with other street gangs. 


So who is he? Well, FBG Duck is an American hip hop singer, rapper, and record label owner. 


So how did his career began? 


I will tell you shortly once you and I get into the next subheading. 


How Did FBG Duck Career Start 


FBG Duck career started when he formed the band Tooka Gang which performed in the local province in Chicago. 


The name of the group originates from his place of birth in Chicago which is Cooksville somewhere in Illinois. 


Tooka Gang released tracks like FACE, Do it like me and Damn. 


These tracks were uploaded to SoundCloud and YouTube. 


While on YouTube the group’s popularity peaked, giving him a huge following on social platforms. 


Due to the success of the group, FBG Duck launched his first mixtape which he titled FBG shit. 


He got positive attention but the street life was getting in the way of his success. 


He also released his second mixtape which he titled FBG shit 2, which was also positively received. 


All of his mixtapes have helped to increase FBG Duck’s net worth. 


The biggest moment in his musical career happened with his second mixtape release which was streamed more than 1 million times. 


His music video for Chicago Legends currently has more than 1 million views on YouTube. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


In this part of the post, I will answer some of the burning questions you might have about Lil Bibby and FBG Duck. 


Here we go… 


Who is Lil Bibby Signed To


Who is Lil Bibby signed to? Lil Bibby was previously signed to RCA Record and Kemosabe Record. He also found his own record label Grade A Production.


What is Lil Bibby nationality


What is Lil Bibby nationality? Lil Bibby was born in Chicago in the year 1994 on July 19th, He is a rapper and the founder of Grade A Production.


Does Lil Bibby still rap


Does Lil Bibby still rap? Lil Bibby is learning to adapt to life as an executive record label owner and also being a rapper at the same time.


What’s FBG duck real name


What’s FBG Duck real name? FBG Duck real name is Carlton Weekley


Did FBG duck die


Did FBG duck die? FBG Duck was shot on the shoulders in 2018 South Side Chicago but did not die. He was also stabbed by his girlfriend, then rushed to the hospital and recovered after some days.


Where is FBG duck from in Chicago


Where is FBG duck from in Chicago? FBG Duck was born and raised in the streets of Southside Chicago where he is part of street gangs Fly Boy Gang.




Lil Bibby net worth 2020 rise has been phenomenal and such a huge asset can be attributed to his hard work. 


FBG Duck net worth 2020 has also witness such a tremendous rise since his debut however I believe his street life is getting in the way. 


but hey that’s just one man’s opinion, yours may be different and it’s totally okay. 


I have tailored this post to reveal everything you need to know about FBG Duck and Lil Bibby’s net worth. 


but wait! 


How would you predict the net worth of these two come 2021? 


Will it rise or will it fall? 


Leave me a comment below with your thoughts and I will be sure to follow up with you. 


If you love this post then please hit the share button and follow us here on YouTube. 


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