Fireboy Dml King Lyrics(Download Mp3 & Video)

Fireboy Dml King Lyrics

Fireboy dml king lyrics is the bomb, I don’t need to hype it so, you can get fireboy dml king mp3 download to your phone and watch the video here too.

Just in case you are wondering, fireboy is Olamide’s record label signee. perhaps one of the rumored reason Lyta exited YBNL. 

Fireboy Dml King Lyrics

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Who Wrote/Compose Fireboy DML King Lyrics 


The King by Fireboy dml lyrics was written by Fireboy and produced under record label YBNL


Olamide is the founder of YBNL under which he released several hit songs till date. 


One of the notable songs released under YBNL by Olamide is Oil and gas


Here is the complete details of Fireboy dml king mp3


Song Title: King


Artist: Fireboy Dml


Genre: Afrobeat


Producer: Echo


Release date: 16th September 2019


Record label: YBNL


Nationality: Nigeria 


After the release of Fireboy dml what if I say mp3, the singer is back again with another official hit. 


but this time, he titles the song King, a song which acknowledges the fact that he won’t beg for a woman’s love. 


Fireboy king lyrics explore a theme of love but in a way that shows that you should know who you are. and what you want in a woman. 


Such that you don’t get to beg for her love. because frankly, I am of this opinion that you love and let only those that love you in your life. 


So, let’s explore the lyrics a little now, shall we? 


King Lyrics Fireboy Dml


I think it’s safe to say that Fireboy, Lyta, Zlatan, Rema are the next generation of musicians in the country. 


You would agree, right? 

Fireboy Dml King mp3 Download (1)

Lyrically Fireboy is good if not better than some of the squeaky lyrics I have seen out there. I mean take a look at his first song jealous, it was amazing lyrically. 


but not just that even what if I say was words beyond amazing you know. 


Having said that, here is Fireboy king lyrics, hopefully, you enjoy it like I did. 



Fireboy here soo… nanana

Go go choli pull up in the backside.. Go


Verse 1


Gbe mi s’ori bi gele

I’m a king ma fi mi sere

All the girls calling me babe

See me, see gbege


Fine boy wey con sabi sing again

Tell me wetin you need again

Omo forget, see gbagbe

Me i be complete package

Ohh ohh




Me i fit fight for your love

But i no fit beg for your love

I no fit beg for your love

I no fit beg for your love


Me i fit fight for your love

But i no fit beg for your love

I no fit beg for your love

I no fit beg for your love




Baby baby

Shey mi bi oba

Bi oba

I want you to treat me like a king


Baby shey mi bi oba

Bi oba


Verse 2


Wetin you need bebe

I get sauce get juice bebe

I get everything for you bebe

(as long as you dey)

Bad boy wey you no fit use play game

I be king ma fi mi sere

Girl you know, so ma lo farawe

Farawe eeeeh


Pre Chorus

Me i fit fight for your love

But i no fit beg for your love

I no fit beg for your love, no


Me i fit fight for your love

But i no fit beg for your love

I no fit beg for your love




Baby baby

Shey mi bi oba

Bi oba

I want you to treat me like a king


Baby shey mi bi oba

Bi oba




Fine boy wey con sabi sing again

Tell me weytin u need again


So’fumi ki lo tu fe

Ki lo tu fe ki shey fu ee


Sholli pull up in the back

Fireboy dey here so

Sholli pull up in the back

Go ahn Go

Sholli pull up in the backside


Fireboy King Mp3 Download 


Olamide who is one of the top-rated stars in the Nigeria music industry has a star in Fireboy. 


Although probably did not justify the harsh treatment of Lyta. but sh**t happens and we move on from it. 


If you have not listened to the king by Fireboy mp3 then I strongly suggest you do that here now. 


I have even taken my time to combine the mp3, video, and lyrics all into one. this way you don’t go elsewhere looking for half baked information. 


Plus another reason you have to download this song is that its dope. and if anything YBNL boss has never disappointed either because he is all about quality. 


Here is the mp3

Download “King” Fireboy-Dml-King.mp3 – Downloaded 501 times –

Video Fireboy Dml King Mp4 & Ratings 


Okay, I know you probably wondering this is new right? 


I know, I know, I actually just added this review to the menu and I hope you are going to like it. 


When I watch the video of fireboy king, I was like damn, you mean no lots of nudity?


This is definitely one of a kind. 


In recent years the music industry has transformed into more of nudity sorry to speak.


I strongly feel this is due to statistics that sees more and more nude content being the attention grabber. 


Thankfully this video only displays African woman with beauty showing us that there is still. some sexiness in dressing well without revealing body parts. 


Lyrically the song is dope, every line passing a message that can be felt in our daily lives. 


Fireboy dml king audio mp3 synchronize well, with d production being sleek. 


Over ratings: This song deserves 4.7 stars from me and it’s more Shout out to Fireboy for an amazing song. 




You don’t always know what to expect from Fireboy. and if Fireboy king lyric says anything it will be that look guys I am the next generation. 


Millennia in Nigeria are really putting something good out in the world and thankful. it’s happening in a time when I have so much life in me. 


Over to you now! 


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