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Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 03:13 pm

I am still dancing to Fireboy what If I say Lyrics but here is what I want you to do, enjoy what if I say on YouTube.


Remember Fireboy Jealous single? the song had fans rating him on the same level as Kizz Daniels.


I mean this year has been one hit or the other from Fireboy with songs like Vibration.


Anyways by the time the post ends, you will be able to:


  • understand the what if I say lyrics by Fireboy


  • watch what if I say video Fireboy


  • and finally, you will be able to stream what if I say audio


Olamide revealed to Naija fans that Fireboy is the only artist signed to YBNL record label.


You remember the issues with Lyta that tended in the first quarter of this month right?


If you don’t know let me quickly jog your memory and bring you up to speed.


Olamide asked Lyta to quit YBNL after the artist told Olamide who is currently one of the richest musicians in Nigeria, that he wants to be signed by someone else.


Olamide responds to Lyta isn’t one that sits well the young star during the interview with Naijaloaded.


Lyta revealed that he didn’t have a contract with YBNL but mostly aggrieved that. the year is gone and he hasn’t dropped any song for his fans.


The truth is an artist that doesn’t perform fade away like a bad dream. and he may be right with wanting to leave because music is about entertaining.


If fans aren’t getting that, then they are going to need someone else to look up to for good music.


Anyways you can check all about the interview with Naijaloaded here. It should help you catch up if you missed that charade.


Fans accused Lyta of being jealous of Fireboy. but the young lad claim he’s totally cool with the latter.


Anyways let’s find out what the song talks about shall we!


What is Fireboy What If I say Lyrics About?


First I don’t think the song is anything near jealous which was widely appreciated by 9ja music fans.


Having said that the song is dope most especially because of the lyrics. The video too is lit and overall I got to say I love it the lyrics of what if I say.

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What if I say song by Fireboy centers a girl that he wants.


Let me write this in his voice because I have my headphone to my ears as I write.


What if I say make you come chill with me in my place when you go fit come, baby this Friday.

Fireboy what if i say lyrics

Me and you, we go chill in my room, listening to some songs.


It translates to you Missing your woman and wanting her to be around you. even though you know her mama doesn’t want to see your face.


That’s caps everything about the song but stay with me so you can enjoy fireboy what if I say audio.


Who Produce and Wrote What if I say Lyrics


The song was produced by Pheelz and lyrics written by Fireboy. You need to give this young man some credit, he’s got music in him.


what if I say lyrics is good But I think the comparison between him and Adekunle Gold is quite off for me. Yeah, he is got some serious vocals but he is just starting out.


I wouldn’t compare him with Adekunle just yet. and by the way, the song has done like 30K views on YouTube in its first 18 hours of release.


So let’s jump into the lyrics now, shall we!


Complete What If Say Lyrics Fireboy Dml


The song got some tight lines and a good combination of a low tempo fusing into a mind bugging Afro-pop. Enjoy the lyrics below.




Jor Malo sanle Kputse mame

Joor gbodo wale kputse mame

Jor Malo sanle kpuse mame

Joor gbodo wale kputse mame

Jor malo sanle kputse mame


Verse 1

What If I Say

Make You Come Chill

With Me In My Place

When You Go Fit Come

Maybe This Friday

Me And You We Be Chilling In My Room

We Go Listen To Some Songs

with my beats by dre.

Maybe We Could Do This

To The Midnight Train

Baby Ee – Because I Want You

I Want You – Yes I Want You

And Everyday I’ll Be Missing You

You No Fit Deny Say

You Dey Miss Me Too

Cos I Know Say Na My Music

You Dey Listen Too

With Your Pictures On My Wall

Everywhere In My Eyes

In My Palour In My Room

In My Kitchen Too

Baby Girl You No Say Me I Reason You

Maybe Ee – Because I Love You

Yes I Love You


Oya Baby Give Me Love Oh

Jor Jor, Jor Jor,

Oya Baby Give Me Love Oh

Jor Jor, Jor Jor,

Oya Baby Give Me Love Oh

Give Me Love Oh

Baby Give Me Love Oh

Give Me Love

Give Me Love, Give Me Love Oh

Jor Jor, Oya Baby Give Me Love

Jor Jor, Oh Give Me Love Oh

Give Me Love Oh

Give Me Love Oh

Baby Give Me Love Oh

Give Me Love Oh

Verse 2

What If I Say

Make We No Be Friends

Make You Be My Babe

Cos I Don They Fall

And E Be Like Say

Me And You We Go Runaway

We Go Go America

In The Midnight Train

Your Mummy Doesn’t Even

Want To See My Face

Baby Ee, And I Love You

I Love You


What if i say by fireboy dml

Yes I Love You Ooh Ooh

Come To My Hood

Many Fine Girls

But Na You I Choose

And All The Guys

Want To Steal My Boo

Dey Get Money

And They Get Body

But Nobody Else Wey Go

Fit Fill My Shoes

Baby Girl You Know Say Na Me And You,

Baby Ee, And I Gat You, I Gat You

You Know I Gat You, Gat You


Oh Baby Give Me Love Oh

Jor Jor, Jor Jor,

Baby Give Me Love Oh

Jor Jor, Jor Jor,

Oya Baby Give Me Love Oh

Give Me Love Oh

Baby Give Me Love Oh

Give Me Love

Give Me Love, Yeah Yeah

So, If I Say

Make You Come Chill

With Me In My Place

When You Go Fit Come

Maybe This Friday

Me And You

We Be Chilling In My Room

We Go Listen Till I’m Satisfied

Give Me Love Oh

Baby Give Me Love Oh

Baby Give Me Love Oh

Now Oh.

Yoruba Outro…


The Mp3


The reason Shoutmeceleb Entertainment stands out is our ability to fuse Lyrics, Mp3, and video together. I and my team serve it to you hot.


The good thing is I put you first delivering everything you ask of us.


Good songs get downloaded which is why I want you to download and listen to the song below.


Better still use the embedded player to first check if it’s worthy of a download. If it is, then go right on to download it.


When I dropped Burnaboy anybody lyrics here I said the likes of Rudeboy (Reason with me singer) are upcoming artists right?


If the Headies award treats Mr. P and Rudeboy as upcoming artists, I think it might pose some threat. to Fireboy and other upcoming artists.


Hopefully, that won’t be the case because they have made names already. make de leave upcoming for people like fireboy.


You agree right?


Here is your mp3, enjoy it!

[download id=”1729″]

The video


Fireboy what if I say mp3 download isn’t complete without the video right. perhaps the good thing is I have the video here for you too.


So whether you choose to download it or not is entirely up to you.


Enjoy the video now!




Fireboy what if I say sounds nicer than I expected but it’s all thanks to Ybnl boss. and the talent he saw within fire boy.


Over to you guys!


What do think about fire boy single jealous and what if I say?


Rate the two songs and leave a comment below. Please Share on Facebook and Twitter.


I love you and thanks for reading!


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